Evergreen Interview

Skaters for Public Skateparks (Still at it!) has an interview with Billy & Catherine Coulon, the proprietors of Evergreen Skateparks. That’s nice, but we all want more footage of the dog.


Birth of the Sponsor Me advertisement?

Targeted advertising is nothing new. Google keeps track of what you search for and shows you ads based on what it thinks you might be inclined to buy. It’s old hat, but this weekend I saw an interesting application. As I waited to click through the pre-roll ad on a Portland Timbers video, the content caught my attention. Lately I’ve been getting a few skateboard related pre-rolls. I can’t remember for what exactly, it might have been Vans, Converse SG, or possibly Levis with skateboarding, but this one was different. It was a amateur video montage of a kid skateboarding. Low and behold it’s Schaeffer McLean, the same kid form the janky indoor ramp video. I watched the whole thing (Well 99%) waiting for the product placement or a call to action but it never came. The web link associated with the video took me to Schaeffer’s Youtube user page, which is written in the third person, so one has to assume it’s run by his parents. Those video ads aren’t free, someone has to pay for them. So what is he selling? There are two possibilities, either he’s trying to drive traffic to the user channel and generate revenue through inline ad views, or he’s looking for sponsorship opportunities. It might just be the first paid “Sponsor Me” advertisement, but how many team managers are scouring YouTube for unsolicited new team members? I suppose there is a third less cynical option. Maybe the parents just want to (pay to) share their child’s love of skateboarding with the world.

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Bridge to Bridge - Dreamland

Bridge to Bridge

Elias Parise has released the full length version of the Dreamland Skateparks promo titled Bridge to Bridge.

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R.I.P. Tommy Ramone

Dead at 65, original drummer and producer for the Ramones. Legs McNeil of Punk Magazine and co-author of Please Kill Me remembers Tommy and the brudders in Spin Magazine.

[Source: New York Times]


Jim Phillips Interview on Design Boom

Designboom has a lightweight interview with Jim Phillips. It’s nothing new for the most part, but it’s interspersed with lotos of graphics and the great shot above of Jim in his natural habitat. It’s worth checking out just for the larger version of that photo.

- Thanks to MC for the tip.


The cure for mongo

At first, maybe only marginally skateboard related, but upon closer inspection, this would be like the orthopedic shoes and braces that Forest Gump wore, effectively making it impossible to push mongo. Mongo-bashing aside, here’s the scoop. In 2008 Tomáš Moravec modified a pallet in Bratislava, Slovakia to run on the tram tracks. Unfortunately there’s no close up of his wheel setup. (UPDATE: Close up added) We’ve got plenty of light rail and wood pallets in Portland, I’m just saying…

[Source: For the Win via Reddit]

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Ebay Watch: April / May 2014

UPDATE: Image links are fixed.

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Marginal Documentary

A very short documentary on Marginal Way Skatepark. I think this is the whole thing and not just a trailer. I would have liked to see more, even though the story is very simple, I feel like the filmmaker barely scratched the surface. I’m not sure what happened to the official web presence of Marginal Way, it seems to be limited to this Facebook group.

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Lifestyles of people you don’t know

The Daily Mail has photos of a backyard skatepark allegedly built on the property of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Boy do I hate the Daily Mail, they’re always blowing out spots. I’m definitely not telling them about the next pool I find. I know these guys are absurdly rich but this seems like overkill, considering their kids are’t likely to progress to a point where they’re able make use of things like a cradle. What I mean is that it’s hard to progress in the isolation those kids are likely to be skating in. Am I off base here? It looks pretty nice though. Maybe they’ll be hiring pro skaters as tutors. If not, I here GVK is available. Someone out there knows who built this. Is it you?


Style Police

A skateboarding cop from Green Bay, Wisconsin who bought a board that was hand manufactured in Portland, Oregon by Subsonic Skateboards. Allegedly the board helps him connect with the community. Sure, OK, but the red and blue flashing LED lights he added are pretty silly on a skateboard, considering he’s supposed to be a man of the law and not a cartoon character. The little kids probably like it though. There’s video on The FOX News Orlando affiliate but they forgot to mix the sound in. Strange.

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Bob Burnquist plays soccer on a skateboard

Bob Burnquist has World Cup Fever

This video made slightly more sense once I remembered Bob was from Brazil, slightly.

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