A History of Skateshoes

Simple Footwear presents a brief history of skate shoes. Yes, the timeline goes past 1997. It’s a pretty lightweight history, certainly no Made for Skate, but is interesting in that a Simple shoe does not appear on that timeline, and they paid a guy to make vector illustrations of 44 shoes from other companies.

Thunderbird Road Surfer, Bagged and Tagged.

Just a run of the mill 60’s era steel wheeled skateboard that probably wouldn’t be shown here were it not for the fact that it’s still in the original packaging. Moen & Patton was a toy company primarily known for it’s roller-skates, but they made other toys as well. I’ve seen mention of their toy golf clubs as early as 1948. It looks like the used the Road Surfer as a descriptor in place of the word skateboard. Road Surfer appears on other Moen & Patton boards as well, and they eventually got around to screen printing a logo on top.

– Thanks to David Maes for the tip.

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Who is L Vernet?

I couldn’t find any information on the illustrator L. Vernet when I wrote this post (in April of 2016…). Yes, you can find tons of examples of his artwork, mostly on postcards, but nobody seems to know/care who he/she was. The illustrations must have been done in the 60’s or 70’s. Verne briefly flirts with big-eyed children fad Margaret Keane made popular in the late 60’s. This is a rabbit riding a skateboard, as seen on a postcard for sale on the Luxembourg based auction site delcampe.net.

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Wrapping paper from 2009


It was this horrible, blurry photo of wrapping paper that I took in 2009, or nothing. If a tree is cut down in a forest to make skateboard ephemera and it isn’t documented on Skate and Annoy, does it make a noise?

Fred Meyer Gift Registry


Surely somewhere, someone cares.

Plaza plaza plaza


A promenade in Velenje, Slovenia designed by the architecture firm ENOTA. – Thanks to MC for the tip. [Source: Dezeen] ( P.S. Are you freaking out right now? 2 posts in one week? Are we back??? )

Gold Medal Stinkbug


Gold Medal boys sport socks, found at a Goodwill store by MC. Hold on, fits shoe size 3-9??? Streeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetch!

Do it Yourself Skateboard Kit


Branding it as a DIY Kit is a genius way to cut costs by making the consumer put everything together, but the display packaging on this is is why you’re seeing it here. This isn’t just any fiberglass skateboard kit, it’s “Top Line.” It even comes with an instruction book, which most kids probably needed […]

Forever Young


Grandpa has a long board, and a radical attitude. This is the March, 2017 issue of Prime Time, an Rhode Island publication described as a “contemporary magazine speaking to the mature market, caregivers & medical professionals.” – Thanks to Poeser for the photo.

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