Corporate Death Coffee

Ronald McDonald shredding a miniramp on this glass coffee mug from a McDonalds in the United Arab Emirates. I didn’t even know that they had McDonalds in the UAE. This is exactly the kind of thing I usually buy, though not when it costs $20.

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This month’s roundup of gratuitous Portland Timbers references

On the left we have Jeep Renegade skateboard themed advertising on the SB Nation network of sports related blogs, this time seen on Stumptown Footy, the one dedicated to the Portland Timbers. On the bus ride home from the Timbers match in Seattle yesterday I noticed these giant, highly skateable curbs at the Toutle River Rest Area on I-5 South.

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Mr Christies

Spotted in Vancouver B.C., Mr Christies mini Oreos.

– Thanks to Stephen B for the pic.


We Are Blood Portland Premier


We Are Blood is a film by Ty Evans that celebrates “the universal bond created by the simple act of skateboarding.” In case you’re thinking you’ve heard and seen that before, this is the first skate feature shot in 4K ultra HD. The “massive sound and amazing visuals” were meant to be experienced in a […]


Vans Huntington Beach


Independent coverage from Dan Bourqui of the 2015 Van Doren Invitational in Huntington Beach. That’s (so) Raven Tershay on the screen grab.


Gucci Excess


Check out episode 1 of “Can it Skate,” a Jenkem Mag series. In this one they drop $500 on a pair of Gucci loafers and test them out. It’s an amusing segment, although they should have gotten more in-store footage and possibly ridden a Louis Vuitton skateboard. For comparison, $500 is Skate and Annoy’s entire […]


Damo and Darren at the Skatepark


Hey kids, its a Damo and Darren cartoon! Episode 2 takes place at the skatepark. Good stuff from Michael Cusack. Audio track is NSFW.


Old man enjoys street session with disinterested onlookers


Yesterday there was a “Mass Thrash” instigated by Jivaro Wheels. No rules except for no social media before the event, pure word of mouth, and it was packed! Rich snapped this pic of me enjoying a little wall ride action with help from a small quarter pipe. He sent me all of them, including the […]


What is this thing?


Makaha Commander, allegedly from 1960, but probably not. The construction looks to be fiberglass or epoxy of some sort, nothing too interesting except for… What the heck is that thing on the rear axle? Bigger view after the jump.

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