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GVK #100: Burnside Halloween 2015 – 25 Years!

Went down to the old B-side Banks for the 25th anniversary during a true Portland deluge. Water had blown a man hole cover off raw sewage was boiling out of the ground. This did not slow anyone down under the dirty old bridge. This raw sewage seemed to fuel the session. I filmed a little […]

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Decrepit Desert Numero Dos (Part 2)

The second in a series of 2 The last of a two part series. Hope you all enjoy, low on action high on fun. We definitely look old and feel stiff as boards, heavy as more than one board. We ran into some wild fires and skated our tails off. Can’t wait till next year. […]

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GVK #98: Decrepit Desert 2015 (pt 1)

Well we invited all of you no one showed so we decided to import Chris Swan (Bone Man) from colorado he showed up at the airport we got him and hit the road. Did the traditonal tour of the desert. The skating was fun for those involved the brotherhood was what I enjoyed the most. […]

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GVK #97: Red-fecta in Lincoln City

Red-Fecta So world cup skateboarding returned to Oregon to help celebrate Lincoln city’s skate-park phase #1 B-day. 16 yrs old she is. Man there was some ripping taking place. Here is what I saw in the order that I saw it in. I missed so much footage you could have made ten videos like this […]

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Damnit Wes Part II

The 2nd in a series of 2. The final chapter of God Damn it Wes. The parks were new and we were all buddies in 2007. Some people don’t even ride any more. Let get back together I know we can make it work this time. – Love G.V.K. Editor’s Note: Somewhere on this site […]

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GVK#95 Burnside Halloween 2014

A quick look at the 2014 halloween scene at the B-Side banks.Easy listing tunes by the Groovie Ghoulies.

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GVK#94: Desert Defeat

Well this is an epic saga of an old man/young boy skate trip. This video is too long. I challenge you to make it all the way through it. I hope nobody wants to go next year.

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Seattle Road Trip 2014

Hey mofos this is fun. My skateboard trips are more fun than yours. Don’t believe me? I will prove it. We are heading to the desert Sep 11th to celebrate my birthday. We do it every year, last year being the best and the most people. So come on join us for The decaying in […]

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GVK #92 – Unheard Invitational Part 1

Un seen footage from the Unheard Skateboards Invitational mini ramp 2014 contest. Fully qualified riders at this invite only contest. Old Frank Shaw was a ton of fun to watch you thought the kid was never going to come off his board. Cody was scary as usual. Nick long and lanky smooth and tall . […]

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GVK# 91: Battle out Back

I have been a little lazy if you can believe it but I finally got the latest GVK on the airways. Hope you enjoy. Who am I kidding how could you not? Some big money at this contest. Don’t blink or you’ll miss it. GVK moving right along.

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