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Ebay Watch: May – June 2015

Editor’s Note: This one goes out to Steve From Jersey who sent in some old English skate mags unsolicited. Thanks! – Kilwag. (P.S. Drop me an email, please.) So welcome everybody to the new bay watch, covering the months of May-June 2015. It was a weird period, and a period that cemented some things that […]

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Ebay Watch: March – April 2015

So welcome everybody to the new bay watch, covering the months of March-April 2015. Prices are on the rise again. Maybe it’s people spending tax refunds, maybe it’s the economy. But whatever it is, prices on everything seem to be going up. And the biggest jumps are on those mid-tier boards that probably wouldn’t have […]

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Ebay Watch: December 2014 – February 2015

Here you go, here’s the compilation Baywatch that I promised you. It’s a long one, lots of high priced decks in here from the Xmas 2014/early 2015 period. So now I’m pretty caught up. From here on out I will be doing bimonthly issues of Baywatch, so the next one will incorporate March and April […]

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Ebay Watch June/July 2014: The Lost Ebaywatch

I know, I know, you’ve all been waiting for a new BayWatch forever! Some patiently, and some not so patiently! I actually thought I’d stopped doing these completely. With the passing of my friend Frazer I stopped going on the collector sites, and little by little my interest in this whole world kind of went […]

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Ebay Watch: April/May 2014

So, I’m sure some of you thought I’d stopped doing these! I know. It’s been a long time since you read a new Baywatch! There are two main reasons: There just hasn’t been that much good stuff for sale on eBay recently. There’s been a real slump to be honest. Same stuff, different month, and […]

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Ebay Watch: March 2014

March came and went and was kinda blaaaah. Nothing exceptional went off, at least nothing that I was super excited about. Of course we had some good ones, but normally March is a crazy month because people either have to sell rare stuff off to pay taxes, or they have tons of excess cash from […]

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Ebay Watch: February 2014

After a reasonably bland January, February was insane! There were lots of unusual items that came up in Feb. Some went for big bucks and some were actually vastly underpriced IMHO, which makes for some head scratching times. It’s tough to know what a deck will go for these days actually. But anyway, I digress. […]

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Ebay Watch: January 2014

January was an interesting month. Some unusual decks came up, and some real collectibles that you hardly ever see. Its actually a very interesting time in the market. We are seeing some new collectors out there, collectors who apparently cant or dont want to distinguish between original decks and reissues. They are more than happy […]

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Ebay Watch: December 2013

December was disappointing this month. It used to be that you would get some bank-breaker decks going off in December, as wives and girlfriends found the perfect xmas gift for their skate obsessed partners! They wouldn’t mind if it was overpriced because they don’t know and better and it’s simply crossing a gift off the […]

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Ebay Watch: November 2013

I’m composing this edition of Baywatch from my parent’s home in Wallasey, England. I’m visiting my mom for Christmas. The down times give me plenty of time to work on the column, so here you go! I’m happy to report that the skateshop that had just opened in town on my last visit (Last December) […]

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