The Future of Skateboarding Circa 2000

Yes, this is the future of skateboarding, as predicted by DIG Sports the last time they updated their web site in 2000:

Our new boards are built with the most advanced high-performance composites available. The unique skids allow the rider to carve the pavement like a snowboard. The boards are reinforced to enhance speed without wobble for the extreme downhill plunge. “2000″ models” Coming soon!!! DIG Skateboards have been described by riders as “The snowboard of the pavement”… “a surfboard on wheels”… “The skateboard with an attitude”… and “The supreme downhill ride”…

All this could have been yours for $209. Thankfully, this is a future that never came to pass. That’s got to be the most blatant posed action shot ever used as a product promo. What’s up with sulky girlfriend?

- Thanks to Boy at SkateMalaysia.com

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Full Pipe Demo

The state of Kentucky is demolishing about a third of the Louisville skatepark as part of the Ohio River Bridges project. The good news is that they are going to pay to replace the part they are tearing down, and it will be tacked on to what’s left of the existing site. I’ve only been there once, and it was over a decade ago. At the risk of making people mad, I’d say this is probably a good thing. From what I recall, it seemed as though more effort was put into making it big at the expense of making it interesting. However, there’s something to be said for the sheer vast expanse of concrete, either way, so don’t get your panties in a bunch. Hopefully the locals will get something they like. Before you get excited about the projected $3.6 million price tag, a huge chunk of that has to go to relocating public utilities, so it won’t all be used on new concrete. Wormhoudt designed the original park, and I believe they’ve been tapped for the replacement as well.

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Banana Board

This is an odd ceramic serving dish that looks like a couple piles of bananas and leaves in the shape of a skateboard. The banana wheels actually spin too. That’s just weird.

[Source: Copper County Antiques]


Street Dome progress


Another shot of Grindline concrete work at Denmark’s “Street Dome.”


Happy Easter


Happy Easter, if you’re into that sort of thing. If not, Happy Care Bears Swift Heart Rabbit on a skateboard from 1984.


Sugar is Energy Food. You Need Some.


A vintage advert for CSR Sugar in the September 29′th issue of Australian Women’s Weekly. Apparently, sugar is a crucial part of any good diet. Must have been the same doctors who used to say smoking was good for you too. Available at Side Street Vintage in Brisbane, Australia. – Thanks to David ODK for […]

Marty McFly ReAction

Funko Marty McFly ReAction Figure


ReAction stands for retro action figure. Funko is releasing a line of action figures based on nostalgia, including figures like the Terminator, Escape from New York, The Goonies, Pulp Fiction, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and a Back to the Future model with a Marty McFly that looks nothing like Michael J Fox. In fact, […]


Smurf Hardees


The Hardees restaurant equivalent of a Happy Meal box, dating back to 1990. It’s called a Funmeal. Say it over and over again. It makes me think of mealworms. Another rare Smurfette appearance on a skateboard. $25, so yeah… no.


Gulf Coast Skate Review V.2 #5

In light of a recent gaffe concerning Gulf Coast surfing conditions, here’s some Gulf Coast luv from 1988. Gulf Coast Skate Review.


Nothing is better than Landlubber clothes


A poster for Landlubber clothes dating back to 1978. Naked with a backpack, skateboard and a notebook, huh? Nothing is better than landlubber clothes? Oh… if you don’t have Landlubber, you might as well wear nothing. The seller needs some help with photography skills. This is one of the most haphazard auction shots I’ve ever […]


Has non-working wheels


Display prop from Hollister Clothing, complete with backwards trucks and fake board slide marks: This skateboard was used as a prop in a Hollister clothing store. My husband got to take it home when the store closed. Has non-working wheels attached. Apparently has never been used, but was made to look worn on the bottom. […]

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