He went to the corner store and never came back

I was standing in the beer aisle in the hipster grocery store and I cracked wise about the 80’s music playing over the PA. It was vacillating between hair bands and pseudo new wave. I guess new wave is a type of hair band as well. The guy stocking the shelves started telling me a story about a DJ playing Journey at a hip hop show when I noticed he had a tattoo with a Rodney Mullen graphic on it. You don’t see too many freestyle tattoos, so I commented on it. Then he shows me his Lance Mountain Future Primitives tattoo on one leg and Grosso graphic on the other. During this exchange I noticed his Green Bay Packers tattoo, which made me think of Wisconsin and the Turf, launching a whole other conversation… We could have shot the shit all night if he didn’t have to get back to work and I didn’t have to get dinner. Nice to meet you Jason!

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Comin’ in hot!

Not only hot, but hot and gross, as in Gross Graphics.


Saturday pour in L’ile Perrot

Skate and Annoy is your source for L’ile Perrot skatepark coverage, can there be a doubt? The sanctioned DIY skatepark in L’ile Perrot, Quebec has a new pour scheduled this Saturday, rain or shine. Say hi to Kevin if you go. I only wish Skate and Annoy could cover the DIY scene in every small Canadian town.

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Nonstop Hef Hop

Portland brewery Hopworks has traditionally been bike-centric in their marketing. Recently I heard they were trying to engage skateboarding more. I thought I saw an image of Sasquatch riding a skateboard a few weeks ago but I can’t find it. It might have had something to do with their Sasquatch Strong Ale or possibly Abominable Winter Ale. Now there’s Nonstop Hef Hop, featuring a bunch of “playtime” activities on the can, some more athletic than others, I mean seriously, corn hole? I have not seen this beer in the wild, but I’m looking forward to collecting the skateboard version of this can, even though the art direction in this series is a little sterile. What they really need to do is establish an advertising presence on some sort of local Portland-based skate blog, if such a thing exists.

– Thanks to Pete Lewis for the tip.

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Tracker History

As I was adding a cool Dan Wilkes and GSD advert to the archives I remembered that Tracker Trucks has a book coming out chronicling their 40 years of history. You might have watched Jim Gray’s humorous and in-your-face video about it on Facebook. Early previews are good, but some reviewers claim that the pages don’t turn. Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!


Flex-o-thane Super Grip

New Deluxe Flex-o-thane Super Grip Sport Fun! I’m surprised they didn’t also work the word “surf” into the packaging. I will never tire of skateboard accessories mounted on the blister packs of yesteryear. It’s a replacement skateboard (excuse me, skate board) wheel with built in bearings. I’m not sure what you were supposed to do with the oversized bolts though. They are way too long to be used as kingpins and wouldn’t work as axles.


Sketchers Z Strap!

This is an old commercial for Sketchers Z Strap, but they still seem to run it every now and again. The 2D style animation is very low budget looking. I’m not sure if that’s an intentional nod to the Speed Racer era of japanimation or just a cost cutting measure. It’s most notable when the villain is in hot pursuit on his 6 wheeled monster skate. He looks al little bit like Oogie Boogie from the Nighmare Before Christmas, and he’s not really pushing, he’s just dragging that foot! In the climatic scene, our hero the ninja skateboarder shows off his vintage z-roller trucks.

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Melbourne street skate art

Spot Check Melbourne

Troy Sliter sent me this picture a long time ago. Very skate-able public art in Melbourne, Australia. I feel like I’ve seen this in a magazine since then. Hm.. Apparently “skateable” is not a word according to my built in spell check. Art is a word. A four letter word. I am just rambling.


Join the Skatewing Commanda’s Club

Bustyourbuns has the most comprehensive photos of a Skatewing for sale that I’ve ever seen. There’s a reserve still to be met, and hefty $73 shipping charge for this Australian skateboard, even though it ships from California. I’ve got the cheap-o plastic version of this 80’s wacky board, but the wooden one must be a thing to behold. I’m not sure if t’s the same skatewing being passed around or if it was a systematic falling of the manufacturer, but every one I’ve seen pictures of seems to have the same stress fractures covering the entire board. Apparently, the wings were designed by an Australian yacht racer who designed the first winged keel, and so this was some sort of attempt to cash in on his fame beyond the yachting world. Two things I did not know about the skatewing; the wheels were called B52 Wing Commanda’s, and you could join the Commanda’s Club. I guess they weren’t worried about trademark infringement with Sims B52 wheels, but were somehow adverse to using the proper spelling of “commander.” (Update: Sold for $123.50 + $72.89 shipping)

– Thanks to Matthijs for the tip.

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OR_Trifecta 2007_Pier

Oregon Trifecta 2007 – Pier Park

Here’s one from my YouTube channel I made way back in 2007 of the Pro finals at Pier skatepark, enjoy …

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Rollerboard, the craze that’s sweeping the nation!

Inline skate wheels on a plastic board, and it’s even got built in handles! I’m not sure what the two circular holes are for, maybe dislocating a finger? You can buy this piece of radicalness for $100, or just give your neighbor $50 to punch you in the face and you’ll still come out ahead!

– Thanks to… I can’t remember. But thanks.

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