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Elyse is a dancer at Mystic in Portland, photography by Hypnox. She actually skates too. We cover gentleman’s clubs and the Smithsoinan here on Skate and Annoy.


  1. Haha, I grew up skating with Elyse! Apparently she still rips! I think she was in Thrasher for the King of the Road when they came through Portland?

  2. scummerpdx on February 8, 2013 - Reply

    Damn! I skated with her before.. Why dont more women look like this? Meat and potatoes…yum

    • Amen! If I wanted to hook up with 12 year old boys I’d buy a scooter. However, I’m a grown man, and I like women who look like women.

  3. Arsenio Venkman on February 9, 2013 - Reply

    good show…shorter shorts would be nice…women seem to only want to look scawny, ladies dont shun muscle tone it looks way hotter

    • masterochicken on February 9, 2013 - Reply

      I’m sure all the ladies who read SnA will take that into consideration.

  4. Arsenio Venkman on February 9, 2013 - Reply

    its funny i hate my reatrd job so fucking much it hurts to patron strip clubs, and tip strippers…but damn if i made easy money sitting behind a desk i’d tip these women for days

  5. she seems so down to earth kinda girl.let s hope she sees this post and comments. shwing!

  6. More of the set from where this came from somewhere?

  7. She’s very pretty

  8. That lady is red hot. And Mysic is about 15 blocks from my house.

  9. i love this picture. that woman is a beauty, and the theme is cool. and if she skates, that is so much cooler!

    does this come from a full photo shoot? are there more pics?

    • It was actually a reader tip who wished to remain anonymous. I checked the photog’s site for more but there didn’t appear to be any.

  10. damn son.

  11. Scummerpdx on February 13, 2013 - Reply

    Elysse what’s your stage name so I can come in and throw some bills your way. Can I skate to stage? Lol

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