Kids Scoop!

It’s the September 13th, 2009 edition of Kids Scoop, which focuses on skateboarding. This is another buried treasure that was in the box that Danimal gave me with the kids braille skateboarding book. Lots of safety advice and fun activity after the jump, including the Great Skateboard Debate! No agendas at all, so wake up the kids and call Grandma.

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Skateboard Renegade in Braille

Matt Christopher is the “#1 Sports Writer for Kids” according to his bio. Danimal sent me the braille addition of Skateboard Renegade that he rescued from the trash.

Buzz cut or ponytail? Grunge look? Tattoo, body paint, or earring? How about none of the above? When Zach takes up skateboarding, he doesn’t realize that he’s expected to look a certain way — and cop a certain attitude, too. At least that what it seems like. But Zach just isn’t comfortable with any of these things; he wants to skateboard for the fun of it, and maybe take part in a few competitions. Will he be ostracized because he looks and acts so “normal”? Or will his decision to stay true to himself mark him as a renegade, the very attitude his skateboarding buddies will appreciate?

Oh, the irony of being an outcast amongst outcasts for not embracing being a stereotype. I’m not sure why anyone would throw away a braille book, I would imagine the demand would exceed the supply, so this story must have been especially bad. See the Skateboard Renegade braille edition plus two other sighted edition covers after the jump.

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Hosoi knock off

This is a bootleg of the 1986 Air Rocket deck by Santa Cruz/Hosoi. (This time) the bootlegger changed quite a few things in the design like the haircut, logo and even the shape of the Hammerhead board in the drawing.  Sold on eBay for a ridiculously high $80.

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Which Pro Skater are You?


You know those quizzes you see on Facebook, you love them right? Which member of the Beatles am I? Which character from Game of Thrones? Which Marvel Superhero? Which member of One Direction is going to have my baby? Well here at Skate and Annoy we’ve decided to step up and provide an invaluable public […]


Gentlemans Doodle Pad


Artist David Jablow has a whole series of suggestive doodle pad illustrations brought to illogical conclusions. In fact, he’s got a book you can buy. The one you’re about to see is skateboard related, of course. [Source:]


Native Americans say no thanks to Redskins


In a super transparent attempt to bolster public support for their name in the face of public opinion (at least in the rest of the nation) that is turning against them, the Washington Redskins offered to write a blank check for a skatepark the Fort Yuma Quechan (Kwatsan) Tribe had been planning. They even brought […]

thunder indy hybrid

Thindys or Thundys?


Right after they first came out I remember hearing Thunders were just Indys with different baseplates, but I never had any confirmation. NEVER BEFORE SEEN: T H I N D Y ‘ S. Prototype THUNDER base-plates tested with INDY hangers. WHY? I can’t remember. For some reason it was important. Something to do with checking […]


Porsche Pavilion by Henn


Porsche Pavilion by architecture firm of Henn, in Autostadt Park, in Wolfsburg, Germany. These look like renders, so I’m not sure if its real or not. UPDATE: DesignBoom, says it’s real. [Source: Fubiz] – Thanks to MC for the tip.


Bahned for life


I thought Bahne relaunched it’s brand for the serious downhill competitor, at least that’s what I remember from a previous decade when when I was an irregular contributor and advertising connoisseur of Concrete Wave magazine. I guess it didn’t pan out because Bahne seems to be engaged in the role of toy store supplier, or […]




Let’s see here… David Chappelle and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, back when they were both cool.


Evergreen Interview


Skaters for Public Skateparks (Still at it!) has an interview with Billy & Catherine Coulon, the proprietors of Evergreen Skateparks. That’s nice, but we all want more footage of the dog.

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