An Army of Jodie Fosters

Not to be confused with Jodie Foster’s Army, because, you know, I have to spell everything out since being diagnosed with a phobia of people not getting my very obvious jokes. What are the questions that annoyed Jodie Foster in the 70’s? “Do you have a boyfriend? Are you really a skateboard champion? Did you go crazy after Taxi Driver?” Bonus spread of Lief Garret/Jodie Foster skateboard romance after the jump, and you might as well check out the extensive 2009 Skate and Annoy interview of JFA’s Brian Brannon when you’re done.

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No Grip Tape Needed

From the Wood Studio in North Carolina. This guy mostly makes beautiful furniture, and the occasional skateboard. The routered tops on GripCarve Longboards are supposed to negate the need for grip tape. Realistically, they look interesting and probably work in context with the situation you’d expect to see these boards. Coffee and Campus Cruiser? Yes. Downhill bombing? Not so much.

– Thanks to Matthijs (who can finally see this) for the tip.



Yet another electric skateboard designed for the commuter. Movpak is different in that it folds in half and then slides into the a backpack that is attached to the board. So there’s that. If you watch the videos, you can see that the board looks flexible, possibly a little rickety due to the hinge mechanism, but it’s hard to tell for sure. The ride looks a little cramped with that backpack stuck on there. The overall range of 14 miles isn’t noticeably higher than other electric skateboards. The backpack can’t hold as much as a conventional backpack that doesn’t have a skateboard compartment. So what’s the true advantage? I suppose it’s portability, and the ability to not look like a skateboarder once you’re done traveling. You can preorder one now for $999, a price that is allegedly 50% off.

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Yo mamma

Sigmund Freud in a “Yo Mamma” battle in this comic by R.E. Parrish. What’s the latent significance of doing street plants?

– Via Gabe Stoltz on FB


2015 Exposure Skate

Exposure is an all girl skate contest created and run by professional multi-tasker Amelia Brodka (pictured above). This year’s edition at Encinitas Community Skate Park included street skating and Tony Hawk’s portable halfpipe. Video by Dan Bourqui.

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Learn to Kickflip in 5 Hours and 47 Minutes

Well it’s easier than it seems, but that first jump from “brand new skater” to ollie is a little suspect.

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One Weird Trick, Guaranteed

This one weird trick is guaranteed to make you a better skateboarder.

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With Exclusive Zombie Skateboarder

Spotted in Costco, and not specifically Halloween related, this Lego book “Love that Minifigure,” comes with an exclusive zombie skateboarder figure.

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This is the second insurance company advertising pay-per-mile car insurance with skateboard imagery. This time it’s Metromile with a selfie stick, phone cam, Go-Pro, and electric skateboard all in the same ad.

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