Tacocat: Hey Girl

Old school analog stop action animation and old school 90’s Riot Grrrl music going way back to… oh, 2014. Skateboarding! She’s no Maria McKee. ( Looks for crosslink on Skate and Annoy with Lone Justice video of Ways to be Wicked with Maria McKee on a skateboard, doesn’t find it, rectifies situation in this post. )

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Vintage Skatescene Ads continued

There are seven new additions to the Skatescene #1, 1977 gallery, including Surf Spot Mail OrderSteve Daniel Skateboards, StatesideMaxwell DesignsFreedom Surf Supplies, and Bristol Skate Centre in color and black & white.


I’m a Belieber

That’s right, I am the proud owner of a Justin Bieber skateboarding pin, and it’s pink, not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s too late to say sorry.

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Dog & Squirrel

Who knows how long this mural has been up? I just noticed it, and it’s in my own damned neighborhood. I am a hermit. The best part of this is the crazed looking squirrel that someone decided was in need of a little nut sack. You can view the entirety of this yet unreleased Asia album cover after the jump.

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Even still more Skateboard Scene ads

Lobo California envy, Cosmic Skateboards, skateboards fit for Gary Glitter,  and the infamous Scottish skateboarding pro Gladys McCrackup.


Travel Portland, just don’t move here.

Travel Portland commissioned and published a series of “zines” for use in their campaign to entice people to travel to Portland and spend money. Included in the series is FSBS (For Skaters By Skaters) which is a guide to Portland skate spots, shops, parks, etc… We all know skate-tourism attracts scrounges who tend keep their wallets closed as much as possible, excepting trips to the beer aisle. Still packaging it as a “zine” (in quotes again for a reason) does make Portland seem hip. I’m starting my own zine to discourage people moving here from California to buy newly built houses on lots where cool, old buildings with character recently stood.

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Grace Jones Action Figure

You could hope for such a thing, but this isn’t really a Grace Jones action figure. It’s a crappy Chinese-made toy. This ninja on a skateboard dates from 1989, courtesy of Stumblebaum.

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Still More Skateboard Scene Ads

In this round, not one, but two ads for Alley Cat, some very boring text-only ads from Cardiff Skateboard Shop, and Dolphin Skateboards, plastic skateboards from Alpine Sports, and the creepy, faceless skateboarder of the South London Skateboard Centre.


Red star for you

House of Neil spotted this not-made-for-skate terrain outside Macy’s in Schaumburg. Looks… like so much fun, and not even marked yet. Let the countdown to skatestoppers begin.

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