Donald Duck Lapel Pin

From the revered line of Disney Lapel pins… I’m not sure what the date is on this, but I’m pretty sure it’s a decade or so old. The pins they are doing now are more elaborate and bigger than this Donald Duck pin.

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Cookie Crisp Balloon Skateboard

Cereal toys used to be kind of interesting, or at least they held the promise of being something cool, which leads us to this balloon powered skateboard. Unless it was heavy and the balloon was really small, this collection of future landfill probably didn’t roll at all. More likely it just sort of turned over sideways and skipped across the the floor. They really went all out for these, 6 designs available in 4 colors. The seller is asking an insane $50 for this (cut up) 70’s era Cookie Crisp cereal box. Cookie Crisp was first introduced by Ralston Purina, so it must have been a salvo in the war to name cereals unlike anything remotely healthy. (See Super Sugar Crisp)

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Super Golden Crisp

It’s Sugar Bear from Super Golden Crisp, originally called Super Sugar Crisp. Some time in the 80’s Post decided that a cereal with the word “sugar” in the name wasn’t a good idea. Sugar Crisp commercials would often include an brief environmental message on the storyline in the 70’s during the first wave of popular ecology awareness. All that before invariably giving someone a “super vitamin punch.” Maybe that’s why I was anemic as a child, not enough Super Sugar Crisp. This cereal box with a skateboard themed picture hunt game dates to 1992. For “extra fun” you can try timing the game. Whee!

- Thanks to BPA for the tip.

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Chuck E. Cheese

I believe I found this Chuck E. Cheese sticker already applied to the carpeting somewhere. I picked it up and stuck it to the back of something, and put it in my wallet where it hid for about 6 months.


California Raisins

This California Raisins button dates back to the very rad year of 1987. I’ve got those little PVC figures in the basement waiting to be photographed. What the heck is CALRAB? The California Raisin Advisory Board. They folded in 1994, and raisins have never been as cool since.


Stickers by the Yard

Stickers by the Yard, copyright 2002, designed by Tami Lovett and produced by Mrs Grossmans. I can’t remember where I got mine, but they came in an accordion folded sheet couple feet long. Not quite a yard though.

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Clueless Sequence

Zine mail from 1991. Judging from the transcript on the back, I might have crossed paths with Pete D. from Clueless zine shortly before he sent those pictures, although it’s just as likely it was unrelated correspondence as nonsensical stories and rampant silliness were a big part of zine culture those days. I made the acquaintance of Pete through Dan at Contort. It’s been a long time since I’ve added any new (old) zines to the gallery, I’ll see what I can do in the near future.

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Kowalski is Sick

Kevin Kowalski in Service For The Sick from Lifeblood Skateboards. Stick around till the last 15 seconds to have your mind blown.

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Kickers Skateboard Team Sticker

Kickers looks like it was the 70’s equivalent of Sketchers, only slightly more hip. May not be anthropologically qualified to make that statement, so I depend on UK readers to chip in here. Although that is Rod Stewart in heyday, who was much cooler than Kim Kardashian, Tori Spelling, Britney Spears and even Wayne Gretzky. It’s unclear whether the Kickers shoe brand ever had an actual skateboard team considering the lack of functionality in those high heeled shoes that look more at home on Slade or Rod Stewart than they do on anyone riding a skateboard. They did have a sticker though.

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Sonic the Hedgehog Cracker Jack

A Sonic the Hedgehog Cracker Jack toy promotion for Sonic Hedgehog 3, circa 1994.

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Ellray Jakes and the Beanstalk

Ellray Jakes and the Beanstalk was written by Sally Warner and illustrated by Brian Biggs. There’s one skateboard illustration on the cover, plus two on the inside. When my second grader finishes reading it, I’ll have him write a review.

Can Ellray master the moves in time to win his friend back?

EllRay Jakes may be the shortest kid in his class, and he may get into trouble from time to time, but he can always count on his best friends Kevin and Corey. But lately, Kevin has been skateboarding with the meanest boy in class. Could EllRay be losing one of his friends?

Not giving up without a fight, EllRay asks his older neighbor to show him a few jaw-dropping skateboard moves—like ollies and kickflips. EllRay must learn as many tricks as he can before the secret boys-only third grade skate-off. But will it be enough?

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