Mike V in Black Flag

MIke V in Black Flag

I know it’s highly unusual for Mike V to be involved with any sort of…drama, but after he kicked Ron Reyes out of the reformed Black Flag while onstage in Australia, and Reyes predicted that Mike V would replace him… two months later Mike V is officially the new singer of Black Flag. Vallely is still managing and speaking for the band, with his usual Mike V / Minisitry of Truth newspeak. Meanwhile Ginn is suing members of Flag as well as Henry Rollins over trademark of the word “Flag” and the Black Flag logo. I seem to recall an interview where Raymond Pettibon claimed he never got paid for any of his artwork that Black Flag used, but I can’t verify that. The new Black Flag has plans to record a new album in 2014, while Flag will likely continue to play the music of Black Flag without all the drama, or worrying about proving they can “be a stronger, more cohesive, tighter band.”

[Source: Dying Scene – Photo: SST]

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  1. Mike V is an intense guy. I had the pleasure of traveling Europe with him on a small short tour and he had a lot of good encouragement and advice to share. There may be some social baggage there (who doesn’t have that, though?)and he is on the serious side of life, but if it makes anyone feel any better I once ran up to him at a tradeshow while wearing my stuffed animal suit and (much to his chagrin) gave him a big hug. His wife Ann got a pretty good laugh out his grimacing reaction to the whole scenario.

    Oh yeah, my point: Whatever might seem strange or even wrong about Mike is made up entirely 110% by his skating. I’ve seen that guy do things at demos and contests that are still pretty unheard of. Also, to last two decades in a pretty crazy industry is commendable as well. Viva la V!

    • Fitzo Texino on February 2, 2014 - Reply

      Fuck Mike V.

      I don’t care what feel-good bullshit he landed or what convictions he pedaled. He’s a fucking blow-hard, as punk as a shoppimng mall and every bit as self-serving.

  2. good for Mike. Live the dream dude! NJ all the Way!

  3. Even I can watch this. Disgraceful and Distasteful. Michael, come home and ‘slip it in.’



  4. Can’t Can’t!. Friggin’ typos. Fix Me!

  5. Brock75 on January 31, 2014 - Reply


  6. Someday we’ll all be rich.

  7. Litigation is so punk rock.

  8. Lawsuit was resolved last October, court ruled against Ginn http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/music/posts/la-et-ms-court-rules-against-greg-ginn-in-black-flag-lawsuit-20131011,0,4793900.story#axzz2s0gtgYlY

    FLAG crushes and is totally worth seeing.

  9. yo mama on January 31, 2014 - Reply

    they should just call the band something else. black flag long and gone.
    really if you stand in the middle of of pond and call your self a fish doesn’t mean your a fish .it’s not black flag , just like when ozzy left sabbath . it wasn’t sabbath.

  10. houseofneil on January 31, 2014 - Reply

    Black Flag are officially a bigger joke than the Misfits. And that’s hard.

  11. Listening to the Black Brains from their fairly early days made it hard to take Bad Flag seriously back then, but Rise Above actually holds up well when I hear it skating. But then again, that was from after “Takeover of the Pod Person” Numero Uno. For that matter, though, Lindsay Buckingham and Stevie Nicks were pod people… pod people that ‘saved’ Fleetwood Mac from being the British blues band it had started as in the sixties. So, maybe Black Flag’s second coming of the Pod Person will be their big break, man….

  12. Back to the Black Flag issue proper: Mike V often gets underrated and/or is the default underdog for some reason. Actually, if there is anyone who can pull off a new era of Flag, it’s Vallely..

    • I don’t know about that. He is already in a band with Ginn, not sure why this would be any better/different. It’s just pandering to people who worship the name “Black Flag” without any real connection. There are 4 times more people from Black Flag in Flag anyway… Gray Flag sounds more appropriate. If Ginn made a mistake pandering to the “old school” connection like Vallely quoted, then don’t even bother to call yourself Black Flag. Hell, even those hippies Jefferson airplane became Jefferson Starship. Mive V as skater.. excellent. Mike V as public spokesman with any sort of credibility, not so much. He’s always the victim somehow. David Lee Roth FOREVER!!!!

    • The “Black Flag issue proper” here IS that Mike is a pod person, in this band, and in fact could be said to be a pod person when it comes to music (the Michael Jordan of baseball). But, hey, his bandmates are mostly pod people anyway, as far as Black Flag goes… but when it comes to pod people and Black Flag, I’ll vote histrionic Henry, cuz at least “they” got Rise Above out of him. (We… Are tired… of… Self… Abuse / Try… To Stop Us / But it’s… no Use!)

  13. a hockey jock and a male cat-lady. i’ll pass.

  14. whiny old “punks”/”skaters”. sickening. its the 21st century gang. time to catch up.

    • Catch up to the regressive fidelity of MP3’s? The fact that people this century have settled for such an ersatz fidelity format kinda indicates that there has been precious little new stuff exactly worth hearing. Believe me, most of us would like nothing more than to hear something new, actually worthy of such a lofty century as this one (greatest ever, numerically…), but instead we get really dopey derivatives like dubstep, which you probably think is cutting edge instead of a simplistic regression, cuz you wouldn’t know King Tubby if his echo chamber bit you in the ass. But do tell, if it isn’t dubstep we’re missing. I’ll be the first to thank you, if it’s not actually tired.

  15. Christiandeath@yahoo.com on February 1, 2014 - Reply

    When Rollins joined flag a lot of people hated it, if you ask me ginn wants a front man that could beat some ass if he had to…jerzee breeds psychos and Mike v does kill it

  16. I wonder if Greg Ginn has tried to sue these guys? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8SQCFmB3mM


  18. Adam and the Ants outlast Black Flag.

    • houseofneil on February 3, 2014 - Reply

      well barely Brad. Adam maybe but the real antz are long gone.

      And that new Adam and the Ants album was a long, unlistenable mess, kind of like the new Black Flag album actually!

    • yes. but, “Black Flag Kills Ants on Contact”. always has, always will. LMFAO

  19. this is so gay. move on fellas. oooo i said gay.

  20. I loved that new Ants record, it sounded like someone took a computer back to 1880. I thought “Hard Blokes” and that line about “licking the alphabet” were aces…good cover art too. The ode to Vivienne Westwood also got me off.

  21. We know the sticker Scotto that’s why we started talking about it man!

  22. Prickly Pete on February 4, 2014 - Reply

    This is the part in Spinal Tap when things really get funny. Ginn is the hardcore punk version of the actor who dates too many ladies. Vallely is the latest notch on Ginn’s clear plastic guitar. His days are numbered and it can only get crazier from here. Shoulda stuck with Keith Morris, punk’s Diamond Dave!

  23. “Ginn is suing members of Flag”, That’s pretty punk rock.

  24. dickhead on February 5, 2014 - Reply

    The Worst!! Mike VALLEY should be on WWE

  25. WWE is awesome!

  26. its cooler to be a wrestler these days and the outfits are way cuter. Surely your old enough to have been called “skater fag!”?


  28. so does yer mom!

  29. so does your dad

  30. so does yer greazy greazy grandmom

  31. Allyourmothers on February 7, 2014 - Reply

    Aw, it’s my four favorite S&A simpletons….

  32. oooh yeah…Black Flag. Nothing is like it used to be. Music, skating, surfing are not the way they were when we first became interested in them. Reflect and know, you experienced it when it was best.

  33. No you didn’t Surfer. You weren’t there. You were inside playing GI Joe and Star Wars and listening to TIffany. I’m alone Surfer, come home and massage my feet.



  34. im comin ma! keep that ass tight for me!

  35. my mom just passed away last week thanks

  36. No I didn’t. It was just a joke. It turns out we don’t die after all. It keeps going and going and going… Britt we will be together forever.



  37. sniff sniff….pfft.

  38. she didnt huff Black Flag did she?

  39. Apparently, Domestic Violence is the punk rock?

    Does SlobAir from Skull and Bones have the answer?

  40. what do you say to the bitch with 2 black eyes? ….nothin. already told her twice…….aaaah ha MOM!

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