Annoy and Annoy

Putting the “annoy” in Skate and Annoy. I defy you to sit through this entire DIY fingerboard ramp project video. Then blame Josh for this tip.

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Real or phony Alva?

This cheap looking Alva complete sold for $118 on eBay a while ago. The sticker on the tail says it’s ‘made in Taiwan’. Sean Cliver thinks some company had a short-lived licensing deal with Alva to produce cheap completes, since there are only a few examples of these Taiwanese decks. Anyway, I did some research: details of this deck and more examples of Alva completes after the jump.

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Electric Skateboard Land Speed Record?

Mischo Erban has allegedly NGV Nextboards has set a land speed record for an electric skateboard on level ground at 109.2 kph or 67.85 mph. According to Mischo, the speed of the actual device had not maxed out yet. He did manage to melt a couple sets of wheels in the attempt. There are a lot of electric skateboards out there, most of them seem to geared towards the campus cruiser market, so this one is a bit of an outlier. One thing the admittedly have to tackle is their proprietary wheel setup, which seems like a deal breaker for anyone who would be serious enough about this type of riding to want to spend the dough to buy one.

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Two new old Brand X Decks


Brand X has added two new reissues, the X-Con 1 and the Vertical Hold. They’ve got an extended Black Friday sale going on right now. Details after the jump.


Black Friday Sale


50% off all posts on Skate and Annoy!


2015 Powell Christmas Ornaments


It’s the day after Thanksgiving, what are you doing reading this web site when you should be out there winning the battle against ISIS/Daesh through buying Christmas ornaments with skateboarding graphics on them? On Veterans Day you can say you fought with the Bones Brigade.


The King of Wackyboards


The Morfboard is supposed to make working out and exercising more fun. One board with a bunch of attachments you can swap in and out to configure it as a balance board, one of those bouncy boards, some sort of random piece of thing that you attach bungie cords, and of course, the reason you’re […]


Tony Hawk Foundation Auctions


There’s an auction group online benefiting the Tony Hawk Foundation. Alongside opportunities to hang out at the Tony Hawk headquarters or have a Birdhouse session, there are also some items from Tony’s personal collection. The standout gem is Tony’s 2nd place trophy From the 1989 Savanah Slamma II, signed of course.


Fake ghosts


I’ve never heard of Skika skateboards, but someone at Skika definitely knew the Vision ‘Guardian’ deck from 1984-85, designed by John Grigley. If you look very closely you can even read ‘old ghost’ on the head of the skull and there is something written on his chin too (probably ‘guardian’ like the original deck), but […]

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