Putting the “Err?” in VR

So the technology is interesting. A video camera posted at a reflective dome essentially captures your complete surrounding. When you add image processing software, you can manipulate the image to fix the perspective and crop the visible area. Then click and drag around to get a 360° panorama. This technology has been around for stills for over a decade I think. I’m not sure when they applied to video, but someone did, and now there’s a skate video for you to watch. From a novelty standpoint it’s interesting for a little while. From a skate video standpoint it can be cumbersome. If you change your viewpoint once then you’re going to find yourself missing the action as there’s no way to reset to the default view. I played around with it for awhile and it was fun, but more gimmicky than useful for this type of video. What I really enjoyed was watching the raw video in an unsupported browser. The still on the bottom of the picture above shows you what that looks like. It was snapped more or less at the same time as the VR view in the top. As you can see, during times where there’s no skateboarding action, they like to stagger guys in a circle around the camera so there’s something to look at if you’re looking in another direction. You can allegedly watch this on an iOS device, but for some strange reason it doesn’t work in Safari. Be warned, this video is Xtreme!™

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Tiny Dinosaur Jr.

Apparently J. Mascis is not over it, and has taken to skateboarding in a music video again. The Dinosaur Jr. video for “Tiny” looks like it was shot at the Northampton, MA skatepark. Aside from J. pushing around the park, there’s also a skateboarding dog and some roller derby action. It’s decent tune that will stick in your head, but the dog is not impressed at the end.

– Thanks to Tom Tallboycan for the tip

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Gonz, Stoned

Mark Gonzales is interviewed over on Rolling Stone. It’s technically an interview as he is asked some questions, and “answers” them in typical Gonz fashion. Among the hot topics, you can sort of learn his take on skateboarding in the Olympics. What’s he doing in Rolling Stone? I suspect it has something to do with Adidas reps reaching out. Check out a trailer for Away Days after the jump.

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Hey Troutdale Punk


Check out these fundraising stickers made in the style of vintage steel-wheeled skateboard decks. These stickers benefit the Troutdale skatepark efforts, and you can get yours in person at Cal Skate or by via Paypal to tylerjaycole at gmail.com. Please provide your mailing address and verify which sticker(s) you’re ordering and how many when making payment using Paypal… Small stickers are $2.00 […]


Jerry-rigged fun


This “miniramp” setup cracks me up. It’s created from some quarter pipes made for use in the street. If the metal kick plates weren’t enough of a giveaway, the rope handles and coaster wheels behind the platform make it obvious. I love that the flat bottom is just a piece plywood laying on the grass, […]


Stronger Skatepark Kickstarter


Allison Waters is trying to start another indoor skatepark in NE Portland, Oregon. She’s investing a lot of her own money in the project but has turned to Kickstarter for help. The assumption is that feels Commonwealth is not large enough to meet demands and D Block isn’t in our city limits. There are some […]


Skaters Against Homophobia


I saw a color version of this floating around Facebook, so I tried to track down the original which it turns out was done by Ben Jensen, and was not a specific response to sad events in Orlando. It’s been out for at least 9 months, and you can get them at Antique Skate as […]


Faster, Safer, Fiberglass


Posts about the blue fiberglass ramps that were used in Thrasherland and Skateball skateparks remain some of the most popular on Skate and Annoy. Stephen Smith was trolling the site and remembered he had saved an old flyer for the Great Bay Skatepark of Newington, New Hampshire: I went there in the summer of 78 […]


Amazon Kindles Skatepark Abuse


Amazon Kindle has contributed to the advertising phenomena in which people go to a skatepark to engage in activities that don’t involve skateboarding. Usually it’s a TV commercial involving some radio controlled vehicle, or the next yo-yo abstraction. This time it’s a print ad in Time Magazine with a cute little girl sitting on the […]

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