Possibly stored in a shed

Another installment of things you probably don’t care about, but my OCD won’t let me ignore. These are tumblers with skateboarding images on them, made by Ravenhead Glasses in Sunbury, England. The seller isn’t sure if they are retro or vintage, but he thinks they were stored in a shed. The Ravenhead brand started in 1913, and according to Wikipedia, moved from Sunburry to St Helens in 1980, eventually going into administration (UK equivalent of Bankruptcy?) in 2000. That would suggest these glasses were made before 1980, but that seems unlikely based on the graphic style, although there is one guy doing a v-sit, which is definitely some 70’s action.

- Thanks to David ODK for the tip.

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Milk, Milk, Lmnade

LMNADE is a design-driven lifestyle brand specializing in fashion and hard good products that focuses on vintage beach/boardwalk culture.

“Roll, Bounce, Skate.” – The Lmnade brand is aimed at young women who want to roller-skate, skateboard, and bounce? They actually have a couple of cool novelty boards and some cruisers, plus roller skirts. To promote the product they use lots of lifestyle girls doing everything with a skateboard that you could think of, as along as all you can think of is sitting on them and holding them, and not you know, actually skateboarding.

You know, I often think about trying to add female voice to the staff here at S&A, but seeing as how I keep posting stuff like this, I don’t know that anyone would want to.

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Skate Culture has a some images of John Moyaert’s iconic 80’s skate graphics done by hand with a word burner. Repeat: These are not made with a computer and a laser. It’s not strictly Powell & Peralta, by the way.


Gallagher Concrete

While poking around in some comments left at Skate DIY I saw a link to what I thought was spam based on the thumbnail image generated by Facebook, but in fact turned out to have some pretty unique skateboarding terrain built by a company called Gallagher Concrete, located somewhere in SoCal, guessing by the area code. Sure they do bowls and the like, but the stuff that caught my eye could be classified as residential private skateparks. I don’t know who these guys are but it looks like they’ve built some fun terrain. A few more pics and a video after the jump.

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Paris spot check

As seen in the trailer for Band De Filles, a movie known ad Girlhood, in English speaking countries. I actually don’t know where this is, Might not be Paris at all. Looks like a fun not-built-for-skateboarding spot.

- Thanks to MC Francophile for the tip.


Denmark Streetdome Footage

The pictures make Denmark’s Streetdome look pretty excellent, but this video from (err…) Oakley can help you get a better feel for the place. it features Rune Glifberg, Sean Malto, Curren Caples, Arto Saari, Sam Beckett and Alex Sorgente. Scenes from the indoor section are pretty scarce, however. I suspect that’s because it’s pretty standard looking, outside of being inside a giant dome.

[Source: The Skateboard Mag]

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That Guy: Chris Pulman

The chances of me knowing who Chris Pulman is were pretty slim, him being a professional skateboard from the UK in 90’s… and I honestly had no idea that he was an am for Foundation and an ex-pro for Heroin, Independent and Vans. After watching a half an hour of footage (broken up into 3 segments) I can’t say that I wasted any time. “That Guy” is part of a series on skateboarders in the UK from Pixels TV. Looks like it was made with some help from Independent. Chris Pulman as a first choice seems a pretty good one, even if you don’t remember him. Watch ‘em all after the jump, plus the bonus footage “Pigeon” from 1999, a video of the Southsea skate scene filmed in and around Portsmouth and London.

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Skate DIY

The Skate DIY page on Facebook has been going on for almost a year but it already has 4,400 likes based on 766 posts to date. If you’re a skateboarder you owe it to yourself (and your community) to “like” this page. It’s updated several times daily with DIY projects in various states of completion in various parts of the world. Sometimes it’s just a picture of the spot, sometimes it contains a tip or link. It’s always inspirational, and exposure to the sheer volume of work being done by others is enough to make you get off your ass and actually, you know… do it yourself! The page owner Clayton Graul also has a more localized (Hollywood) resource called Urban Skate Project with a similar goal:

It’s really about motivating people to get out and do it. Lots of examples from novice to pro. Just trying to make the world a better place to skate.

Skate DIY started as an Instagram feed that is still going. I asked Clayton to come on board here at Skate and Annoy, but in true DIY fashion he wanted to do his own thing and not be beholden to “the Man” at Skate and Annoy. Who can blame him? Spread the word and raise your own stoke level by following Skate DIY.


Natural Rock Sierra Shredding

Theres found terrain and then there’s found natural terrain. Outside of the Moab footage, this spot in Sierra Nevada filmed by Brandon Rein is the most skate able natural rock formation I’ve ever seen. It looks natural for the most part, but there are definitely sections that look like a concrete surface, which seems highly illogical. Brendon does not give any info however, so you’ll just have enjoy the clip. The skateboarding only makes up about a quarter of the footage in the entire video, so you’ll have to wait for it.

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GVK#95: Burnside Halloween

Watch this episode of  Grovers Video Korner  or visit the  the archives



This is the Skatesurfer from RC Sports, Not to be confused with the RC cola skateboard. It features the gold standard of performance accessories – “Rol Best” wheels. You know this the very best they have to offer, because the pro-line checkbox comes after “special” and “supreme.” It comes assembled in a box, but it also includes a sticker mounting instructions for the trucks. A very specific sticker actually, right down to the option between Chicago or Sure-grip trucks. and which size screws to use in each case. This should place this skateboard somewhere in the 70’s, although I usually associate the ridged construction on the bottom with late 80’s toy store boards at the earliest. Very interesting, in a very nerdy sort of way. This one came from Aarons Toys and sold for $80. Holy cow, RC Sports in Olathe Kansas is actually still in business! They only sell roller skates and inline skates these days, but ironically there’s a skate tool from Pig Wheels on the front page.

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