Skate Mate for Screen Printing

Having printed more than a handful of skateboards myself, and designed a few jigs, I’ve always considered the possibility of somehow adapting a textile press for printing skateboards. The crew at Jolly Roger Skateboards are actually producing them. So far each Skate Mate sold has been configured for Lawson and Ryonet presses, but they are built on demand and can be made to fit any commercial press, including table tops. The wheelbase is easily adjustable which is critical for printing the same design on multiple size boards. Even though it can fit on a multiple color press, you’re still going to want to print skateboards like flat stock, one color at a time. So what’s the point? It could help with keeping better registration, especially if you have side clamps. You won’t need a kickstand to hold the screen up when placing boards and it saves space if you work in tight confines and already own a textile press. It’s pretty spendy at $300, but the build quality looks very high and prices are expected to come down as they recoup some development costs. The Skate Mate isn’t going to be for everyone, for one thing, it’s not going to work for tip to tail graphics, but it’s out there if you want one.

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French Vert Turtles

Station ID for France 3, one of France’s state owned television channels. It actually dates back to 2013, and so French readers, I’m disappointed in you for not letting me know earlier.

- Thanks to Nick Dawson for the tortue de la planche à roulettes.

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New Advances in Crap Skateboards

A trip to the toy store almost never disappoints when looking for Skate and Annoy fodder. One of the Kryptonics license holders makes some plastic skateboards that are near Penny board quality, the wheels have decent bearings and they spin quite freely. The trucks are tight, but they have a little room to loosen built in already. The deck design, namely the kicktail and off-putting concave could be better, but it’s not an abomination. At $40-$60, you could do worse when shopping for a beginner who just wants to roll. Then there’s this Disney character board with Jake and the Neverland Pirates that appears to be molded in one piece, trucks included! Almost ready to ride right off the injection molding machine, just add bearings and wheels.

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Skatepark machines


You’re looking a the concrete equivalent of a Play-doh fun factory. One of them generates a continuous curb and the other, a ditch. I wish I had more information on these photos posted by Architecture and Design magazine. Unfortunately, they were found on their Facebook timeline, and they provide no context or source links. I […]


Dyno Trucks


I will continue to post photos of NOS skateboard products in blister backs with technical style drawings on the back as long as I continue to find them. I am a sucker for vintage skateboard packaging. This set of trucks sold for $45. Nothing says 70’s like action bolts and open bearings.


Powell Christmas


I would have thought the Christmas edition skateboards would have lost their appeal by now, and frankly, I don’t get it. They must be popular since Powell keeps issuing them, along with some Bones Brigade Christmas ornaments. Actually, they looks like they still have a 2013 edition board available. I do “get it” of course. […]


Zippy and Trixie


Tis the season for toy dogs on skateboards. Zippy is part of the Happy’s [sic] and as such, runs on “happy power” which makes me think he’s a hippy. He even skates a little in a TV commercial that is really abrasive to watch. Don’t say I din’t warn you. I wonder if the real […]


Daddies Buys CCS


A source has revealed that the Owner of Daddies in Portland Oregon has purchased California Cheap Skates from Foot Locker, better known as the online retailer. The web site is coy about it. If you visit the previous URL it says everything is “out of stock” and points to a new site with an explanation: […]


ALF’s Super Hit Parade


Alf’s Super Hit Parade from 1990. The series ended in 1990, but someone in Germany still thought this was a good idea. Alf is rocking a state of the art boom box and a state of 1984 skateboard. Those pads have cats on them too, which would be like a non-vegetarian person skating with cows […]


You sent me stuff and my cat peed on it.


And that’s pretty much it. One of the items was Fun Fun Fun skate zine #12 from Matt. You can get your own copy by mailing something (at least a stamp!) to 3880 Carroll Drive, Horn Lake, MS 38637. The other was a SASE sticker request from Krista, complete with a post it note in […]




I could probably post one Bart Simpson post a day for year without repeating, but don’t worry, I won’t. In case you’re wondering, Bartpourri is a potpourri of Bart. It’s a real word that appears at least twice on the Interwebs.

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