Ebay Watch: December 2014 – February 2015

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Looking good!

Greg Baller of Burly Caps fame attacking the hip with the (essential, I’m sure) help of an good looking Skate and Annoy shirt. Let the parade of comments begin for those of you that I still owe one of these to.

[Photo: Devin McLean]

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Good luck? Charmed, I’m sure.

This is a 1978 comic book advertisement for a skateboard good luck charm as seen on Etsy. Apparently we skateboarders had some sort of creed that the manufacturer of this charm was willing to send you a hard copy of, along with a list of terminology. What does it mean when a pro says “coping,” “go for it,” “eat it,” or “Kick flip?” I guess I’ll never know.

- Thanks to David ODK for the tip.

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Read this  Ebay Watch  or visit the  the archives


Fingerboards are for cockroaches


Oggy and the Cockroaches is a French cartoon that sometimes airs on the Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network channel here in the US. It’s not very good from a writing/directing standpoint but it occasionally has a good gag. There’s an episode called “Skate Fever” from season 4 that features what may be the first ever appearance […]


Phony Alva


The graphic on this Rolls Racer ‘Conqueror’ deck is clearly stolen from the Eddie Reategui ‘Warrior’ deck from 1988 by Alva. This bootleg even has wheel wells and comes in a vivid green, it sold on eBay a while back, but I forgot for how much.


Local Oregon boy makes good, breaks my heart


Kevin Kowlaski has a new pro wheel model with Bones. My heart isn’t really broken, I’m just slightly bummed out because I’ve been sitting on an “Oregon Skate Parks” graphic that riffs on our Oregon State Parks logo for three years now. Then one day I walk into a skate shop and see that Kowalski’s […]


Extreme Animals Super Frog


It’s Super Frog, or possibly Amazing or Awesome Frog, riding a skateboard in the pages of the Extreme Animals coloring book found in the bargain section of Target. Quite frankly, I expected a whole lot more skateboarding in this book, but there was only this one image. Still, a frog with a gorilla grip, that’s […]


Black Knight from 1976?


The auction said this Black Knight skateboard appeared in a 1976 Montgomery Ward catalog. I would have thought that was an error towards being too late, but the copy says there are no loose bearings, which would imply precision bearings, so 1976 sounds reasonable after all. I had always thought the Black Knight boards were […]


The Beach Boys Shred I Get Around


These are pretty fuzzy pictures of a craptacular skateboard from Valterra. It’s a Beach Boys model, which is shocking to think that someone thought they would still be able to help sell skateboards in the 80’s. Check out the built in handles on this “Grip Stick” and the weird solid black caricature. It reminds me […]

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