Khunamokwst Skate Spot is Open

The skate spot in Khunamokwst (pronounced KAHN-ah-mockst) park is officially open, although the ceremonial grand opening is May 16th. This little neighborhood gem was built by Evergreen Skateparks and funded through grants independent of Portland’s network skatepark system, which seems to be completely dead at this point in Portland’s fiscal history. Khunamokwst is located in the Cully Neighborhood of NE Portland, at NE 52nd and Alberta. It’s a small, low spot geared towards beginning to intermediate skill sets and anyone else who wants to have some fun.


Another Random Florida Spot Check

No, this isn’t a leak from the set of the new Star Wars movie. It’s the airport in Tampa, Florida. Like other airports with good skate terrain, I’m sure TPA is not a bust.

– Thanks to Sparky for the photos

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No Skateboarding Day

Don’t even think about it, OK? When you don’t want skateboarders messing up your planters with unsightly grind marks, or disturbing the Feng shui by loitering, this 20 foot long stencil ought to do the trick.


Thrasher Certified Pieces…


Hey, have you heard of Thrasher? Yeah, me either until just recently, but I guess they’ve been around for a while. I thought I’d throw them a bone by directing some web traffic their way. I hope they succeed. The images above are from the always entertaining Certified Pieces of Suck, and this compilation has […]


Fun to Draw Skateboard Action Part 2


This is the second and last installment of Fun to Draw Skateboard Action book. Along with the familiar misnomers and weird physics, the second half of the book features a couple of filler pages with some “totally rad” action and an exercise to match the safety equipment with the part of the body that it […]


Dome shot


It’s Earth Day, so if you want to listen to your old 7″ singles you might consider picking up one of these 45 Dome Shots, a collaboration with Maple XO and John Cardiel. Earth day?? This should have been a collab for Record Store Day.


Fun to Draw Skateboard Action


Skateboard Action is was a popular title for kids books in the 80’s, as this is not the only book to use it. Skateboard Action from the Fun to Draw series was published in 1989 by Hamburger Press. The illustrations are by Ed Francis, so the blame for mislabeling has to go with the author […]


Fake ghost


This is an almost identical copy of the Vision ‘Street ghost’ deck from 1986, originally designed by John Grigley. The only thing the bootlegger changed was ‘Vision’ into ‘RB SKEBO’, whatever that means.


Oregon Bifecta 2009


Here’s a gallery of photos I shot from Tigard 2009 and Pier 2009 contests, good times, enjoy… Oregon Bifecta 2009.


Delayed bladder maturation in skateboarders


Congratualtions son, your photo is going to be used on some product packaging! Millions of people will see it and you’ll be famous! You’re looking at DryNites sleep diapers for rippers and bed wetters aged 8-15. They were spotted (tee hee!) in the Prisma supermarket in Kuopio, Finland. It’s a serious problem that some kids […]


101 vintage adverts with improvements


With the addition of this latest Roller Sports ad from 1975, there’s now 101 vintage skatemag advertisements in the gallery. It’s also easier to sort through the various companies and products available. I’ve added (8) dropdown menus that are visible on the top and bottom of the archive pages as well as at the bottom […]

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