JC Penney Had Class

Another shot of vintage skateboard equipment from one of my favorite sources, old department store catalogs. These offerings from JC Penney were available in 1977. There’s a generic board, a Free Former brand, and two that I can’t quite make out with the name Class in it, possibly ODO Class or DDO class. (Update: Pro Class. Thanks Daymond! Pics added.) At the top the page is the venerable Roller Derby brand roller skates, a company that also made skateboards at the same time.

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Peralta on Powell

There’s certainly no shortage of skateboarding documentaries, but I wouldn’t mind seeing one on the larger history of Powell, the company and the man. Stacy Peralta put together this short 4 minute video that plays like a mix between a trailer and a marketing piece for Powell. For me, one of the more interesting things about the footage are the teasing glimpses of their manufacturing equipment and process. Everybody knows how skateboards are made, but everyone does it a little bit differently. Make it longer Stacy!

- Via Tim Jamison on Facebook.

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Laser Unicorns: Kung Fury

Check out this trailer for a short film called Kung Fury. There’s a little skateboard action in the beginning that sets the tone for this flick really quick. It was a kickstarter project and now it’s in production. The only bad thing I can say about Kung Fury is that it’s only going to be around 30 minutes long when completed. It should be a full length feature!

- Thanks to MC for the tip.

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It’s Adventure Time Again

Last nights episode Dark Purple was the second appearance of skateboarding in Adventure Time. It’s kind of interesting that both times it’s been Jake the Dog skating and not Finn the Human. This time Jake has safety equipment of a sort, it’s still made out of his own flesh. Cartoon Network must have caught some flak the last time he skated without pads and a helmet. Jake busts some new school and old school moves. The graffiti on the bottom of Jake’s deck is spot on satire of rebellious youth culture. No Way! Indeed.

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Porkchop the Dog

This Porkchop, one of the characters from the Nickelodeon show Doug, AKA Doug Funny. This figure is from a 1994 Hardees promotion that featured other Nickelodeon characters on wheels, titled Cruisin’ Back to School Nicktoon Cruisers. Unfortunately, Porkchop is the only one riding a skateboard. The rest of the characters are on other assorted vehicles that look like amusement park or grocery store rides. For instance, Ren and Stimpy appear to be riding bombs, and Doug funny is riding a distinctly different looking rocket. Porkchop’s Walkman seems a little out of date already. Shouldn’t he be using a Discman by now?

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Goodluck Planche a Roulettes

“Goodluck” brand safety equipment for French speaking children. Everything, helmet included, seems to be made out of dense, soft foam. Almost like wrestling mats. Check out the trim on that helmet. Weird, but stylish. No idea what year this is from… 70’s? 80’s?

[SOURCE: Leboncoin] - Thanks to David ODK for the tip.

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Skate hardware

My grandfather had a finished basement with a bar that he built. Hell, he built the whole house, actually. The shelves behind the bar were packed with glassware, weird ice breakers, nut crackers, and various measuring and stirring devices. There was almost the same amount of space devoted to novelty bottles (shaped like monks and monkeys, oddly enough), the prerequisite hollow coconut, and assorted knickknacks, including several character sculptures made out of welded nuts and bolts. Pop’s metal people weren’t skateboarding however, they were doing things like golfing and standing around. I imagine them practicing their lines for an upcoming casting call in a “You want it when??!!” sign. This particular sculpture was spotted over at Troy Sliter’s house several years ago. I just found it while cleaning out the old hard drive. Time for a cocktail, maybe I’ll head out on the lanai and have a sweat on the davenport while I eat some filberts.


Worst Northwest Tour Ever

Scion brings you the worst ever Northwest skatepark tour, featuring Riley Hawk and something called a “Shep Dawg” crew. There’s something to be said for traveling off the beaten path, but given the wealth available terrain in the Northwest, the park selection is pretty weak. They actually go to a good spot (Windells) but it’s raining, so they stick to the indoor section. Let’s face it, nobody wants/needs to see a session at an indoor wooden skatepark unless it’s phenomenal. Then there’s a prolonged, implied commercial for Exit Real World that sticks out like a sore thumb. The contrast and tension between the spots, action and bad soundtrack (which you can download) makes the whole damned thing really awkward. But then here I am reposting it, so it works on some level. The screen capture above is the best part of the video, watch the rest at your peril.

- Thanks to MC for the tip.

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Natas and Gonz Book

Check out this Ed Syder interview in Caught in the Crossfire about his self published book called Natas and Gonz. It’s not like those guys don’t get any respect, but this tribute to Natas and Gonz (and the Simpsons, apparently) is 52 pages of fun… at least I assume it is. I haven’t seen it yet, but it would be hard to imagine a book about these guys being anything less than fun. The first pressing sold out, but you can preorder the 2nd pressing for £10.00. Postage to the USA is £3.95… so that’s around $22 delivered. While you’re digging around his site, check out other items like the Skater’s Alphabet.

[Source: Caught in the Crossfire]


The Longest Boardslide

The Skateboard Mag has a crazy-long board slide video with Jordan Hoffart. They kind of make a few excuses for it not being gnarly or fast… but seriously, who cares? I thought we were past that attitude in the collective skateboard media. Check it out.

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Ben 10 with hoverboard skateboard

Ben 10 Action Figure

At some point after I bought this Ben 10 action figure, opened it and left is sitting around the house, my kids decided the board needed to be colored in with a green marker. Fair enough I guess. I don’t think this show is on anymore, not even in reruns currently. Ben’s skateboard is actually a hoverboard. In the series, he rides it around occasionally, but in the tradition of making surfboard and hoverboard action toys, wheels have been added.

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