Squirrely Style

I got really excited about what I thought was a squirrel on a skateboard that I spotted at Mimosa Studios, but then it turned out to be two separate, unrelated items. After seeing them together, I didn’t want one without the other. Unfortunately, unfinished ceramics are way more expensive than I thought they would be. It turns out this is the 5th post on ceramic skateboards that I’ve done.

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5 Days of Ohio: Random Ohio

Day 5 of 5 Days of Ohio (for no particular reason.) Yes, there are lots of obvious things I could have covered (Skatopia, Rob Dyrdek’s Kettering Skate Plaza, Devo…) but you know about those already. Instead, here’s a bunch of random, unrelated Ohio items.

- Thanks to Zack, Dan, and Clint for the tips.

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Having a rough day?

I probably should have saved this for a Monday. (At least you’re not this guy…)

[Source: Perez Hilton] - Thanks to Mrs. Kilwag for the tip.

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5 Days of Ohio: Public Square Group


Day 4 of 5 Days of Ohio (for no particular reason.) Public Square Group is part skateboard/skatepark advocacy, part community outreach, and part skateboarding support group. They are named after the Cleveland’s public plaza, a not-built-for-skateboarding spot that has a history in the scene dating back to the 80’s. They also run the Skate Kitchen, […]


Signal Hill Speed Run Screening for Morro Bay Skateboard Museum


The Morro Bay Skateboard Museum is in the middle of their annual fundraising campaign, which includes a screening of the Signal Hill Speed Run documentary at the Palm Theater on Saturday, November 22nd at 7pm. Some of the original racers will be on hand afterwards for audience Q&A. You can buy tickets online or stop […]


5 Days of Ohio: Loyalty to Fickle Skateboards


This is day 3 of 5 Days of Ohio posts – for no particular reason. This came in from reader Jeff Haynes: When I think of Ohio, I think of G.S.D., Donnie Humes and Smelly Curb Zine, the Dayton Visitor’s center, and most recently Fickle Skateboards. What makes this Cincinnati skate “company” different is that […]


Who’s Goofy?


I’m combining two goofy posts into one, featuring Goofy and Mike V. Who you calling goofy? I’m certainly not calling you goofy, Mr Vallely, Sir. What we have here are two items that are only marginally related at best, because they both feature the Disney character known as Goofy. There’s a glutton of Goofy products […]


5 Days of Ohio: Some Histories of Alien Workshop


On day 2 of 5 Days of Ohio (for no real reason) we have various, assorted histories of Alien Workshop, from Transworld Skatebaording, Realm 3, Quartersnacks via Will Staley, and Jenkem (Musical history). If you’ve got any good Alien Workshop links, leave them in the comments. Send your tips for 5 Days of Ohio.


Hubbard Homestead Skatespot in Seattle


Steve Ping from DesertPipes.com shot some photos of the newly completed Hubbard Homestead Skate Spot located at 11203 5th Ave NE in the Northgate neighborhood of Seattle. It’s still behind fences and the official grand opening is allegedly December 5th. It looks like Newline is credited wight the design concepts. There’s a firm in charge […]


Disposable, yet Indispensable


Disposable, the definitive book on the skateboard graphics is about to be released 10 years after it’s original print date. There is no difference in this edition from the previous edition, but this also marks the first time the book has been in print for 4 years. How do you celebrate this? Well you could […]


5 Days of Ohio: Condensed Flesh


I’m starting a week of Ohio-centric posts, one a day. There is absolutely no reason for this. I have a few lined up, but I could use some Ohio tips if you’ve got ‘em. First up is Condensed Flesh, which is a video zine specializing in, but not limited to documenting the Cleveland, Ohio Skate/Art/Music/DIY […]

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