Fly Paper Vans Reissue

I was never a fan of these, but you sure did see a lot of them. The Madrid Flypaper version of Vans hi-tops have been re-released. As recently as 2014, an original pair of Madrid Flypaper Vans in a different color way sold for $2200!

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Highland Showdown

Are you in the mood for some 70’s funk and a lot of vert skating? What about a guy in a hotdog costume on a miniramp? Check out Dan Bourqui’s Highland Showdown edit.

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Moose and Squirrel, no Moose

Jeff Longo rescued a newborn baby flying squirrel. The only reason you’re looking at on Skate and Annoy is because he eventually took a picture of it standing on a fingerboard.

[Source: Laughing Squid.]


Skateboarding Nesquik Bunny Part 2


This is the print campaign associated with the 1994 TV commercial and toy prize giveaway uncovered in the Mega-Nesquik post from last year. This one was found on Ebay Italy by “Cool Steve.”


Who’s Hot? Wally’s Pepper Sauce


Aside from being a living skateboard legend, Tom “Wally” Inouye is one hell of a chef. You don’t have to live in the area to taste his work, you can pick up some Wally’s Pepper Sauce. More hot sauce and a bonus reprint of Tom Inouye’s Who’s Hot! feature from the June 1977 issue of […]


Ay, Caramba Red Rye India Pale Ale


Ay, Caramba is a red rye India Pale Ale brewed by Holy Roller in Tallinn, Estonia. Nicolas Bouvy sent this picture but declined to review it since he’s predisposed to dislike IPA’s. Me too, actually. Here in Oregon, if you go to the grocery store to buy any beer that isn’t Bud or Pabst, you’ll […]


These things happen


I stumbled upon this skatepark while visiting Chicago recently. These things (new skateparks) happen when you move away from a city for 15 years or so. This street plaza-style park is much more interesting than this panorama photo may lead you to believe. I’m standing on top of a wall that is maybe 10 feet […]


Mondo Gecko is a Shredder


Random guy standing next to me in line at the airport. I believe this is Mondo Gecko from TMNT, wearing a Ramones shirt. Radical!  


It’s Officially Olympic time.


International Olympic Committee Announced street and park skateboarding events to debut in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.  The IOC has some live video of the even with a horrible interface, but there’s an interesting bit where a reporter asks about the lawsuits in one of the so-called governing bodies of skateboarding, as well as anti-doping. The  Tokyo Skateboarding Commission sounds […]

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