Cats of 1986

Until now, I don’t think I’ve posted videos of that cat riding a skateboard. I’m not sure what I was holding out for. Maybe it was the historical perspective presented in this Cats of 1986 calendar. Last time I checked it still only reduced 30%, and was too much to pay for two images of a cat riding a skateboard. It’s really only one image, reused twice. It’s too bad they used a skateboard from 2016 for the Cats of 1986. I didn’t even realize that it said “totally radicat” instead of radical until I was downsizing the images for this post. Sigh. Mondays. Lasagna?

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Daft Punk Skateboard

French Furniture designer Hervet-Manufacturier makes some really interesting looking angular furniture the looks like it what people thought the future was going to look like in the 70’s. It’s got a heavy Space 1999 vibe to it. And of course they also make some expensive hardwood retro “artisanal” cruisers. While they were at it, they released a formica laminated, laser engraved, limited edition Daft Punk skateboard that sold for $288. Hervet-Manyfacturier went with a retro mail order catalog inspired promo image, while Daft Punk’s chose a glossy 70’s skatemag style advertisement.

[Source: DesignBoom] – Thanks to MC for the tip.

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Extreme Sports Valentines

These Extreme Sports Valentines brought to you by the Dollar Store and printing facilities somewhere in Indonesia feature the holy triumvirate of skateboarding, freestyle motocross and… rock climbing. It’s a pretty weak showing for Valentines Day, but don’t be dismayed because this year they’re still making those “You’re Cool” Snoopy chocolate-filled hearts.

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Super Bro Bowl


Looks like the painfully accurate reconstruction of the Bro Bowl is more or less complete, but as is the case with most skateparks integrated into public parks, the rest of surrounding work is not finished, so the skatepark is off limits, and is in fact, a trespassing offense. It looks like the only thing not […]


TurnCo Day Job


I’ve been meaning to do a profile on Skip Marcotte AKA Turnco since I sort of shared a workspace with a couple years ago. Let’s be honest, I was an absentee neighbor tenant at best. Skate Slate has gone ahead and done it well, so I guess I’m off the hook. I am in essence, […]


Jammin’ with the Chipmunks


The inside of this freebie Chipmunks themed activity book unfolds to show a poster of said chipmunks getting radical on skateboards. Target stores gave these away in 1990. This is the only appearance of skateboards in the publication. [Source: Cult Oddities]


Niefortunne uj?cieOpcje


An unfortunate photo from a Polish internet time wasting site. Not much in the Googel translated version of the caption that makes any sense. They don’t know what’s going on either. There’s a skateboard under there.


AARP Magazine


The February 2016 issue of AARP Magazine has a print piece that augments the Sisters of Shred video. 50 Reasons to love Being 50. [Via – Claudia Hoag on FB]


Thrasher en Vogue


Vogue Magazine asks the question “How the Thrasher Tee Became Every Cool Model’s Off-Duty Staple,” pointing out various models who have appropriated skateboard culture, and even those like Natalie Westling that actually skateboard. Everyone knows that Steve Olson is the original skateboarding model. [Vogue Photos from top left: Jerome Chrome – Vans – Phil Oh […]

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