Radical Leopard Denim

In the second half of the 80’s I bought a barely used set of Pro Designed knee pads from local Champaign-Urbana skater Martin Pelequin. “The Mertster” as he liked to call himself, was a colorful character to say the least, almost a miniature version of Steven Tyler in appearance and behavior. Skinny, and around five foot tall and some change, he definitely overbought these double capped kneepads that he had custom made with blue denim and leopard skin lycra. They looked and felt like hockey goalie kneepads on him, so he sold them to me at a substantial discount. I rode these kneepads until the early 90’s when I loaned them to a friend in Chicago, ironically to play hockey outdoors. He accidentally left one behind in the park and so I never had a full set again, yet couldn’t bring myself to get rid of the remaining one. One of my cats peed on it at some point this millennia, and I’m still having a hard time tsending it to a landfill. The cat has long since run away. I’ve got a couple pics of the Mertster after the jump.

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DecksTop by Focused

Crazy expensive but beautifully designed and constructed by Focus in Rotterdam, these newly released tables come in two different sizes, and are constructed with the largest continuous surface area of recycled skateboard decks I’ve ever seen. The smaller one (200x90x77cm) aka DecksTop 33, is constructed with 33 skateboard decks while the larger (240x90x77cm) DecksTop 39 uses… well you know. They start at €2.726,45, but that includes the hefty 21% VAT tax. Man. that’s a lot of tax, but they probably have bitchin’ free health care and a decent education system. Someone’s is reaching their ID students well, that’s for sure.

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Whip True Glide

I post a lot of crappy skateboards here, so it’s nice to have something really… pretty? I can’t say for sure if this was up to snuff when it came out, but it probably was, at least in some circles. The 70’s had a wide range in acceptable design and performance characteristics. This Whip True Glide model is a beautiful skateboard. The colors and the design really pops, though the flexible fiberglass deck likely doesn’t. It’s beautiful, but not $500 beautiful like the seller originally wanted. I like the top graphic, color combination that includes coordinated bushings, and the speckling visible on the bottom. Very sharp, very 70’s.

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The Skateboard Kid


The Skateboard Kid was released in 1993, but views more like 1989. It’s the heartwarming story of a bullied kid who builds a motorized skateboard that gets hit by lightning and comes to life. If it sounds bad, like the storyline had little to n thought put into it, don’t worry, because the skateboard talks, […]


Cheerios Skateboard Gang + Bonus Trix


This Canadian box of Cheerios has been for sale by Masteraddams for a very long time now, unless he’s got a stock of them somewhere. In your box of Canadian Cheerios you could get one of six possible trading cards/sticker with illustrations of the Skateboard Gang characters from the mid 80’s toy series. The Skateboard […]


Black Bear Bar Beer Bowl


We’re all adults here, aren’t we? The Black Bear Bar in Brooklyn has a bowl. You can skate for free if you’re over 21 and haven’t already been drinking. This seems like an idea that would float well in any town of a reasonably large population. There are bicycle shops and bike parks with a […]


Jamba Juice Jammer


Up top, Jamaba Juice kids meal cups with a skateboarding orange. On the bottom, a Jamba Juice limited edition skateboard deck by Eric Burman given away free as a promotion at SkateLab. – Thanks to Kevin Live for the tip.


Gedeelte van een Skateboardbaan


Skateboard slaat aan in Vlissingen – Skateboarding is catching on in Vlissingen, according to the December 4th, 1980 edition of the Dutch newspaper Provinciale Zeeuwse Courant. Check out the photo of that skatepark.Even though it’s low res black and white newspaper photo, it’s clearly one of those fiberglass ramps that was part of the Skate […]


RC Sonic the Hedgehog


Fantasma Toys radio controlled Sonic the Hedgehog Free Riders toy, skateboard edition. Reviewed by a little kid after the jump.


Skateboard Kidz


You’re looking at a computer game called Skateboard Kidz for the Spectrum (Sinclair) computer. The game was released in 1988 according to World of Spectrum, which would explain why it came on a cassette tape. Yes, that’s right, you used to have to load computer programs on some home computers via a cassette tape deck. […]


1 Ply skateboard


This concept from Förster Skateboards should look familiar. I think this is the fifth iteration of a natural wood skateboard shown on Skate and Annoy over the years. (1,2, 3, 4) – Thanks to Matthijs for the tip.

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