Burnside Fundraiser

Changing times ahead for Burnside with new construction within spitting distance. It will interesting to see if the locals can make it work with their new neighbors, who are undoubtedly going to be used to a less Burnsidey atmosphere. The property taxes are definitely going to give the owners some clout with city hall. In the meantime, Burnside needs lights, and they’ve got quite a ways to go to reach their target, so consider donating.


Prisma Guitars

Here’s more guitars made from used skateboards, this time from Prisma Guitars. These are more common now, but Prisma looks like they’ve taken the craftsmanship up a level. I was going to hassle Nick Pourfard about showing no love for bass players, but he can do them, and has done them for Steve Harris of Iron Maiden no less. Even if you don’t like Iron Maiden you should check out Iron Maiden: Flight 666. Those guys are surprisingly down to earth and funny. It almost made me want to listen to their music, but it definitely left with respect for them as human beings.

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Unreasonable Expectations

Thank you, private property owner, for greatly overestimating my skills, and indeed the skills of most of the skateboarding population, when it came time for you to decide whether or not this ledge needed to be skate-stoppered. That’s very kind of you, I couldn’t possibly. You’re too kind.

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This is how I roll


These Gymboree underpants fit like a glove that is several sizes too small, but my wife keeps buying them. What do you mean they aren’t for adults? Yes, this is a multiple picture post. Never question my commitment.


Get Onda Board


You’re not on a skateboard, you’re “Onda Board!” Airplane time killing magic from Sky Mall, circa 2011.


The Connoisseur of Quality


As a sometime purveyor of and fan of hand screened skateboards, I’ve had Lovenskate on my radar before. Their new promo The Connoisseur of Quality really takes it to the next level. The next level of what? The next level of quality. Well done lads. [Source: Huck] – Thanks to MC for the tip.


Anri carving Girl


You’re looking at a hand carved figure of a girl riding a skateboard, or at least, sitting on it while breaking in some new bowling shoes. It dates back to an undetermined point in the 70’s, but it was carved for the highly collected Swiss company called Anri. Actually, it’s hard to tell where the […]


Gone Fishin’


I don’t know what’s been like in your neck of the woods, but it’s been an unseasonably hot summer here in Portland. Time to cool off. Check out these fishing lures made out of recycled skateboards from Maxximus Skateboards. Their main product is actually skateboards, pressed and hand screened (as they should be…) in Savannah, […]


Wheels of excitement


When it’s time to kick up your wheels, do it with one of our deluxe skateboards. All are constructed of maple hardwood with silkscreened designs and sand grip tape surface… Each model has 9″ trucks, precision bearings and kicktails. From the 1986 Sears Wishbook, featuring the usual suspects from Variflex as well as a couple […]

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