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I used to watch Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job almost religiously, and I vaguely recall hearing that Dr. Steve Brule was getting his own show, but I sort of lost touch with it all. Here’s Dr Steve Brule in a “Check it Out” episode titled “Skateboard.” I’m still shocked that a someone like John C Reilly is so very much onboard with this that after playing a bit character in a very weird, very non-mainstream TV show he agreed to support an entire show alone. I guess that’s part of his appeal to me. Hey, Adult Swim! It’s great that you’re allowing video embeds, but please ditch the flash and get on the HTML5 or oEmbed bandwagon.

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International Still Life

Still Life at Pancake Restaurant: Mixed medium. Orange juice and petroleum products, ceramic, flour, sugar, whipped cream. The artist juxtaposes mundane objects with Extreme!™ sports imagery. Unlimited editions available for $1.59 at the IHOP gallery.

Jeff Grosso bootleg

Grosso bootleg

Can’t afford a NOS Santa Cruz ‘toybox’ by Jim Phillips? What about this ‘Grosso toy’ full of pink plastics? We had some ‘Alice Grosso’s’ in the past, but this one looks pretty accurate and you can even read ‘Jeff Grosso’ on the box. Anyone ever heard of the FAS brand before? For sale a while ago sur

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Gold Plated Skateboard

Way back in 2008 I predicted that the appearance of a gold plated skateboard was inevitable, and I was right, although it took a while. Well, it’s finally here, and available for sale at SHUT for a cool $15,000. Maybe Lil Wayne is in the market. (Shit! Rad Collector already used that joke!) At first glance, this might seem to be just another bit of marketing excess gone too far, and it sure is, but the story behind it is a little more pure.

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More Backyard Spots

I’ve been instructed to tell everyone it’s in “Indiana” but we all know that’s not true. Looks pretty bitchen, dare I say boss?

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Malaysian DIY

Looks like they took over a basketball court, somewhere in Malaysia. As seen at the Skate Malaysia blog. Although it appears to be some sort of pay-to-play setup.

Well, its open for public and its in Sungai Petani, Kedah. Pay RM10 for lifetime access.

So that’s about 3 USD for a lifetime membership. The Interwebs tells me a domestic beer costs about the same.


A penny suit for your thoughts

On the left: 1995, Simon Woodstock skating for Vans with a ‘penny board’ in his first penny suit (as seen in Skate Book 2, p.106).

On the right: March 2014, Simon visiting Lance Mountain Jr.’s art show in style with his new penny suit and a penny bike (at the Seeing Things Gallery  in San Jose).

Pictures by Felix Archuleta, click for bigger image.

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Evergreen in Milliken, CO

Here’s a couple of construction photos of the new skatepark in Milliken, Colorado being built by Evergreen Skateparks.

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(DOS) Trusty Bowl Open house

Portland’s DOS Bowl is going through some changes. The new name Trusty Bowl, reflects the new management – Trusty Switchblade. The bowl will now be open to the public on certain days, including a monthly BMX only night. The changes are necessary to keep the whole thing afloat year round. Membership dips drastically in the spring and summer, and the guys on the lease have to foot the bill. If you want specifics, you can ask all the questions you want at the Open House this Saturday, April 5th from 5-8. Members only party afterwards.

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Eugene Grand Opening Friday!

Come join the Dream Team in breaking in our newest park! This Friday April 4th at 3:00pm!!! Finally Eugene is ready for you….. are you ready for it?

RIP Hobie Alter

R.I.P. Hobie Alter

Hobie Alter of Hobie Skateboards (surfboards, sailboats, etc..) passed away last Saturday at age 80. The image above right is from a recent Surfer Magazine interview with Hobie concerning his recently published biography.

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