Skateboard Action from Steve Hawk


Courtesy of Hood River’s own Carl Warren. His brother recently gave him this 1987 book written by Steve Hawk (Yes, he is.) with the stickers intact. Check out the wrap around rails on that Staab. More pages after the jump.



OK, you can spot Cab and Hosoi a mile away. Cab must have had 12 pairs of those yellow plaid shorts. You can see it’s Kevin Staab on the cover, so he’s the guy in the pink helmet doing the invert. Care to venture a guess on the rest of the guys?


UPDATE: Added all the pages published after this initial post.



  1. bernie o'dowd on June 16, 2009 - Reply

    Bill Tocco, Allen Midgett

  2. Livmo on June 16, 2009 - Reply

    Is this the one with Tim Tillman in it??… I remember seeing one of these “Skateboarding Hot Shots” magazine/books from the late 80’s. It had a bunch of recognizable vert dudes in it, and then a few street-plant and launchramp-pose pictures of some guy named Tim Tillman sprinkled in. I think his Mom or Dad must have made it.

  3. Grover on June 16, 2009 - Reply

    Those Tocco shots must be Dave-o’s I bet they are at the Dude ramp as well. That ramp saw some action, Mank Squid Danforth Campbell OP Chris Moore Fergueson Freak Bros. It was legend for me never rode. I was afraid the people wouldnt let us I was young and nieve at the time. Now I would just go ride it untill some told me no.

  4. Michigan Man on June 16, 2009 - Reply

    Which one is atocco and whih one is midget, and that’ still leaves one guy unnamed.

  5. Dave Ill on June 17, 2009 - Reply

    Tocco’s in the light blue shirt hand planting and also in white shirt nose picking.

    I still own this book with sticker intact too

  6. Mighty Whitey on June 17, 2009 - Reply

    I still have a copy of this book as well.

  7. Drunk Andy on June 18, 2009 - Reply

    Blonde dude looks like Claus Grabke.
    Classic invert dude i’m guessing is Monte Nolder.
    Nose pick dude looks like Danforth.

    All 3 wrong?

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