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Skuda board

At first glance this looks like your run of the mill, cheap plastic skateboard, but in fact the Skuda is a fiberglass composite that was probably priced out of range of your typical youngster. I’ll admit that I know nothing about the Skuda. A Google image search turned up nothing, but we have another variation called the “Supa Skuda” catalogued on SnA somewhere. Remember Captain Radical? These old boards have super clean lines. They remind me of old Corvette Stingrays. Everyone should have one in their garage for taking a spin on every other odd weekend. This one belongs to Graeme Wicks. He bought it off eBay a few years back so he could actually ride it.

Vintage Skuda skateboard.

Vintage Skuda skateboard 1

Vintage Skuda skateboard 2

Vintage Skuda skateboard 4

Vintage Skuda skateboard 5

Vintage Skuda skateboard 7

Vintage Skuda skateboard 6


  1. solboy on May 9, 2008 - Reply

    …these Skudas were really popular in the uk around ’76….in fact I haven’t seen one anywhere since then!!! The Supa Skuda ( the transparent blue double kick number) was my first board (discountig the terrible rubber wheeled Surf Flyer!) – really fast and seemed to roll forever…!! If you had a Skuda u were the shit in the UK back then!! Think i have a picture of me in full grom mode on the Supa Skuda somewhere…!! argghhh!

  2. houseofneil on May 9, 2008 - Reply

    fuck me, the Surf Flyer! The first ever “skateboard” I ever stepped foot on. The trucks on that thing were some double axle abomination weren’t they?

    And you are right about Skudas. They were 1 step below the oak Pacer complete, the board that showed you had bypassed grom status and were now “serious”.

  3. solboy on May 10, 2008 - Reply

    the Surf Flyer didn’t even give you grom status. You’d push like fuck and roll about 3 metres due to the rubber wheels that wore out within two weeks. I nearly gave up because of that thing…

    Saw this on Ebay UK a while back. A “buy now” for 75 quid!! Needless to say I hammered the seller with ridiculous bids and quetsions till he got the point…. No one bought it.

  4. houseofneil on May 10, 2008 - Reply

    doesn’t that Skuda have Grentec wheels?

  5. solboy on May 10, 2008 - Reply

    yeah… i thought they were Grentecs too, they are oversized for the deck. the original wheels were much smaller, clear urethane with open bearings I think.

  6. That Surf Flyer looks bad (ass) actualy. Even if it sucks, I’d like to have one just to marvel at. Those trucks look kooktacular. I wish the image was larger.

  7. Grentec (GT).. I haven’t heard that name in a long time. The first complete deck that I ever had that was new.

  8. Sweet to see another Skuda! The Supa-Skuda was my first skateboard back in around ’77 here in Sweden. And I still got it … Cute eh?

  9. Chris on July 4, 2008 - Reply

    This Skuda was the first real skateboard I bought, it cost me Brand new £16 in 75-76 mine was black though and had loose bearings with D washers , remember them!!

  10. i have one of these in blue without a kick tail… i love skating it!!

    they worth anything?

  11. My Daughter is 14 and she was embarrished at first with my Supa Skuda with yellow YoYo wheels.. (It originally came with orange SK wheels ) But hey when the woman in local skate shop saw my board she had to ring her husband and tell him !! All of a sudden this 40ish year old Dad became quite cool. Now me and Daughter blade and board together… Surprisingly I can still board !!

  12. the dude on July 20, 2008 - Reply

    “blade and board together…” your telling me that you can skateboard w/ rollerblades on? impressive

  13. ive got one

  14. missplenty on January 23, 2009 - Reply

    I had a red translucent skuda back in ’77. They also made a wooden board called a ‘California’ which was popular with the posh kids. Does anyone remember Rainbow pads?

  15. Still have plenty of original SKUDA SKATES 70’s iron-on transfers at home, that I will apply to a shirt if one’s interested.

  16. Let’s see one.

  17. does anyone know where i can find a pic of a skuda LA board from the 70’s?

  18. My first board was a Skuda, one of the wheels fell off and prompted my dad to buy me Grentec Coyote GT (those wheels are grentec, first time ive seen them for a while!!)

  19. Aero pro Daz on October 16, 2009 - Reply

    Hi everyone, Im looking to buy a couple of old skateboards that I used to own from my youth in the UK.
    One was called a ‘Supa Skuda’ blue transparent deck with orange SK wheels.
    The other was called an ‘Alley cat’ black deck with yellow soft wheels.
    Any info or help/pictures much appreciated.
    Thanks Daz

  20. I am still proud to say I have a Skuda LA, with SK5s and Lazer trucks with spacers as they were the slalom trucks, the board was the top line of Skuda in the day and it still makes the boards of today look cheap…………..would sell if the price was right, but vintage aint cheap and my memories of the times I had on this board 30ish years ago are still with me! pitty my ability has gone.

  21. Just been trying to find a bit of info on a board a bought a while back called Skuda L-A. It is wood sandwich with two hard wood stringers.
    Be great to know if it is a rare item and a rough date.

  22. wood sandwich haha

  23. Marilyn Chowderhead on February 7, 2010 - Reply

    My friend DP Taint loved wood sandwiches.

  24. Bl**dy hell this takes me back..was on holiday in Worthing and the lad who taught me to skate had a Skuda, black with clear wheels. I had just bought a Surf Flyer (didn’t know any better :$) which got chopped in for a Lotus Double Kicktail after a couple of weeks. After the Lotus I had a Fibreglass board, can’t for the life of me remember the name of it…had really small wheels for its time…any ideas

  25. houseofneil on February 18, 2010 - Reply

    Aero pro Daz is looking for an Alley Cat? I remember those. The marketing said you could ride them in the rain because the wheels were so soft. The open bearing wheels probably didn’t dig that too much.

  26. Raybeer on April 3, 2010 - Reply

    I’ve still got my Skuda LA which i bought back in about 76-77. I’ve still got the SK5s for it but my mate recently found an old plastic board in a skip with old green Kryptonics on, which i always wanted at the time, So they’re on it at the moment. It is a great board.

  27. jacques on April 10, 2010 - Reply

    i’ve got a blue skuda john player transatlantic 1974 (at least thats what it says on the bottom) its a bit battered but any offers?

  28. hi, just been looking around and know this is an old post but just struck gold at car boot sale and got a Skuda Dragster with gens,I cant ride as have the full on snapped ankle metal screw thing going on but bought it cos the guy said it was sht and took £2, would love some history as will put in in my bug for shows till legs fixed, any brochures or posters out there?/

  29. Russell Carter on June 28, 2011 - Reply

    Hi, I have the very first skuda type. The one with the flat yellow deck and red trucks. thought it was great cos all my mates still had the homemade jobbies with plywood decks and roller skate wheels, lol. This is not the original i got back then, that got well and truely hammered. This is one i picked up at an auction. Couldn’t believe my luck! Exactly the same model and had never been used.

  30. Way back in about 76 I was the very proud owner of the transparent blue supa scuda fitted with ACS651 trucks, one inch risers,Lotus 3 wheels (two green and two blue).
    Never saw another one on the street.Unfortunately I snapped it trying to find out how tough it was(dickhead)
    would dearly love to get hold of one today though I’m too old and feeble to do much on it nowadays.

  31. I’ve got two old plastic boards the blue supa-skuda and a flat yellow job with red wheels.

    • Hey, are you interested in selling the blue supa skuda? If you are, please reply.

  32. hi iv got a blue transparent supa skuda with skuda wrote on the trucks to. and i got a old californian skateboard i think its got made in usa skateboards on the back and on the top something about the 70’s?

    • Hey, are you interested in selling the blue transparent supa skuda board? Do you have an asking price?

      • Hi I have a blue supa skuda for sale I’ve been looking on Internet and I think £40 is a reasonable price

  33. i bought a grentec coyote ii complete for cheap in a vintage shop thing was amazed to find an old board like this for cheap i researched them and only found them in blue and black mine is orange anybody know how much i could expect to get for this collectible?

  34. Hi everybody. I’m 44 yrs old.I still have my original yellow flat Skuda with red wheels. I’m a gigging musician and I now use the Skuda to roll my Rivera combo amp from the car park to the venue where I am playing. The amp weighs a ton and the Skuda really saves my back. Keep Rockin!!

  35. ‘m Uruguayan and I have a skateboard skuda I could say how much is the price if you restore it?

    if you can respond in Spanish haganlo or unable to respond in English

    send me a message on facebook

  36. Got a supa skuda with kryp wheels !

  37. Ahh this takes me back – my first ever skateboard. AND I remember Kryptonics being the upgrade I couldn’t stretch to…..happy days.

  38. Dick Lexic on February 16, 2014 - Reply

    Why is it named after an arctic bird?

  39. They were rubbish. Original wheels were slow and noisy. Strange they are thought to be too big for the board. In the 70’s everyone wanted big wheels. Less effort to get going,smoother, faster and more stable.

    I was lucky I had a super skuda blue with sk5 wheels. Kryptonics, remember them well, always wanted some, never had the money.

  40. We’ve been reminiscing about Johns old Skuda LA :

  41. DON THE BOMB on July 10, 2015 - Reply

    Well raise my rent! I had one of those in 76/77. The deck was super tough but the wheels were rock hard with open bearings and used to get full of road grit. I changed the trucks for Gullwing 280s (?) and the wheels for orange SR5’s (or something?) and fitted sealed roller bearings. Massive improvement but still have the scars. Great days man, great days. . .

  42. DON THE BOMB on July 10, 2015 - Reply

    Shoot. Orange SK5’s but no kicktail on mine.

  43. Im pretty sure those are not the original wheels. This was my first board and Im pretty sure the wheels had open bearings held in place with a washer. My upgrade to a Gordon smith bowl rider, tracker trucks and a roadrider 4 wheels seemd like a move from a Skuda to a Roller.

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