Weapons of Mass Construction

Weapons of Mass Construction. This is a great graphic and shape from Wouldshop. These hand-crafted, screen printed boards are priced to sell, and available in other shapes too.

– Via Clayton Graul


Smart Milk

Lactantia smart milk from Canada. Is that a missing skateboarder? Lactantia sounds like the name of a villainess in a Russ Meyer film.

– Thanks to Kevin Live (Yes, I’m cleaning out my inbox)

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The truth about death boxes

This image came from about a year ago. Another installment in the car as skateboard series, or in this case, model truck. Must have a skateboarder in charge of this setup, because instead of a straight 50-50 grind they went with an alley-ooo.

– Thanks to Kevin Live for the tip, last year.


Playtex Sport Pads


This not the first time skateboards have been used to sell feminine protection. Recall Stayfree Maxi Pads in 1978. Playtex has a print ad and a TV commercial in rotation for their Sport Ultra Thin line of pads. Who is this woman (Update: She is Nikki Rose Quinlan.) and where was this shot? Catch the […]


Pouring in L’isle


An update from Kevin Live on the pour at the DIY park in L’ile Perrot. Looks like the kids (and adults) had a fun and productive session. So I went big this year and blew my budget a bit for crete, I dipped into the cash for the contest this year, more crete means less […]


Folkestone Sports Park in Kent


You’re looking at a propose multistory skatepark as part of the Folkestone Sports Park in the county Kent, England. It’s a proposed design, so it may ever see a groundbreaking ceremony. Still, it’s more than just theoretical architectural wanking from Guy Hollaway Architects, as the general projuct has some backing from Roger de Haan Charitable […]


Thunder Cop


Thunder Cop joins us as number three in the Non-Fall Action series of craptacular skateboard toys. Part terminator, part CHiPs, all priceless. Well, not priceless actually, this battery powered skateboard toy from 1989 could have been yours for under $20 delivered. The figure is actually anatomically correct this time, so the real joy comes from […]


Poor Life Decisions


Zach Friendly gets tattooed by his buddy Rusty. He may make poor life decisions, but at least he’ll get a free t-shirt out of the experience, and his face immortalized on Skate and Annoy. I’m very humbled. Thanks for your support Zach!


Boston: Lynch Family Skatepark in Progress.


The Lynch Family Skatepark is seeing some real progress after a ceremonial groundbreaking in 2014. According to WBUR, it’s a $3 million, 40,000 square foot plan designed by California Skateparks. It’s another sizable park built under a bridge in a relatively barren area. Enjoy an animated render after the jump, or check out some construction […]


Denver the last Rad-isaurus?


Bow before my arcane knowledge of useless skateboard related information. This Valterra Rad-isaurus looks suspiciously similar to Denver the Last Dinosaur. Both appear to be released in 1988, although I can’t tell for sure about the Valterra board, the copyright is hard to read. They both appear to be the similar species, and they both […]


The future of really slow skateboarding


Tank treads on a skateboard. I don’t think this is a new Idea. I believe there was a motorized prototype or two (or three) quite a while ago. This promo video declares the Rockboard Descender as the future of skateboarding, which might be true provided you’re only interested in going downhill at relatively slow speeds. […]

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