Thrasher en Vogue

Vogue Magazine asks the question “How the Thrasher Tee Became Every Cool Model’s Off-Duty Staple,” pointing out various models who have appropriated skateboard culture, and even those like Natalie Westling that actually skateboard. Everyone knows that Steve Olson is the original skateboarding model.

[Vogue Photos from top left: Jerome ChromeVansPhil Oh ]


Shoot First, Edit Never

Graava is a camera/app combo that is supposed to make it easier for you to actually do something with all the footage you acquire. Basically, you dock the camera and the open the app, decide how long you want the the end result to be and then let the app make a video for you after it analyzes the footage for… what I’m not sure. A skateboarder is used in their marketing video, and apparently he works in an office where it’s cool to come in late and edit skate videos… hold on, his video is edited for him while he works so he doesn’t have to worry about getting fired. Obviously, this wouldn’t work for any sort of “real” skate video, but it seems to do the trick if you’re just pointing a selfie stick at yourself while you cruise on the bike trail. The question is, why build and sell a separate camera instead of just making an app that takes video from any source? If only someone could invent an app that automatically compiles and writes an Ebay Watch.

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Feel the Power of the Sun God

A short interview with Stepahne Rouget, who carved a replica of a Jason Jesse Sun God (mini) out of stone.

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The Big (Brother) Book of Shit


Jenkem Mag has a sneak preview of the Big Brother Magazine retrospective aptly titled Shit. I’m surprised it took so long, Sean Cliver. It’s another interesting decision recently made by DC Shoes, who helped fund the production of the book.


Pro Trainer


Another skate trainer to file in the category of probably helpful but extremely unnecessary unless you’re trying to get into the Olympics. Ladies and gentlemen, Chris Gentry’s Pro Trainer. The Pro Trainer allows you to build confidence in your flip and catch techniques while at the same time add that extra steez in your style […]

Poppy Starr Facebook

2016 Vans Girls’ Combi Classic


That’s Poppy Starr, the winner of the 2016 Vans Girls’ Combi Classic. Watch Dan Bourqui’s video of the event after the jump.


A tale of two Grabkes


Two different Claus Grabke boards featured in unrelated fashion shoots. I’m still trying to track the source of the one on the left,t’s doubtful it was commissioned by the gelato company. The one on the right has an Underwear Expert watermark, which is a good place to go get your dong on.


Here’s a tip; Get a job!


I saw this add for the online freelance market Upwork.com on Facebook while I was neglecting my own freelance duties. Also, I’m not sure if I’m using the semicolon properly in this post title, so maybe copy proofing is not the job for me. Apparently this guy’s “highly specialized project” was shooting some sort of […]


You mad, bro?


The bros at Mad Bro Enterprises are taking a cue from circa 2003 with the 2016 Xtreme Amateur Games. The first event in the series is on Sunday the 31st at an indoor park called D-Block in Clackamas, Oregon. The street luge track is rumored to be very, very short.

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