Freeing Japanime Figures

Hard drive cleaning time:  Freeing makes PVC anime figures and accessories, mostly scantily clad stuff in the vein of your typical Hook-Ups graphic. Even when they aren’t scantily clad, they still look like Sorayama robots. These must sell like gangbusters. I mean, who wouldn’t want a highly posable figure of a sensuous, big breasted mannequin riding a skateboard or a scooter? The skateboards all come with snowboard bindings, which is unfortunate. I’m not sure what the purpose of these is. It’s possible they are the plastic anime-centric equivalent of those small wooden manikins used for figure drawing.

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Win The Tubuloids “It’s Getting Weird” Promo CD

I posted a video for “It’s Getting Weird” and some pics of the Tubuloids recently, and now I’ve got a promo CD of their new 12″ EP  to give away, thanks to the band. available on Beer City Records. I like these guys, they bring out the skateboarding adolescent in me, which takes a lot these days.  I’ve got two things to give away, actually.  The second is the “This Wave Sucks” 45rpm mini-EP. Just leave you name in the comments and make sure you use a real email in your profile.  I’ll use a random number generator to pick two winners. First winner gets choice of the CD or 45. I’ll pick the winner on Monday morning, October 17th @ 9 am. Winners will be notified via email and will have 24 hours to respond before another winner will be chosen.

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Accenture in the Airport

I went to a wedding in Colorado a couple years ago, Grover went as well. This backlit advert for Accenture was up in the Denver airport. Blurry phone cam pics after the jump.

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Not much newsworthy about the fingerboard fad these days. If you’ve been to the toy aisle of a Target lately you’ll have noticed the the Tech Deck presence has shrunk dramatically from what it was in their heyday. They’ve tried releasing old school shapes, longboards, and even retro plastic cruisers in fingerboard form in an […]


This Just In, Brian Anderson is Still Gay


Huck Magazine recaps a history of homophobia in the skateboarding industry Brian Anderson coming out as gay doesn’t let skateboarding off the hook. The biggest news here is that Brian appears to be dating Rob Reiner.  


The Surprise in the Collection


There’s some buzz about a large collection of skate memorabilia up for sale, not only because of the size of the collection, but the method and price. Right now the only way to see it is via Instagram. The seller reportedly is asking $125,000 for the entire lot, and is unwilling to break it up […]


Skate or Die or Shove-it!


Skate or Die…. or is it Shove-it? I can’t believe they trademarked Shove-it™.  The image used for this Halloween costume is just a serving suggestion, as the skateboard and kneepads are not included. – Thanks to Josh Baker for the photo.


The End of Transworld


The End of Transworld, Volume 1, #3 that is. Just posted the last of the adverts in the gallery, including Bob Denike for Seaflex, Lester Kasai for Sims, Chris Baucom for Walker, Rector Riot Gloves, and other gems from 1983. So far that’s a grand total of 295 ads in the the gallery. Currently on […]


Another Random Chicago Spot Check


Bridge launch ramp and/or bank in Chicago. Watch out for those bolts. Someone point me to a skate photo of a spot like this.

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