Milo Ventimiglia in Men’s Journal

This is the actor  Milo Ventimiglia appearing on the cover and inside the November, 2018 issue of Men’s Journal, with a skateboard. He looks pretty comfortable on that cut down waterski.

– Thanks to Tim Rafferty for the tip.

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Happy Holidays 2018

I saw this Santa doll on a skateboard (with ski poles) at a Holliday x-mas party. which after 9 years, finally explains this weird looking thing.

Atlanta Spot Check

I was in Atlanta for about 30 hours to watch the MLS Cup. The Timbers lost, which was a bummer. My experience was essentially Airport to Marta to Hotel to Stadium to AirbnB to Airport. I didn’t get to see a lot, but I did catch some nice looking, but mostly wet terrain.

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Pete Shelley – R.I.P.


Massive, massive influence for myself and Neil. I didn’t get to see them live until ’91 or so, but those records were on heavy rotation for so long… still are. – Randy Was deeply saddened when I saw the news yesterday afternoon. I’m happy to say that the Buzzcocks changed my life. Saturday October 7 […]

Ghost Rider vs Ribit


Two comic book, two different millennium. On the left we have Frank Thorne’s Ribit #1 from 1989. Frank is probably best known for Red Sonja, but what exactly is Ribit? “Ribit was created by a female sorcerer named Sahtee. Ribit was a lizard and a pet of Thong, who is Sahtee’s aide. Thong is a […]

Speed Wobble IPA from Key Brewing


Speed Wobble IPA is a collaboration between Bustin Boards and Key Brewing out of Dundalk, Maryland. The original post on the Bustin site mentions an April canning date, but the post itself has no date. The beer isn’t listed on Key Brewing web site. Those cans were found in a store this week, so you […]



What is this thing? Is it an ollie trainer, or is it just a regular ole Maui and Sons skateboard that some eccentric nut decided to make evermore dangerous by replacing the trucks with giant springs? I’m not sure what you could actually do with this, besides try to sell it on Ebay. This appears […]

That time Van Halen hung out with the Surf Punks.


These pics of David Lee Roth on a skateboard have been floating around the interwebs for more than a decade. I’ve never been able to track down the original source. Also, I don’t really care about Eddie so much, but there he is. The real reason for this post is that I just learned that […]

Share your knowledge


Quora advertises itself as a place to share knowledge and better understand the world. Ask a question and someone will try to answer. Do professional skateboarders use steroids? Maybe the Dynamic Dudes did. I imagine we’ll find out once the next Olympics kick in. UPDATE: Someone also wants to know if it’s harder to skateboard […]

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