Marty McFly ReAction

Funko Marty McFly ReAction Figure

ReAction stands for retro action figure. Funko is releasing a line of action figures based on nostalgia, including figures like the Terminator, Escape from New York, The Goonies, Pulp Fiction, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and a Back to the Future model with a Marty McFly that looks nothing like Michael J Fox. In fact, he looks more like Corey Webster in Thrashin’. That little plastic skateboard looks like it’s been chewed up a little.

- Thanks to Myren for the tip.


Smurf Hardees

The Hardees restaurant equivalent of a Happy Meal box, dating back to 1990. It’s called a Funmeal. Say it over and over again. It makes me think of mealworms. Another rare Smurfette appearance on a skateboard. $25, so yeah… no.

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Gulf Coast Skate Review V.2 #5

In light of a recent gaffe concerning Gulf Coast surfing conditions, here’s some Gulf Coast luv from 1988. Gulf Coast Skate Review.

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Nothing is better than Landlubber clothes


A poster for Landlubber clothes dating back to 1978. Naked with a backpack, skateboard and a notebook, huh? Nothing is better than landlubber clothes? Oh… if you don’t have Landlubber, you might as well wear nothing. The seller needs some help with photography skills. This is one of the most haphazard auction shots I’ve ever […]


Has non-working wheels


Display prop from Hollister Clothing, complete with backwards trucks and fake board slide marks: This skateboard was used as a prop in a Hollister clothing store. My husband got to take it home when the store closed. Has non-working wheels attached. Apparently has never been used, but was made to look worn on the bottom. […]


Interview with P.D. from Skull Skates


Sex Magazine has an interview with P.D. of P.D.’s hot Shop, AKA Skull Skates HQ. The web site looks to be SFW for the most part, but I haven’t dug too deep. [Photo: Jeff Cole]


6 wheels, three aces


The Cami Three Aces (Tres Assi) model, a six wheeled, three truck plastic skateboard made in Italy at some point in the late 70′s or early 80′s most likely. Actullay, that top graphic makes me think it’s 80′s or possibly even later. I’ve been on the lookout for the six wheeled plastic skateboard as seen […]


Jeff Hedges Interview


Do they sell t-shirts that say “I went to skateboard contest in Sweden and all I got was 3 weeks in a hospital and this lousy t-shirt.” Jeff Hedges went to Malmö for Vert Attack 8, and after a horrible slam he ended up stuck in Sweden for what seemed like a month while he […]




SkaterTrainers are actually a decent idea if you’re into the whole “training” aspect of skateboarding instead of just going out there and doing it. If that’s your mentality (no judgement) then these might be for you. There are plenty of training devices out there for other sports like tennis and baseball, why not skateboarding? One […]


Range Rover Shanghaied in Skatepark


I’m not sure if this is an actual commercial or just a video segment from a program. A commercial with no voiceover? Mr Draper’s been hanging out with the beatniks again… Shanghai SMP Skate Park, and Land Rover, involved in some official capacity, driving a a Range Rover all over a skatepark. Much more successful […]


Broken Kingpins


Many ages ago, when Skate and annoy was but a mere print zine printed on a stolen copy machine with a circulation hovering between 200-300 copies per issue, Broken Kingpins was the name of the section that was sort of similar to Thrasher’s On Board Trash. During our golden Interwebs age I resurrected the name […]

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