The chick is not included



Only in the 70’s (and 50’s, 60’s 80’s and 90’s) could you get away with a line like “Unfortunately, the chick is not included” coupled with a headline like “Your pad or mine?” The black and white photo is from product release news in the 1st issue (1977) of Skateboard Scene. It’s about a new line of safety gear from Syndicate (no relation to the US company) that was an offshoot of the Skuda brand. With a ? of a page product announcement, it’s no surprise that there were also ads for Skuda and Syndicate pads. The dapper fellow on the right is from the Skuda advert. Surprisingly, a 2008 post about a plastic Skuda was one of the first Skuda mentions on the interwebs, and was pretty popular here. It still gets the occasional odd comment. Can you tell I’ve updated the Vintage Skatemag Ad Gallery? I also added a cool, slightly goofy ad from a company called Roncastle, and Wharfdales Skateboard Centre. I never get tired of the centre spelled with “re” at the end. I only wish there was an ad for Ye Olde Skateboard Shoppe. (follow the individual links) After you read/see the product announcement for Skuda’s Syndicate branded knee pads after the jump, check out the new ads in the gallery (follow the individual links.)

Skuda boards — a Norwich-based board manufacturer — has got hip to the importance of safety equipment. They’ve started production of a new range of protective gear called “Syndicate”.

These distinctive yellow and black pads come in three sizes: Syndicate I (junior elbow), Syndicate II (junior knee senior elbow) and Syndicate 111 (senior knee). They sell at £3.95, £4.50 and £4.95 per pair respectively. Unfortunately, the chick is not included in these prices. You have to wear them yourselves…

Seriously though, we’re glad to see that manufacturers of boards are becoming interested in the well-being of their riders. Keep it up, Skuda!


  1. Dead diver on September 6, 2016 - Reply

    Pads are for pussies.

    • Who cares on September 8, 2016 - Reply

      Yes pussies. I love when I rip my knee open and my pants stick to my bloody leg at work while i carry 80 pounds of rusty sharp metal, then again you problem live at home and mommy pays ur way

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