Punks and Posers

MTV’s Punks and Posers from a time (1985) when they actually played music videos, blah blah blah. I think this aired at 11:00 at night originally, I taped it to VHS when I should have been finishing my computer science homework. I watched the hell out of this. It’s Got the Dickies and GBH (yawn) but also a rare appearance by the band Plain Wrap, which I had completely forgotten about. I bought their album when I saw it at Record Swap, based on seeing this video. That vinyl still resides in my basement, need to dig it up. If you are at all familiar with 80′s LA Punk there should be a few other faces you recognize as well. Interviews talking about “punk”… so lame, yet so entertaining. There is some incidental skateboarding in the video as well, so it’s actually topical to this web site, and yes.. It’s a stretch. I was stoked to see this again after so many years.

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Kool-Aid Man

Got a hot tip from BPA about vintage Kool-aid packets with the Kool-aid man on skateboard, and well, I couldn’t leave well enough alone.

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Haibao was the official mascot of the 2010 World’s Fair in Shanghai, China. Here he is on a washcloth for some reason, pictured riding a skateboard. I didn’t even have to buy this, as it was given to my kids randomly by a relative who travelled there on business. So I’ve got that going for me. Photo on the right “Haibao en Expo 2008″ by Edward the Confessor.

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Earthquake Weather


Amid property damage and serious injuries in today’s earthquake in Napa Valley, leave it to skateboarders to find some joy. From Twitter user Dudley Storey.


So… Uh, Smooshies


This slightly frightening, oddly surreal thing is a Smooshie from Fisher Price, circa 1987. A lot of toys have weird little adapters to enable the figure to stand on a skateboard, but this one is the most convoluted. It’s like an infant exersaucer attached to a skateboard, or some kind of toilet training seat. This […]


Skate Crate by Blockhead


Dave Bergthold started Blockhead skateboards in his garage in 1985. Since then he’s had a kid, worked on the TV show Built to Shred and had a minor relaunch of Blockhead handful of years ago. While there are bigger plans for the Blockhead brand in the works, Bergthold just is launching a new project called […]


Love will get you like a case of…


And that is something I don’t want to catch. Anthrax skateboard shaped patch, circa late 80′s, possibly early 90′s. What’s up with that deck shape? Nostalgia costs $15. Bring the noise.


A Thousand Ways to Say No!


I have a half-assed collection of (photos of) “No Skateboarding” signs that I have been accumulating over the years, but I haven’t doe anything with them yet. I accidentally stumbled on MySecuritySigns.com which has a surprisingly wide variety of ways in which you can say no. They also sell signs for skateparks as well, with […]


Skateboard Happy


There’s something about the tactile quality of these old, molded magnets that is really pleasing. Most of the ones I’ve ever seen were molded in the shape of a state or a tourist attraction. As a kid I ate a metric ton of Freakies cereal, and collected a lot of Freakies character magnet that sometimes […]


The gift that says I don’t approve


This tin sign is the perfect gift for any youngster that enjoys skateboarding. There’s no better way to encourage a free spirit by squashing their youthful enthusiasm!


Hirschgarten, Munich


MC tipped me off to these photos of a skatepark in Hirschgarten. It’s got a weird stadium vibe too it, like something you’d see as the sport of future in a sci-fi movie. The park looks like it would be a lot of fun, but the most interesting architectural aspect is unfortunately, effectively skate stoppered. […]

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