Burnside Benefit Thursday, Oct 16th


Chunky Jumper

After inspecting the insides, it appears this knitting pattern from Marriner is for chunky yarn, and not chunky kids. It’s pretty awful, and the best/worst part is that they think someone might actually want kneepads and elbow pads knitted out of yarn! Believe it or not, this is the third post about knitting.

- Thanks to BPA for the tip.

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Extreme Taxidermy

Hey look, someone ran over a squirrel. It’s kind of flat, but maybe I can use it for taxidermy practice. Hmmm. It’s not really cooperating with me. How can I make this look more natural? I know. I’ll make it look like he was riding a skateboard and just wiped out! My work is awesome! I wonder why nobody bid on it?

- Thanks to BPA for the tip.

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The No Skate


Dave England performs a public service in this video by RossAngeles. – Thanks to Matthijs for the tip


Weak Meek Week


Two Keith Meek Slasher graphic ripoffs in one week. I just couldn’t resist the title, sorry. I don’t think this is is officially licensed by Warner Brothers, as I couldn’t find it anywhere except on Ebay. – Thanks to BPA for the tip.


Willits / Adams Bowl Pour


Adam needs your help… Willits Bowl, A.K.A. Adam’s Bowl is a super sick DIY in Northern CA. The deck around the bowl is only half finished… The forms are set for the second section of deck, which will include a corner hip off the big quarter pipe and a Derby style berm. Now we just […]


Skateology and the Physics of an Ollie


Adam Shomsky has a Youtube channel filled with high frame rate slow motion videos of skateboarding and “other random stuff that looks cool in slow mo, like fire.” A writer over at Wired used an open source physics video analysis tool called Tracker (Insert Tracker vs. Indy joke here.) to break down the forces at […]


Learn to skate with Sportskool


Learn to skate with Sportskool, just don’t try to learn how to spell. Instructional books and videos for learning how to skate are nothing new. The only reason I paid attention to this one is because I happened to catch a video shot with Omar Hassan at Pier Park, here in Portland. (There’s another one […]


Slasher Bootleg


This ‘Thrill Seeker’ is your typicall, cheap 80’s skateboard and it’s also a bootleg. The top design is some Jaws-like creature (I think), but the other side is definitely stolen from the Keith Meek ‘Slasher’ graphic. Found it on eBay a while ago.

Adobe / Girls Skateboards

Adobe Girl


Adobe and Girl Skateboards have teamed up for a contest of sorts. Enter your skateboard designs and you could win one of 4 internships at Girl. 2 of them are on site, 2 are remote. To Adobe’s credit, winners also receive $500 (total) for their designs. To enter, you must be a student, and you […]


I’m doing scary tricks!


I was riding my bike home from work the other day and sped by the usual detritus in the street, but my brain recognized a brief glimpse of something archetypal, so I doubled back to check on it. It was a children’s book titled Albert’s Gift for Grandma, and there was a skateboard on the […]

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