The King of Wackyboards

The Morfboard is supposed to make working out and exercising more fun. One board with a bunch of attachments you can swap in and out to configure it as a balance board, one of those bouncy boards, some sort of random piece of thing that you attach bungie cords, and of course, the reason you’re seeing on this site, a skateboard. You can use it as skateboard, and you can also use it for skateboard yoga. Yes, that is a thing. MorfBoards appear to be very well designed and constructed, but I’m curious how stiff those truck circle mounts are. This concept makes sense if your apartment is one of those Japanese capsule motels but otherwise I’m not so sure. That does not stop me from coveting the MorfBoard, for then I would truly be a king. If you want one too, head on over to Kickstarter.

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Tony Hawk Foundation Auctions

There’s an auction group online benefiting the Tony Hawk Foundation. Alongside opportunities to hang out at the Tony Hawk headquarters or have a Birdhouse session, there are also some items from Tony’s personal collection. The standout gem is Tony’s 2nd place trophy From the 1989 Savanah Slamma II, signed of course.


Fake ghosts

I’ve never heard of Skika skateboards, but someone at Skika definitely knew the Vision ‘Guardian’ deck from 1984-85, designed by John Grigley. If you look very closely you can even read ‘old ghost’ on the head of the skull and there is something written on his chin too (probably ‘guardian’ like the original deck), but the pics are of very poor quality and the seller won’t send me better ones, so I have no more info on this one. You can see some amazing colorways of the original deck on disposabletheblog. I found this knock-off on leboncoin.


The Rise of Ziggy Cakecrumbs


In 1982 the American Greeting card company released two different napkin sets with 2 different illustrations of Ziggy riding a skateboard with his dog, on a rainbow. Still not as cool as Santa. Bonus plate after the jump. – Thanks to David ODK for the tip.


Yardstick Bubblegum


The package of Yardstick Bubble gum, which is in fact a yard long, features funnish facts related to measuring things. Is the longest skateboard 37 feet, 7 inches? Which one is that?


Tony Hawk Spiral Loop


Tony Hawk on a vertical corkscrew run specially built in his facility, paid for by Sony Action Cam. You remember Sony Hawk… Yuk yuk yuk. I guess I overestimated his skills, I assumed this would be a piece of cake for him. What a fun line.


2 Hours of John Lucero


John Lucero is the guest on this FOSFM podcast/radio show run by Mark “Fos” Foster of Heroin Skateboards. It’s a rambling, not quite technically adept affair, but it’s still interesting to listen to, especially when they talk about the ABD obsession in skateboard videos and the industry in general. I haven’t heard this show before, […]


Trick Meter


Trick Meter is an all around excellent short film by Simeon Buncombe featuring skateboarding by Jack Fagan. Even when you think you have it figured out, it still manages to surprise, and surprise again. [Source:] – Via tip from Betsy Gordon


Prince of Wales


Check out this April, 1978 footage of Prince Charles hanging out with skateboard kids in Kentish Town, London and eventually taking a ride. It aired on a program called Nationwide. This particular episode was about a program called Inter-Action, which was some sort of inner city youth outreach. The episode is available on the BBC […]

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