Eli Reed skates the Playboy Mansion

Eli Reed dealing with the age old problem that every street skater encounters at least once a session: Random girls in bikinis laying in the middle of your run up.

[Source: High Snobiety]

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Skate Hockey

Skate Hockey in the street has been going on since the 80’s but this might be the first documented occurrence of a Skateboard Air Hockey game, in the street… Spotted on Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands by Doc Skate Rock. We need to coin a phrase for the practice of depicting unrelated sports on sporting equipment.

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First “Longboard” Park

It’s certainly not the first gratuitous use of the word “longboard” as a qualifier. It really should be titled a “Downhill Skatepark” shouldn’t it? Does a board length under 3 feet preclude you from using this? Wasn’t this style of riding invented on “short boards?” When is someone going to build a Pigboarding park? You know, a skatepark built specifically for people riding Indy 215’s. Complaints about a stupid name aside, it’s cool concept. Don’t blame Landyachtz for naming it a longboard park, blame the city of Kamloops in British Columbia.

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SkatersTape, it may not go up to 11, but is has the word “skater” right in the product name, so you know it’s going to work better than something like duct tape. It starts at $6 a roll, and if you buy in bulk you can get a case of 12 rolls at a discount for just $6 a roll. SkatersTape is so dedicated to passing the savings on to you that they’re using the same 2 recycled low res action photos on every page. If you forget where to buy it, just scan the handy QR code infinitely repeated on the roll, like a modern day version of the Gator graphic… Just squint your eyes. Do you remember Gator? Do you remember QR codes? “If you use skaters tape every time you skate, you can keep your shoes looking like new.” Could they make such a bold claim if it weren’t true? After extensive testing we found that SkatersTape did indeed keep our shoes looking like brand new shoes covered in obnoxious duct tape. But why stop there? Why not make an entire pair of shoes out of SkatersTape? How about a wallet to hold your credit cards so you can order more SkatersTape. Make an iPhone case to aid in scanning the QR code for the web site. While you’re at it, fashion a pair of skinny jeans so you don’t wear out the ass and knees when bailing on all those 20 stairs. OLD man GVK keeps his vert shoes on life support for years, and with SkatersTape he’ll be able to stretch that to decades.

– Thanks to MC for the tip.

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Stylin’ Skateboards

I had more than a handful of these “Stylin’ Skateboards” from Topps. The first time I saw them was in ’91 or ’92. I think it was B-Rad who showed it to me first, and it blew my mind. I asked where he found it, expecting it to be something a friend brought back from a trip to Japan or some kitschy novelty shop in New York. Instead, he nodded his head over his shoulder towards the Wall Mart at his back in a semi rural (at the time) Steamboat Springs, Colorado. This sales sheets shows them packaged in little boxes, but the ones I saw came in sealed plastic bags with heat-pressed seams. Each bag came with some crappy sugar wads pressed into the vague shape of a skateboard wheel, though more likely just generic pellet molds. Also in the package, a really crappy plastic fingerboard made out of soft plastic. I believe you had to snap the wheels in place yourself. The second generation fingerboards (more on that later) were fun for a few minutes, but the real reason to keep buying these things was for the paper stickers that came with them, each a slightly mutated version of what someone in Topps marketing thought represented skateboarding culture. Lots of “rad dudes” and cow skulls, like Life’s a Beach meets Zorlac, but turned into a Nickelodeon cartoon for kids. I think these things sold for a dollar and change each. A while back I saw an unopened case up for bid, but they wanted something in the neighborhood of $100 for it. Second generation fingerboards? Yes. Slightly more maneuverable than the hard, keychain versions that first appeared in the 80’s, you know, the kind that featured paper graphics in a clear shell. Stylin’ Skateboards were at the opposite end of the brittle spectrum. The loose tolerances of the truck and wheel assemblies combined with the soft plastic made for the first fingerboards that you could more or less turn instead of just sliding. The larger size was more to scale as well, but ultimately the cheap plastic was too soft to get any meaningful use out of a toy version of… well, a larger toy. Somewhere in my basement I have at least one of these unopened. One day I’ll dig it up.


Punks and Posers

MTV’s Punks and Posers from a time (1985) when they actually played music videos, blah blah blah. I think this aired at 11:00 at night originally, I taped it to VHS when I should have been finishing my computer science homework. I watched the hell out of this. It’s Got the Dickies and GBH (yawn) but also a rare appearance by the band Plain Wrap, which I had completely forgotten about. I bought their album when I saw it at Record Swap, based on seeing this video. That vinyl still resides in my basement, need to dig it up. If you are at all familiar with 80’s LA Punk there should be a few other faces you recognize as well. Interviews talking about “punk”… so lame, yet so entertaining. There is some incidental skateboarding in the video as well, so it’s actually topical to this web site, and yes.. It’s a stretch. I was stoked to see this again after so many years.

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Kool-Aid Man

Got a hot tip from BPA about vintage Kool-aid packets with the Kool-aid man on skateboard, and well, I couldn’t leave well enough alone.

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Haibao was the official mascot of the 2010 World’s Fair in Shanghai, China. Here he is on a washcloth for some reason, pictured riding a skateboard. I didn’t even have to buy this, as it was given to my kids randomly by a relative who travelled there on business. So I’ve got that going for me. Photo on the right “Haibao en Expo 2008″ by Edward the Confessor.

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Earthquake Weather

Amid property damage and serious injuries in today’s earthquake in Napa Valley, leave it to skateboarders to find some joy. From Twitter user Dudley Storey.


So… Uh, Smooshies

This slightly frightening, oddly surreal thing is a Smooshie from Fisher Price, circa 1987. A lot of toys have weird little adapters to enable the figure to stand on a skateboard, but this one is the most convoluted. It’s like an infant exersaucer attached to a skateboard, or some kind of toilet training seat. This sexually ambiguous creature in a dress is allegedly a boy.

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Skate Crate by Blockhead

Dave Bergthold started Blockhead skateboards in his garage in 1985. Since then he’s had a kid, worked on the TV show Built to Shred and had a minor relaunch of Blockhead handful of years ago. While there are bigger plans for the Blockhead brand in the works, Bergthold just is launching a new project called the Skate Crate via Kickstarter. It’s an updated version of the fruit crate scooter, the forefather of the skateboard. It’s essentially a vintage styled cruiser with a removable crate and handle bars attached. There are three graphics available, blue you have the option to design and build your own. Because it’s a Kickstarter project, there are some cool incentives to donate, including Blockhead t-shirts and a great looking cruiser in it’s own right.

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