Fun to Draw Skateboard Action


Skateboard Action is was a popular title for kids books in the 80’s, as this is not the only book to use it. Skateboard Action from the Fun to Draw series was published in 1989 by Hamburger Press. The illustrations are by Ed Francis, so the blame for mislabeling has to go with the author Debra Rowley. It’s got 36 pages jam packed with goofy little fox on a skateboard cartoons and the typical 4 step drawing instructions you find in these things. The illustrator has the human figure basics down but occasionally has difficulty placing the figure in relation to ramps and coping. It’s as if someone went through a skateboard magazine and cut out the skateboarder from each photograph and the illustrator used them as a reference without knowing how they related to the real world. The illustrator’s take on aftermarket 80’s skate graphics and fashion is spot on and worth a chuckle. Part one of the installment after the jump.

Fun to Draw Skateboard Action Cover




If it’s so rad, why does this guy look so worried?



Slalom Guy is the only one not wearing a helmet in the book. It looks he might have been poached from 70’s reference material and given an early 80’s wardrobe.


Come on Debra, this is clearly a frontside wall ride.



Exactly what is a reverse hand plant?


Eddie Van Halen inspired skate graphics are indeed cool. I’m still having a hard time figuring out what’s going on with this so-called reverse hand plant in relationship to the coping.


Boosting Aerial! Hell yeah!


Is that a hand rail or the world’s narrowest mega ramp?



Team Kyphosis! Those shorts feature alien alphabet from the 1983 TV series V. According to the motion lines, this kick turn looks like it’s being done from the nose.


This frontside aerial looks suspiciously like an Indy air.


Suspicions confirmed.


Tune in tomorrow for part two.

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  1. talentlessquitter on April 22, 2015 - Reply

    Vert guy (‘Drawing steps’) has the ‘Tony Hawk-hand’.

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