Jingle Jingle Kapow!

Santa rides a skateboard on the cover of Holiday Sound Effects, released in 2003. It includes the rare track “Drunks in bar!” This gem of a CD can be yours for as low as $4. You know, in case you want to set up the X-mas equivalent of a Halloween haunted house.

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Eden Village Bordercross Track

Eden Village Bike & Bordercross track located in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. Looks super fun, although I wonder whether chose asphalt instead of concrete. Price, most likely. Images and photos after the jump.

[Source: Longboardism] - Via Michael Brooke

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Takeshi Hosaka Architects

To me, no matter how cool (or skateable) this house looks on the inside, I would not be able to get over the wasted space and awkward appearance from the street. Takeshi Hosaka Architects.

[Source; Dezeen] - Thanks to MC for the tip.

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Empty, anxiety, surprise, encouragement. All of these emotions can be found in these Eurosport station identity spots from 2011. You can watch just the skateboarding bit, but if you have a bit of time to kill you might enjoy some of the overly enthusiastic, awkward english voiceovers featured in the behind the scenes clip. It’s […]


Rolling Homes


Rolling Homes, prefab homes in Svencele, Lithuania that come with a front porch that unintentionally doubles as an a miniramp. [Source: Huffington Post] – Thanks to Ping for the tip.


Skate Mate for Screen Printing


Having printed more than a handful of skateboards myself, and designed a few jigs, I’ve always considered the possibility of somehow adapting a textile press for printing skateboards. The crew at Jolly Roger Skateboards are actually producing them. So far each Skate Mate sold has been configured for Lawson and Ryonet presses, but they are […]


French Vert Turtles


Station ID for France 3, one of France’s state owned television channels. It actually dates back to 2013, and so French readers, I’m disappointed in you for not letting me know earlier. – Thanks to Nick Dawson for the tortue de la planche à roulettes.


New Advances in Crap Skateboards


A trip to the toy store almost never disappoints when looking for Skate and Annoy fodder. One of the Kryptonics license holders makes some plastic skateboards that are near Penny board quality, the wheels have decent bearings and they spin quite freely. The trucks are tight, but they have a little room to loosen built […]


Skatepark machines


You’re looking a the concrete equivalent of a Play-doh fun factory. One of them generates a continuous curb and the other, a ditch. I wish I had more information on these photos posted by Architecture and Design magazine. Unfortunately, they were found on their Facebook timeline, and they provide no context or source links. I […]


Dyno Trucks


I will continue to post photos of NOS skateboard products in blister backs with technical style drawings on the back as long as I continue to find them. I am a sucker for vintage skateboard packaging. This set of trucks sold for $45. Nothing says 70’s like action bolts and open bearings.


Powell Christmas


I would have thought the Christmas edition skateboards would have lost their appeal by now, and frankly, I don’t get it. They must be popular since Powell keeps issuing them, along with some Bones Brigade Christmas ornaments. Actually, they looks like they still have a 2013 edition board available. I do “get it” of course. […]

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