Learn to skate with Sportskool

Learn to skate with Sportskool, just don’t try to learn how to spell. Instructional books and videos for learning how to skate are nothing new. The only reason I paid attention to this one is because I happened to catch a video shot with Omar Hassan at Pier Park, here in Portland. (There’s another one with Omar skating in West Linn Oregon too.) Sportskool has videos and DVD’s for the whole gamut, including Extreme!™ sports and even fishing, but sadly, no curling that I could see. Some of the videos are available for free via Youtube channel, but others require a subscription fee. Choose your discipline, street, bowls or vert. Who are your instructors? Omar Hassan, Mike Vallely, and Andy McDonald. Did you know Mike V. wrote a book? Would it surprise you to learn that it appears to be about a fight he was in? (FISTFIGHT VOLUME 1: THE CKY3 FIGHT EXPLAINED) It’s important to note, as every Sportskool video will remind you, Sportskool is not liable for any injury or accident “befalling” any viewers of their programs. The large image above is from “How to Skateboard a Small Bowl with Omar Hassan.” Unfortunately, it’s all general skateboarding instruction, and it doesn’t actually teach you how to get ahold of Omar and skate a small bowl with him.

[Source: EPM]

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Slasher Bootleg

This ‘Thrill Seeker’ is your typicall, cheap 80’s skateboard and it’s also a bootleg. The top design is some Jaws-like creature (I think), but the other side is definitely stolen from the Keith Meek ‘Slasher’ graphic. Found it on eBay a while ago.

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Adobe / Girls Skateboards

Adobe Girl

Adobe and Girl Skateboards have teamed up for a contest of sorts. Enter your skateboard designs and you could win one of 4 internships at Girl. 2 of them are on site, 2 are remote. To Adobe’s credit, winners also receive $500 (total) for their designs. To enter, you must be a student, and you must use Adobe Creative Cloud in the design process. Then you have to post your work on Adobe’s Behance network with some poorly chosen tags, #madethis and #girl. Make sure you search for both tags, as the singular tag #girl leads to some NSFW content. Contest ends October 13 for the US and October 20 for international students. Details at Adobe.

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I’m doing scary tricks!

I was riding my bike home from work the other day and sped by the usual detritus in the street, but my brain recognized a brief glimpse of something archetypal, so I doubled back to check on it. It was a children’s book titled Albert’s Gift for Grandma, and there was a skateboard on the back. On the pages inside, Homer does some scary tricks.

“Look at me!” Shouted Homer. “I’m doing scary tricks!”
“Oh my!” wailed Grandma.
“Your tricks are too scary!” shouted Albert.

Selected page from the 2006 publication of Albert’s Gift for Grandma, by Barbara Williams, illustrated by Doug Cushman, after the jump.

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Team sports

Thrasher t-shirt spotted in the stands during yesterday’s broadcast of the Portland Timbers at the San Jose Earthquakes.



Yet another student design project turned into a Kickstarter. Bjorn van den Hout’s Chargeboard uses two dynamos in the rear axle to generate electricity and store it in the battery box attached to the bottom of the board. The battery box doubles as an iPhone dock with speaakers, while the usb port can be used to charge a phone or other device. Goofy lifestyle shots aside, I actually think this is a good idea for those who use their skateboards primarily for transportation, campus cruisers, even campers and the like. However, there are two glaring problems with this. Chargeboard could use removable covers for the speakers, or the first pebble that kicks up or pudddle you run through is going to wreak havoc. Also, How to account for different size phones without a janky adapter that would be prone to rattling loose? I’d really like to see this concept adapted to a bike, although I’m sure it has been already.

[Source: Daily Mail]

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Seymour the Skateboard

Feed me (concrete) Seymour

When my kids were of a certain age, I watched a metric tonne of Yo Gabba Gabba, but somehow we missed this 2009 Story Time episode of Seymour the Skateboard, a little skateboard who didn’t know any tricks and had to go to skate school to learn them from an old school teacher. Seymour had a good posse, all encouragement an no heckling. Animation by Jake Armstrong.

– Thanks to David Leclerc for the tip.

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The Old Man and the Atlantic

The Atlantic asks “What Happens When We All Live to 100?” in the cover story of the September, 2014 issue dedicated to the science of aging.

- Thanks to Old Man Burly Caps for the tip.

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Prepare yourself for an Evinrude

If you like skateboarding, then you just might be ready for an Evinrude boat motor, later on in life, when you grow up. You know Evinrude owners are born, not made. Right? It’s not like a choice. When you get to college, it’s OK if you experiment a little. Nobody is going to judge you if you try riding a Razor scooter. If you’re worried, just keep it on the DL. 1989 advertisement for Evinrude motors, complete with Gonz skateboard after the jump.

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Jeff Kendall interviewed on Off the Lip Radio

Off the Lip Radio interviews surfers and skaters in a studio in Santa Cruz, California. You can listen to them on the radio (KSCO 1080AM in the Bay Area, Tuesdays at 7PM) or listen to them online at also compiles and streams in studio videos of the broadcasts. I decided to check out Jeff Kendall being interviews in his capacity of VP over at NHS, although it mainly had to do with his skating days at Santa Cruz. The bit about being interviewed for a job/let go from the team at the same instance is pretty interesting. This show format is bit slow, and they switch guests in the middle, coming back to Jeff later. I’m not sure why they do that, because it’s distracting. Maybe they feel it’s better for the radio format. (Skip to the 6:55 to get to the start of Jeff’s interview.) And if you’ve got a half a day to kill, you can check out other interviews with Steve Olson with Rich Novak, Rob Roskopp with and without Rich Novak, Keith Meek, Keith Meek and Scott Foss, Don Bostick (World Cup Skateboarding), Jimbo Phillips, Steve Caballero, Jane Mckenzie and Judi Oyama, and of course, Rich Novak. Want more? there are other assorted skate related episodes as well.

Way back in the 80’s Kendall came through our small town in Illinois for a demo, and he wasn’t available for a Skate and Annoy interview, or had to leave in a hurry, or some other drama that we made up, so we got mad at him and slagged him off in the next print issue of Skate and Annoy. ( I’m pretty sure this is the umpteenth time I’ve told that story here.) We were real mature. Once again, we’re sorry Jeff. Watch a real Jeff Kendall interview after the jump.

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Hobby King Helicopter

Hobby King wants to sell you a Quanum Nova RC helicopter so you can shoot skate videos and other Extreme™! footage. They’ve got a demo video, but curiously, the skate footage appears to be mostly stable shots with little tracking.

- Thanks to Rich for the tip.

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