Based on the name I would have thought this 70’s skateboard patch was French, but the emphasis is LEO-motif and not Le Motif. Turns out it was made in Leeds, England. This guy looks like a hastily drawn villain in the background of a Speed Racer cartoon. Speed must join forces with the Skate Acrobatic Team to sneak onto the Mammoth Car and retrieve the GRX engine! It’s either that, or some sort of disco football player illustration grafted onto a skateboard. Grandpa, is that you?

– Thanks to David ODK for the tip.



Like the Turf before it, a section of the previously thought to be decimated Del Mer Skate Ranch was briefly uncovered and skated earlier this month. I’m actually surprised that this didn’t make bigger rounds on the Interwebs, even if it was a hoax, and I don’t think it was. You never can tell with Tony and his hoverboard videos. The photo below is of another legendary spot that gets dug up every 5-10 years and skated, despite each “last time” being the final demise. The spot shall remain unnamed because, you know, it’s a big secret. Which of you have skated the bottom spot? Leave a comment if you have.

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First Issue of Volume 2 Complete

This Frog House ad marks the last of the adverts from the Summer 1975 issue of Skateboarder Magazine, billed as Volume 2, Number 1. This was the first issue after Skateboarder took a few years off when the industry lumped in the late 60’s. There were only 38 ads in that issue, but V2 #2 would see a sizable jump in number of pages. I’m about 2/3 of the way through posting all the ads in the December 1986 issue of Transworld Skateboarding. After that I think I’m going to tackle a 90’s issue of Thrasher.


What Inspires you?


A short video from Urban Skate Project about what inspires Clayton Graul. Motivational/inspirational videos about DIY are not in short supply, but this one is worth watching if only for the wealth of spots it shows.


I’d rather be skate-board-ing


It looks’s 60’s art direction and the seller says 70’s, but you never can tell with a button. Halftones in the image makes it look like was offset printed instead of digitally, so it’s likely it’s of the pre-desktop printing era. Simpler times in some ways, but then again making this button would have been […]


Lubricated for your pleasure


Gross… right? I couldn’t resist. That’s what she said…. OK, Stopping now. Check out these four stickers for Concord Skateboard Lubricant. Concord Lubricant will allow you to go faster, go smoother, jet down the pipe, and slalem [sic] with ease. 70’s era judging by the equipment, although could even be early 80’s. The lot sold […]


Burnside Fundraiser


Changing times ahead for Burnside with new construction within spitting distance. It will interesting to see if the locals can make it work with their new neighbors, who are undoubtedly going to be used to a less Burnsidey atmosphere. The property taxes are definitely going to give the owners some clout with city hall. In […]


Prisma Guitars


Here’s more guitars made from used skateboards, this time from Prisma Guitars. These are more common now, but Prisma looks like they’ve taken the craftsmanship up a level. I was going to hassle Nick Pourfard about showing no love for bass players, but he can do them, and has done them for Steve Harris of […]


Unreasonable Expectations


Thank you, private property owner, for greatly overestimating my skills, and indeed the skills of most of the skateboarding population, when it came time for you to decide whether or not this ledge needed to be skate-stoppered. That’s very kind of you, I couldn’t possibly. You’re too kind.

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