Bondi Perspectives

Illustrator Russell Tate has made some mostly functional art boards as part of the Bondi Perspectives exhibition happening not 200 yards from the skatepark. I say “mostly” functional because the ones with steel wheels are mostly just beautiful to look at. The theme of the free show is a Local’s view of Iconic Bondi Beach and it’s place in Australian culture. Check it out at the Bondi Pavilion Gallery September 25th – October 5th.

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All good hearted people love Snoopy. Embroidered patch, year of origin unknown.


BCSA Skatejam August 16th

BCSA Tommy McGuigan annual skate jam on Aug 16 at the Corvallis, OR skatepark, starting at 1pm after the farmer’s market. High ollie, hippie jump, speed track and bowl jam competition. Cash prizes!

hostess twinkles display with Pinnochio on a skateboard

Twinkies on display

Since I don’t have $349 to burn I will not be purchasing this Hostess Twinkie store rack that would be a good way to display countless other questionable purchases I’ve made. Somehow or other Hostess managed to get a very Disney looking Pinocchio on there too.

- Thanks to BPA for the tip.

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Woody Woodpecker Puzzle

Woody Woodpecker was one of my favorite cartoons as a kid. I especially liked the ones from the 40′s where Woody seemed a little insane, very similar to some portrayals of Daffy Duck from similar era. This 100 piece puzzle from Whitman, likely dates back to 1984, a time closer to a more homogenized Woody Woodpecker. That’s Splinter and Knothead on the skateboards. I believe this is Woody’s first appearance on Skate and Annoy. You just don’t see a lot of him on a skateboard.

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Awesome Earl in SkateRock by Share Data

Awesome Earl in SkateRock

Does anyone remember Awesome Earl in SkateRock, circa 1988? He was supposed to be the sart of a franchise, with many other adventures “coming soon.” It’s a curious title for a video game. I imagine somebody in marketing picked up a copy of thrasher and randomly appropriated a feature title. SkateRock is a side scroller where you are supposed to avoid obstacles in order to “Join the coveted ranks of the Slime Rat Skaters!” That quote comes from a the game description online, but it’s not actually listed anywhere in the packaging that comes with the version I have. Inside the box there’s nothing more than a 5.25″ floppy, a very short instruction page, and a warranty card. I didn’t actually own this game in 1988, It wouldn’t have run on my Apple IIe. I own it now because I have poor impulse control. Radical! Bigger photos and screen captures from game play after the jump.

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Schermafbeelding 2014-07-09 om 14.48.31

Iron Maiden complete deck

I remember New Deal and ATM making Iron Maiden decks in the past, but I don’t think this crappy complete was official Iron Maiden merchandising. I found out this is the design from their 1981 single ‘Purgatory’ and that’s about all I need to know about Iron Maiden. It sold for $99 on eBay after 1 bid. Details of the design after the jump.

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A weird little play set, this Littlest Pet Shop Puppy Pal. Nothing says “play” like a puppy locked in a dog kennel. Don’t blame the seller, although for $14 I would want the complete set, even if it did date back to 1992.

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On the board of the museum

You say you’ve always wanted a skateboard in the shape of the New Museum in New York? Well your long wait is over, because Chapman Skateboards is producing a limited run of 150 of these boxy decks to be sold in the museum gift shop. They kind of look like a pixelated version of the old Skull Skates mutant. If you watch the video, you can see the deck is cruiser sized. Chapman decks are made in the USA, don’t cha know… I didn’t, actually. It’s probably an exciting collaboration for Chapman, but it’s a little hard to get excited about the deck shape if you’re not connected with the museum in some way, as a fan or a neighbor. I suppose you could use it to impress people without lying. “You know, I’m currently on the board of a museum in New York, they wanted me to buy it.”

[Source: DesignBoom] – Thanks to MC for the tip.

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16 Foot Wall Ride

Jesse Ramirez with a 16 foot wall ride during something called the Empire Games presented by Converse Cons, sponsored by Volcom and Organika. What are the Empire Games? Where are they? Me thinks somewhere in Quebec, but I’m not sure. Linky, linky, link. Video plus another wall ride contest in Barcelona after the jump.

[Source: Soma]

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Wanted: Cinder blocks in the Portland area

I’ve been cleaning out a space in my back yard to build a small bowl under two giant pine trees, so it’s got to be above ground. If you know anybody looking to get rid of some cinder blocks (for the retaining walls), please let me know. I’m on an extra tight budget. Yes, Craig’s list. I know. This project will come together as I am able to accumulate materials, there is no schedule. I figured it was time to put up or shut up. DIY or die!

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