The History of Women in Skateboarding

Vancouver BC resident Natalie Porter is a self described Librarian by day and greasy motorbike wrench-monkey by night. She self-published a book titled The History of Women in Skateboarding, which is available in electronic format from Amazon. There are only 56 pages in the Kindle edition, which seems kind of short, but then again it only costs $6. If you have an iPad or Android there is a free Kindle app. I haven’t read it yet, but I imagine I will. At $6 I feel it’s my (pretend) journalist / historian’s duty. Anyone else? Betsy?


Epic Veggie Slam

More fun with fingerboard trucks! These images are from Benoit Jammes series titled Skitchen. Some are pretty pedestrian, but a few of them are subtly clever.

[Source: Design Boom] - Thanks to MC for the tip.


The Crossover Gang

New-Ray Novelty made these pull back motor skateboard toys in 1988. And because kids have a short attention span, it’s not enough for them to do one ting at a time. They also need to play tennis, read a book or play baseball at the same time. They really ran out of ideas though. Sure, there’s a double of the tennis player in the set, but two of the figures are going to school; One is reading about apples and the other about a car. What, no football or soccer? Get yours here.

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Prefab DIY

Prefab and DIY are two things not commonly associated with each other, but it turns out they were a good fit in at lease one case. Confusion Magazine documented a renegade skate spot perpetrated by Skate DIY that required a quick install, with most of the work being done off site. Unfortunately, the spot came down almost as fast as the installation, lasting a mere 12 hours.

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MG Midget car ad with skateboard

The lean, quick, responsive Midget.

It’s been 7 years since I posted the last MG auto advert from 1977. In 1978 it seemed like they couldn’t get enough of the high jump over a car concept. At least part of the photo shoot for this ad took place in the crazy mogul field at Carlsbad skatepark shown on the right.

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Choose Your Own Radventure

You’re looking at the cover of Skateboard Champion, #112 in Edward Packards Choose Your Own Adventure series. And most skateboarder do, choose their own adventures. The kid on the cover chose spandex shorts; a complete set of plastics – noes bone, rails, lapper; tie dye graphics; and counterfeit Nike shoes. The wistful expression on his face? I think the girl in the baseball jersey on the deck just broke up with him. It’s quite a backyard vert ramp though. It looks very 80’s but the book was actually published in 1991, which also looked very 80’s for a while.

[Photo: Gamebooks.org]

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Pig Out

Piccolino the pig rides a skateboard at the Berlin Pet Fair, way back in 2008.

[Photo: TelegraphSource]


Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you living south of Canada and North of Mexico in the continent of North America. To the rest of you… USA! USA! USA! Or not. It’s up to you. Gobble gobble, we accept you, we accept you, one of us!

[Graphic iStockPhoto.com]


Micro House, Mini Bowl

Jenkem Magazine has a short video on Fritz Mead’s combination micro house (which he lives in) and its attached mini bowl. NYC is the locale, so I can understand the desire cut down on your rent. Amazingly, it’s not even his backyard. The main renter (or property owner?) is absent from the footage.it would be interesting to hear that perspective too. Fritz is living the dream. It may be the dream of a 13 year old boy, but he’s still living it. This video is the second installment in Jenkem’s Locals series. The first one is about a guy named Eugene Kang who’s been running an unpublicized skateshop out of his apartment. I did the same thing for a couple months once, but it was in Urbana, Illinois in the mid-80’s, and it was really just a lark. Terminal Skateshop is in NYC, and the cutover base is potentially huge, it’s still a hard way to make a living.

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Dress Sweatpants and Car Insurance

Random web advertising with skateboards. On the left, Betabrand offers dress pants made out of sweatpants-like material, perfect for toting your longboard. On the Right, Metromile offers car insurance by the mile and rad dudes by the dozen. Neither of these skateboard riding (or at least carrying) consumers appear to be part of a larger branding campaign.


Man Invents Protection for Skateboarders

You’re looking at the modern day equivalent of a cowcatcher for skateboards. The solution to a, errr… problem that I guess technically exists. If you’re that worried about pebbles, maybe a softer wheel is your answer. Although I guess if my mom were to take up skateboarding again, I might feel better about her chances of not breaking a hip or wrist might be slightly improved with this contraption, mostly because she’d be too embarrassed to actually ride something like this in public. Yeah, my mom has attitude. Like all good wacky skateboard inventions, there’s a kickstarter page for the Rockochet. Bonus points for a good name!

- Thanks to Simon Mrozinski for the tip.

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