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Fresko Shoes is a company that sells shoes and beachy-stuff to tourist traps next to oceans. They’re out of Florida, but I found this plastic skateboard in Pacific City, Oregon. It’s actually a pretty cool design. If someone had thought of this in the 70’s they would have sold the crap out of (another round of ) plastic skateboards. Remember, for those kids not near sizable hills and skateparks, a plastic skateboard with a good set of open bearings was a perfectly serviceable skateboard. I rode one for years, and.. uh, look how I turned out?

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Wibbler vs. Hobble Wobble

This wraps up any uncertainty about the authenticity of the Hobble Wobble, which seemed like it might have been artificially created to look like it was vintage. The name of the inventor made it easy to look up the patent this time. Harold Katz filed his patent in October of 1958 and finally received his patent in March of 1960. This short highlight article on the Wibbler must have been published sometime shortly after, making my original guess ( After the hula hoop in 1958 and before skateboard fad in 1964 ) pretty accurate. Somebody should pay me for this research. Hello Betsy? This is not skateboard related, you may cry, but I will endeavor to prove a direct connection in the following presentation. Can someone dim the lights please?

[Photo: Ebay seller Catzuzan ]

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Wee Willie Winkies

Thanks to Jim Thompson for these photos of Wee Willie Winkies, a name I had heard before (Wee Willi Winkels, not Winkies) and did not realize it was also associated with a consumer product. These disgusting looking, sickly pale, pink, fleshy appendages come from Scotland. Sausage skateboards probably require pizza grip to deal with all that extra grease.

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Ryan Sheckler for Lume Cube


Ryan Sheckler is still a thing, and he’s a thing for Lume Cube. Lume Cube is a wireless flash / lighting system. It’s a pretty cool device actually. They are tiny, waterproof, battery powered strobes you can link together and control with an app to use for discreet, highly mobile and quick photo lighting. In […]


She’s Barbie, and I’m Ginger


This Barbie and Ginger toy dates back to 1997. Ginger is a battery powered dog that barks and walks, and can be used to tow Barbie on her skateboard, complete with little Hotwheels-style wheels. The top frame is a still from a creepy TV commercial. It may have been 1997, but the girl on the […]


What the fruit do I know?


Sultana Yo Fruit packaging, made in the Netherlands with 90’s American marketing. I especially like the “What the fruit do I know?” tagline on the side of the package. I’m not sure what the little mascot actually is, but Matthijs thinks it’s a cellphone. Stranger things have happened. They look like miniature pop-tarts, but not […]


It’s Getting Weird


Normally I might push this post off to the Broken Kingpins section without comment but the Tubuloids video for It’s Getting Weird connected with me on a primal level. I think GVK missed his calling. Their album on Beer City Records doesn’t come out until October, but you can preorder it now.


Behind the Scenes at Skateboard, the Movie


Alright, we’ve got special behind the scenes access to Skateboard, the movie, courtesy of this July, 1977 edition of Wild World of Skateboarding magazine.  The article seems hastily written, and does not really offer much behind the scenes action outside of some photos from the set. However, it’s got lots of  poorly written press release action. It […]


English Soccer Player You’ve Never Heard of Wears Nike SB Cap


Why yes, that is Jack Barmby of the mighty Portland Timbers rockin’ a Nike SB hat for some reason. It’s not the flopping that soccer critics hate, it’s the posing. This is Portland Timbers related post #6 for those keeping score at home.

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