Apparently frat boys have a long history with skateboarding. This Delta Tau Delta skateboard allegedly came from a pledge dance in 1965. The board style and condition of the skateboard would seem to support that. I have to say, it’s a pretty cool party favor, much better than some stupid paddle. This board was spotted at a Goodwill online auction, and eventually sold for $102.

- Thanks to Guy Housewright for the tip.

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Pure Fun #11

I completely spaced on posting the release party for Pure Fun #11 that featured none other than the Johnny Rad. So you’ve all missed the release party but you can still grab a copy of Pure Fun. The latest issue is 36 professionally printed and saddle stitched pages of photos, interviews, reviews and articles, including Awake Zine, Tod Swank, Johnny Rad, and Mike Vallely. 3 lucky people out of the first 100 orders will receive a free bonus copy of Bonus Brigade from Powell Peralta. I don’t even know what Bonus Brigade is… (Now I do. It’s a 175 minutes of footage and extras not used in the Bones Brigade documentary. Interesting…) Get yours here.

P.S. Publishing your own zine? Don’t forget to get yours listed on


A Secret History of the Ollie

Craig Snyder has been working on this book for 7 years, and it seems to be growing. As of now it clocks in at around 850 pages and more than 1000 images. If funded successfully (by Kickstarter) it should be published in November of 2014. Incredibly, this is only volume one, focussing on the 70’s. If successful, volume 20 will cover the 80’s and beyond. In case you’re wondering about the authenticity, there are some big names behind the incentives, including face to face time with Paul Schmitt, Mike McGill, and some guy named Alan “Ollie” Gelfand that you might have heard of… Check out for more info, or you can watch the Kickstarter video (features skateboarding but ironically no ollies) after the jump.

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Evergreen in Browning Montana


Evergreen Skateparks is working on a park in Browning, Montana on the Blackfeet reservation. The project is being sponsored by Jeff Ament. The park (Big o capsule replica included) is on track to be finished in mid to late October. Meanwhile, Evergreen is breaking ground on a skatespot near the Cully neighborhood in NE Portland […]


Topps T-Shirt Factory


Another fine offering from the folks at Topps, T-Shirt Factory Iron On’s from 1988. They definitely carry on the tradition of Garbage Pail Kids, another Topps product. These iron-ons are maybe about 5×7 inches. I don’t actually have this, it was floating around at a party I went to. I did some due diligence when […]


Extreme Brain Freeze


For fun it’s a wonderful toy It walks downnstairs Alone or in pairs And makes a Slinkaty sound A Spring A Spring A marvelous thing Everyone knows it’s…. Everyone knows it’s “Slinky” and not “Slurpee.” Spotted at a local 7-11, Mountain Dew and Slurpee X-treme cross marketing.


Moms Demand Action


Moms Demand Action is not really upset that you can;t bring a skateboard into Krogers, they’re upset that Krogers has a pro open carry stance. This is just one of several ads featuring a gun toting shopper standing next to someone doing something that Krogers won’t allow. You can sign the petition here. – Via […]


Eli Reed skates the Playboy Mansion


Eli Reed dealing with the age old problem that every street skater encounters at least once a session: Random girls in bikinis laying in the middle of your run up. [Source: High Snobiety]


Skate Hockey


Skate Hockey in the street has been going on since the 80’s but this might be the first documented occurrence of a Skateboard Air Hockey game, in the street… Spotted on Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands by Doc Skate Rock. We need to coin a phrase for the practice of depicting unrelated sports on […]


First “Longboard” Park


It’s certainly not the first gratuitous use of the word “longboard” as a qualifier. It really should be titled a “Downhill Skatepark” shouldn’t it? Does a board length under 3 feet preclude you from using this? Wasn’t this style of riding invented on “short boards?” When is someone going to build a Pigboarding park? You […]




SkatersTape, it may not go up to 11, but is has the word “skater” right in the product name, so you know it’s going to work better than something like duct tape. It starts at $6 a roll, and if you buy in bulk you can get a case of 12 rolls at a discount […]

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