Arizona Desert Pipes 1979

I was honored to be asked to contribute some of my old skateboarding photos here on Skate and Annoy. I grew up in the seventies and eighties in Arizona skating the legendary Desert Pipes, tons of empty pools, the Love Bowls, and lots more …

I now live in Seattle, I have been up here in the Northwest for 20 years. I still skate as much as I can, I love all the amazing skateparks we have here, but sometimes I miss the good old daze …

So here is my first contribution, a gallery of pipe photos I put together awhile back, enjoy !!!


Junkfood trifecta

Cookies, chips, and soda! Actually, that used to be a diet that sustained me well around the time these boards were made. Check out these skateboards featuring the Keebler Elf, Chester the (Cheetos) Cheetah, and the Coke logo.

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Which do you prefer?

I’m trying to decide how much retouching and color correcting to tackle in the Vintage Skateboard Magazine Advert Gallery. Here’s a comparison for this Zephyr skateboards ad from 1975. Not surprisingly, the forty year old pages are discolored with age. Do you prefer the scanned image with minimal color correction, or the adjusted version that is closer to what the page originally looked like but has a slightly artificial look to it? There’s an enlargement to compare after the jump, but really this is just an excuse to get you to check out Zephyr Skateboards: Young dudes in heavy spots.

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I was going through some old files on the computer and found this picture I took a few years ago of some weird signage at an arboretum in Illinois. Fairies use the maple seeds to windboard (much like skateboarding but through the air). OK.


Soup’s on


Before Mark Conahan was a renown skateboard cartoonist and all around ripper, he was a chubby little kid who modeled for Campbell’s Soup. At least that’s what I’d like to think since I lost my notes on this Campbell’s Soup store display featuring a kid on a skateboard. It looks very 80’s but could easily […]


Looking good!


Greg Baller of Burly Caps fame attacking the hip with the (essential, I’m sure) help of an good looking Skate and Annoy shirt. Let the parade of comments begin for those of you that I still owe one of these to. [Photo: Devin McLean]


Good luck? Charmed, I’m sure.


This is a 1978 comic book advertisement for a skateboard good luck charm as seen on Etsy. Apparently we skateboarders had some sort of creed that the manufacturer of this charm was willing to send you a hard copy of, along with a list of terminology. What does it mean when a pro says “coping,” […]


Fingerboards are for cockroaches


Oggy and the Cockroaches is a French cartoon that sometimes airs on the Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network channel here in the US. It’s not very good from a writing/directing standpoint but it occasionally has a good gag. There’s an episode called “Skate Fever” from season 4 that features what may be the first ever appearance […]


Phony Alva


The graphic on this Rolls Racer ‘Conqueror’ deck is clearly stolen from the Eddie Reategui ‘Warrior’ deck from 1988 by Alva. This bootleg even has wheel wells and comes in a vivid green, it sold on eBay a while back, but I forgot for how much.


Local Oregon boy makes good, breaks my heart


Kevin Kowlaski has a new pro wheel model with Bones. My heart isn’t really broken, I’m just slightly bummed out because I’ve been sitting on an “Oregon Skate Parks” graphic that riffs on our Oregon State Parks logo for three years now. Then one day I walk into a skate shop and see that Kowalski’s […]

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