Boardup foldable skateboard

We’ve seen a variety of folding skateboards here, most of them DIY. BoardUp adds a new twist to that with a 2-way hinge mechanism that allows for a more uniform rectangular shape after folding. It looks heavy but the whole board is supposed to way less than 7 lbs. It’s smooth but there’s definitely some flex visible in the video. If transportations your bag, then this might be for you, although you’re probably not reading this web site. Kickstarter on the way…

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Rocking Chair Pivot

Just when you thought you’ve seen every possible iteration of skateboard based furniture, along comes Mike Bolster’s rocking chair. A single skateboard truck seems like it would have way too much pivot action to be stable, but Mike uses a double truck setup that keeps the axles parallel at all times. I imagine this would increase the tension and keep you from wobbling around like one of those characters on a giant spring that you see at children’s playgrounds. Insert joke about using a non-turning truck brand for more stability…

– Thanks to Eric Cherry for the tip.

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Brian Anderson on being a gay, professional skateboarder.

This is the best thing Vice media has ever done. Vice Sports presents Brian Anderson on being a gay, professional skateboarder. Time (long ago) to check your homophobia. When is Brian going to come out about being a John Krasinski impersonator?

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Ninja Sauce


I would call this new age hippy shit, but it’s got ninjas and skateboards instead of unicorns and dream catchers. There’s even a gratuitous Animal Chi picture on the label – wink, wink. Nudge, nudge. It’s not for food, it’s for topical application to bruises and/or sore, aching muscles. You can get yours from Body […]


1983 Vintage Transworld Ads


I added six more ads to the Transworld Volume 1, #3 vintage skateboard ad gallery. There’s Brand-X, looking sharp as usual with a new lineup that would stick around for years. What shoe company did Gator ride for before Vision Street Wear? It’s gotta be Vans at demo on a Firestone Ramp with Tony Magnusson. […]


Dachsund Rescue


I was peaking in the window of the Oregon Dachshund Rescue store on the weekend and snapped this grainy photo of a Dachshund Longboards poster which I thought was kind of clever until I went online and found someone (a lot of people, actually) selling illustrations by Ryan Fowler with other fake skateboarding companies named […]


Hybrid Snow-Skate


This is sort of, one of the more interesting ways companies spend money building fun things to try to make you more inclined to buy their products that are unrelated to skateboarding. It’s not the best one from Mountain Dew, but the Super Snake hybrid snowboard / skateboard course looks fun enough. It’s mostly just […]


The Mercury


This is hard drive cleaning time an illustration by Tim Root, for the Portland Mercury, that dates back a couple years. It might have been a cover, or t-shirt, or both. I can’t remember. Tim’s illustrations for Stumptown Coffee have appeared here before. Who is Tim Root?


The Jeff Phillips and Per Welinder Freestyle Club


I added four adverts to the collection of issue number 3 of Transworld Skateboarding from 1983. City Street Wheels from San Francisco and and Donel, a skateshop from Dallas, are both pretty pedestrian except for the fact that Donel is very excited about a new foot game called Hacky Sack! Freestyle is where the action […]

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