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As seen on How Stuff Works, more aptly titled “How stuff works as vaguely understood by people who don’t quite know what the whole story is.

Skipper is a sporting girl

Editor’s Note: I found this post draft from 2012… I wonder what I was waiting for.

She may not be an actual sporting girl, but Skipper is an expensive date. $139 on eBay, which is ridiculous, but this old Barbie spinoff toy regularly goes for that kind of money. This doll’s name is Fluff actually, she’s Skipper’s playmate. “Fluff is a sporting girl” was just a bit much. Besides, she’s already been covered.


For any occasion

Avert your eyes from this advert found in the June 21st, 2015 edition of the NY Times magazine. Brian and Brody are sporting their finest for Father’s Day. Countess Mara makes accessories for any occasion, as long was the occasion calls fro a tie or a bowtie. Send them your skate photos, they could end up in their next national advertisement.

– Thanks to Tallboycan for the tip.

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Scott Starr fund


Noted photographer, skate/surf film and TV historian Scott Starr has been diagnosed with Menieres Disease. He’s also considered a find of the site. I have featured his digital transfers of archival footage her on S&A over the years under the banner of “Saturday Starrs” and I’ve bought a few comic books from him that have […]


Lexus behind the Hoverboard curve


I think someone in marketing forgot to tell the decision maker at Lexus that the “real” hoverboard viral marketing campaign has already been done. It’s barely been a year, and since that time an actual working hoverboard (of sorts) has been created. So it’s extremely unlikely that Lexus has made such an amazing leap in […]


Sit on it Potsie (part 2)


A felt covered skateboard that double as the back for your office chair. Spend your coffee break taking a few runs through the cube farm. Pure silly. Pure fun. Mobilité is a collaboration between Tim Defleur and Benjamin Helle. [Source: DesignBoom] – Thanks to MC for the tip.


Blockhead Skates Relaunch


Blockhead Skateboards holds a strange place in my personal skateboarding history. It is easily one of the top 4 brands that I admired in the 80’s, and yet I never actually owned one. I did own one of those Easter Island head shirts, and we interviewed Sam Cunningham in issue #5 of Skate and Annoy […]




This picture doesn’t do the size of these bearing covers justice. These tiny wheels are not the result of hipster irony or a 90’s street skating reenactment hobbyist. It’s a result of Zoo Bombing, slipping axles, exposed axle nuts being ground down, and yes, economics. It’s his birthday soon, so he’s looking forward to a […]


Master Blasters


Licensed Masters of the Universe prodcuct via Threadless. I never cared for that cartoon, but I can appreciate a good remix. Skeletor and She-Ra on a skateboard. She-Ra has som custom Air Jordans. – Thanks to Pig City for the tip.


Footy Sk8r


Cheap fingerboards are a dime a dozen or in this case, $36 a dozen. The packaging on these cheap toys is worth more that the actual product. Fingerboards from China… I know. Who cares? I always like a good sports crossover, and this serves as your reminder to watch the USA vs Columbia in today’s […]


Happy Skating Wonderful Clown


I had no choice but to purchase this. As soon as it arrives from Italy, I’ll take better pictures. The box is priceless. – Thanks to David ODK for the tip. P.S. Please don’t tell my wife.

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