Vintage Skateboard Magazine Advert Gallery

I’ve been working on a new addition to the Galleries section of Skate and Annoy. It’s an archive of advertisements from old skateboard magazines. The goal is to cover the 60’s through the 90’s. It’s been interesting going through these old magazines, finding things I’d forgotten about and other I still have no idea ever existed, like the Brian Martin pro model on Action Sports Skateboards. It’s funny to see some of the ads that the smaller companies put out in hopes of breaking into the industry. Like everything on the site, it’s a work in progress. I’ve scanned about 300 ads so far and uploaded only 64, but now that the mechanism is in place it’s really easy to add new ones. There are other ad archives out there, most notably the one at Cal Streets, which I profiled in 2008. They’ve since changed they way their gallery is presented, but it’s still a hefty one. I decided to make one for S&A because I have OCD, and I don’t like having to search/link on other sites when doing “research” for posts here. Plus those other galleries aren’t organized how I’d want them.

What works so far: Everything is tagged by company, rider, product type, year, decade, magazine, magazine issue, and photographer if they are credited. So if you want to sort through ads by any one of those taxonomies, you can.

Things that need work: The navigation and layout is a little clunky right now, and likely will be for the time being while I concentrate on adding new ads. Some of the scans are not the greatest quality. I tried using one of those sheet fed scanners (Brother) and it just doesn’t do a very good job a lot of the time. After I run through the ads that I’ve already scanned (rescanning some of the worst offenders) I’ll be switching to a different scanner. I’d like to add an advanced search so you could do something like search of all ads from Z Products from the 80’s, or all ads with Jason Lee riding for Blind.

PLEASE leave some feedback on ways to improve, keeping in mind that there will be other decades and magazines to be added. Now go visit the Vintage Skateboard Magazine Advert Gallery

– Kilwag


Peach to Parasite: New Orleans D.I.Y.

New Orleans is the largest U.S. city without a skatepark! It’s been a long time since we’ve reported on the scene that gave birth to the now defunct Peach Orchard. Since then the park has a new name to go with a sanctioned location and some ramps donated by Spohn Ranch, leftover from the Mississippi Grind skatepark on a floating barge. The next step is to get back to their D.I.Y. roots by pouring their own transition, and they need your help. Parasite Park has one of the slickest incentive programs via kickstarter that I’ve seen. They’ve got some great looking gear that starts at just $7. Go help ‘em out!

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It’s Free Pancake Day

Today (March 3rd) is International Pancake Day, so that means free pancakes at IHOP, hopefully you’ll leave a donation for a charity, which is the whole point. What you’re looking at is Chocolate Chip Charlie, a pull back toy given away by IHOP in 1996. You can still get one for $5 delivered.

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Schermafbeelding 2015-02-19 om 19.13.12

Double bootleg


The designer of this deck obviously used the Powell ‘Ban This’ deck from 1989 for inspiration. He even copied the name ‘Caballero’ or at least a part of it, but it’s very hard to see in this blurry picture. The bottom design is actually stolen from Variflex, as you will see after the jump.


Skateboard Champion Patches


Check out these excellent Skateboard Champion embroidered patches. I’m not sure what a “cashpatch range” is, but I know that poster boy looks more like a comic book superhero than a skateboarder. Even without the great display, these patches are well worth the $46 cost. I’ll bet you could sell them for $5 a piece […]


Tyler Martin for Sector 9


I was going to say “I like this kid” but he’s a grown man for the love of Hosoi. Check out his new video part for Sector 9, it’s got a good mixture of street, transition, ditch, diy and skatepark terrain. The guy that looks a little like GVK in the doubles section is actually […]




I bought this copy of Superkernel, Volume 4 #12 on Ebay, hoping there would be more skateboarding inside this obscure title. Sadly, the original seller had since passed away. His wife was unable to locate this and many other items he had listed for sale. As I was about to post this, I found another […]


Hermann’s Attic Runs Rampant


I’ve seen a lot of Nash skateboards over the years, but I’ve never seen the Ramp-ant, which you can buy from Hermann’s Attic on Ebay. I’m not sure what the LSD inspired artist was going for, but I can’t believe they missed the obvious opportunity for a double pun had there actually been an ant […]


Burry’s Scooter Pie


The 60’s were the true, toy store fad era of skateboarding. At no other time would you expect to be able to purchase a serviceable piece of sporting equipment from a snack food manufacturer. Yes, manufacturers have been sticking scooter handles on skateboards since shortly after the handles were torn off scooters to make the […]


Tommy Said So


This is an excellent 60’s era window display for the Continental Surf Skater. Tommy Ryan, San Diego’s Skate Board Champion says “Get the Winning Continetal Surf Skater Here!” – As advertised on TV. How cute: Little Tommy looks adorable and the industry is still using the two word qualifier “Skate Board.” There was a Tommy […]


Mullen in Wired


I learned that Rodney Mullen was in Wired by following J Grant Brittain on Instagram, as the Wired feature uses quite a few of his pictures. The lengthy article covers the events that led to Mullen’s first TED talk, his love of Linux, and his subsequent speaking and consulting business. Mullen obviously likes to use […]

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