Hirschgarten, Munich

MC tipped me off to these photos of a skatepark in Hirschgarten. It’s got a weird stadium vibe too it, like something you’d see as the sport of future in a sci-fi movie. The park looks like it would be a lot of fun, but the most interesting architectural aspect is unfortunately, effectively skate stoppered. It would be a nightmare of loose boards falling into the main bowl, but it seems such a shame to build something so inherently skate able, something that is part of an actual skateboarding facility, and then stick a railing in front of it. Top photo is via Klaus Leidorf on Flickr, and the bottom two were found on


R.I.P. Jay Adams

Dead at 53 from a heart attack, as reported by Fox Sports, among others. Catch a 2008 Interview with Jay after the jump.

Photo: Glen E. Friedman

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Poppa’s got a brand new (old) bag

Ah the good old days when you got dropped of at the skatepark by you mom, pulled your skate bag out of the trunk, pulled up your rainbow kneepads and got radical. Vintage vinyl skateboard bag, £20 courtesy of Ebay.

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Show me your deck in Seattle

Local Seattle artists using the skateboard deck as a canvas. Opens August 14, 6-10 PM at True Love Art and Tattoo with DJ Fistfight and “refreshments.” Show runs through September 7th.

Featured Artists: John Cristcitello, Kerstin Graudins, Scott Dalrymple, narboo, Claudio Duran, Starheadboy, Carolyn Hitt, Dave Enriquez, Benjamin Hubbard, Clifton Yates, Scarlet Luartes, Jesse Narens, Aaron Winnenberg, Jason Middleton, Chris Summerville, Chad Ronilo, Rhodora Jacob, TattooBeetle, Joey McChan, Ian Duca, Christopher Hunter, Ksera, Carlos Aguilar and several others.

- Thanks to Heidi for the tip.


Help Ron Cameron

That’s Ron Cameron looking unhappy in that picture, having recently found himself unexpectedly more or less homeless and looking for a place to store his archive of art, including everything from his Blockhead days. He’s got a campaign on Go Fund Me to get him get on his feet again, and most immediately keep his historic collection from being set out on the curb for the garbage collectors. It’s not strictly charity, there are some cool incentives you can essentially buy with your donations, so check it out. Meabwhile, he’s in cahoots with Dave Bergthold in the planning stages of relaunching Blockhead. Meanwhile, Dave has his own surprises, but more on that later. If you’re in LA on August 22nd, check out his DJ gig at Amoeba Records.


GVK Seattle Road Trip 2014

Watch this episode of  Grovers Video Korner  or visit the  the archives


Bondi Perspectives

Illustrator Russell Tate has made some mostly functional art boards as part of the Bondi Perspectives exhibition happening not 200 yards from the skatepark. I say “mostly” functional because the ones with steel wheels are mostly just beautiful to look at. The theme of the free show is a Local’s view of Iconic Bondi Beach and it’s place in Australian culture. Check it out at the Bondi Pavilion Gallery September 25th – October 5th.

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All good hearted people love Snoopy. Embroidered patch, year of origin unknown.


BCSA Skatejam August 16th

BCSA Tommy McGuigan annual skate jam on Aug 16 at the Corvallis, OR skatepark, starting at 1pm after the farmer’s market. High ollie, hippie jump, speed track and bowl jam competition. Cash prizes!

hostess twinkles display with Pinnochio on a skateboard

Twinkies on display

Since I don’t have $349 to burn I will not be purchasing this Hostess Twinkie store rack that would be a good way to display countless other questionable purchases I’ve made. Somehow or other Hostess managed to get a very Disney looking Pinocchio on there too.

- Thanks to BPA for the tip.

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Woody Woodpecker Puzzle

Woody Woodpecker was one of my favorite cartoons as a kid. I especially liked the ones from the 40′s where Woody seemed a little insane, very similar to some portrayals of Daffy Duck from similar era. This 100 piece puzzle from Whitman, likely dates back to 1984, a time closer to a more homogenized Woody Woodpecker. That’s Splinter and Knothead on the skateboards. I believe this is Woody’s first appearance on Skate and Annoy. You just don’t see a lot of him on a skateboard.

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