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The Stone Sun God

A reader named Rossco sent me a link to a Jason Jesse Sun God mini board that his friend Stephane Rouget had carved out of stone… Yes, out of STONE. A stone cutter in this modern age belongs to be a club whose membership has got to be getting smaller with each decade. Marrying an ancient technique with the fleeting […]

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GVK #100: Burnside Halloween 2015 – 25 Years!

Went down to the old B-side Banks for the 25th anniversary during a true Portland deluge. Water had blown a man hole cover off raw sewage was boiling out of the ground. This did not slow anyone down under the dirty old bridge. This raw sewage seemed to fuel the session. I filmed a little […]

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Jurassic Skatepark Sequel

Well it’s been almost 4 years, so here’s an update on Jurassic Skatepark aka “Chink’s Peak Skatepark” in Pocatello, Idaho, that was open from 1976 to 1980. Mike D from Skate Hard Idaho sent in some pictures taken there a little earlier this year. He’s been cleaning it up in exchange for the occasional session. […]

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Decrepit Desert Numero Dos (Part 2)

The second in a series of 2 The last of a two part series. Hope you all enjoy, low on action high on fun. We definitely look old and feel stiff as boards, heavy as more than one board. We ran into some wild fires and skated our tails off. Can’t wait till next year. […]

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GVK #98: Decrepit Desert 2015 (pt 1)

Well we invited all of you no one showed so we decided to import Chris Swan (Bone Man) from colorado he showed up at the airport we got him and hit the road. Did the traditonal tour of the desert. The skating was fun for those involved the brotherhood was what I enjoyed the most. […]

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VHS Skate Theater: Radical Moves Part 1

Found in a Box VHS Skate Theater is a brand new feature on Skate and Annoy. The format of future episodes is bound to change as the kinks get worked out. Radical Moves was released in 1986. It’s basically an extended contest video of the 1986 World Expo in Vancouver, BC, presented as a drama. […]

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GVK #97: Red-fecta in Lincoln City

Red-Fecta So world cup skateboarding returned to Oregon to help celebrate Lincoln city’s skate-park phase #1 B-day. 16 yrs old she is. Man there was some ripping taking place. Here is what I saw in the order that I saw it in. I missed so much footage you could have made ten videos like this […]

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Ebay Watch: May – June 2015

Editor’s Note: This one goes out to Steve From Jersey who sent in some old English skate mags unsolicited. Thanks! – Kilwag. (P.S. Drop me an email, please.) So welcome everybody to the new bay watch, covering the months of May-June 2015. It was a weird period, and a period that cemented some things that […]

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Ebay Watch: March – April 2015

So welcome everybody to the new bay watch, covering the months of March-April 2015. Prices are on the rise again. Maybe it’s people spending tax refunds, maybe it’s the economy. But whatever it is, prices on everything seem to be going up. And the biggest jumps are on those mid-tier boards that probably wouldn’t have […]

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Ebay Watch: December 2014 – February 2015

Here you go, here’s the compilation Baywatch that I promised you. It’s a long one, lots of high priced decks in here from the Xmas 2014/early 2015 period. So now I’m pretty caught up. From here on out I will be doing bimonthly issues of Baywatch, so the next one will incorporate March and April […]

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