That’s cold, dude.

There was a time, oh, say anything before the year 2000 when this would have seemed inconceivable.  Cross marketing between a mainstream commercial brand and a core skateboarding brand? Not a big deal anymore. No, I don’t know how a “Zine Rolltop Lunch Bag” differs from a regular rollmop lunch bag. It must be more hardcore. Check out the Igloo x Independent Collection. I think the “X” is for eXtreme!

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Trick Tip: The Obvious Plant

I’m surprised there isn’t a trick called an Obvious Plant. Sounds like something Neil Blender or Lance Mountain would have made up. Wait? Is there an obvious plant? Well, there’s Obvious Plant, the fake company run by Jeff Wysaski. He makes fake products in packaging and plants them in retail locations. It’s very good stuff, and there are 2 gratuitous Tony Hawk references in the collection.

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Julian Assange skateboarding (poorly) inside the Ecuadorian Embassy

Thisis exactly the kind of hard-hitting skateboarding Journalism you can expect from Skate and Annoy. CNN posted leaked surveillance video obtained by Spanish newspaper El Pais, including a a short clip of a very pale looking Assange learning to ride a skateboard. We’re talking Draco Malfoy pale. He looks a little like Butch Vig. [Source: CNN]

Tip – Tony Cave via FB

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Circa 2019

Well it’s that time of the decade again… What time is it, you ask? It’s time for another site redesign. The old one served pretty well for a long time, but wasn’t really mobile proof and was not very efficient on the server side. Blah blah blah…

Time for a stripped down version. It’s a work in progress, not all functionality is present, and there are bound to be some bugs. Features, Reviews, and Galleries are still on the old templates, but should be chaining over in the very near future. Working on this fairly massive, and mostly under the hood change has taken precedent over new posts, but it won’t be long before regular updates are thing again.  The rest of the Skate and Annoy “network” is going to require a little tinkering before the old framework is abandoned, so bear with me.

R.I.P. Jake Phelps

Jake Phelps, longest running editor of Thrasher Magazine, dead at 56. Cause of death has not been released.

Nazi Buttboarders

These are stills from a 1998 Time Life/BBC documentary on Erwin Rommel’s death titled “What Really Happened to Rommel – Secrets That Won WWII.” This footage shows Rommel with friends and family riding what appears to be some sort of homemade roller coaster track on a cart that resembles a skateboard. There is no explanation for this event in the voiceover.If the video plays from the beginning, go ahead and skip to the 32 minute mark.

– Thanks to Caveman for the tip.

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4 Letter Word Billboards

You’re looking a billboards in NYC as part of a Girl is not a 4 Letter Word event celebrating Women’s History month. Girls skate too. Can there be any doubt?

[Photo: Cindy Whitehead ]

Experimental Skateboarding Unit in the Marines?

It’s impossible to tell if there is any validity to this story in We Are The Mighty. Their mission is “Capturing, empowering, and celebrating the voice of today’s military community,” but I’m skeptical. It seems more likely their mission is generating click-bait revenue from the military community, but I could be wrong. There’s almost no additional information in the post, other than to say they didn’t adopt them. Check out the story The Marine Corps tested a skateboard unit in the 1990s if you dare. If you leave the window open long enough, it will eventually crash.

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Frankenstein’s Monster Energy Drink

Another skateboard appearance in the Bizarro strip. I have no idea when the original publication date is. This image showed up in a facebook feed.

– Thanks to Jim Ferrell for the tip.

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