She’s got a Secret


The Side Project has a video of the photo shoot for an advert for Secret antiperspirant for women. Before seeing the video I just assumed it was all posed photoshop work,you know, because I’m a male chauvinist pig. But, it turns out to be an actual sequence of a skater named Leticia Bufoni. The only major thing photoshopped appears to be sneakers. The ad appears in the October 2009 issue of Glamour. If your subscription lapsed like mine did, check it out at the The Side Project. I believe Lisa Whitaker is associated with this site. You may remember her appearance as a stunt double in a cigarette commercial for Capri Slims.

– Thanks again to GN for the tip.



  1. JAKEANDANNOY on September 17, 2009 - Reply

    See, Ash? Would it kill ya to help us out?

  2. “The only major thing photoshopped appears to be sneakers.”
    And, you know, the actual stairs.

  3. Stairs schmairs, she still did the railslide.

  4. JAKEANDANNOY on September 17, 2009 - Reply

    Can you do that shit,stairs or none? Can I even do that shit? Yes. Can I do it in a formal dress? Yes. But what the fuck is this with all these questions, some kind of investigation?
    A witchhunt amongst skaters to expose me?!!
    Just climb back on your highhorse sir and mind your own goddamn business!

  5. Sexiest part of the enhanced reality is the “I want the girl who can snap her board up onto that rail without a launch ramp” aspect (or, in the case of Glamour’s readers, “want to be the girl”). She’d be more dangerous than that move. And the funny thing is, all the beauty products in the world can’t compete with the fact that she really rides when it comes to hotness enhancement (it’s a times two).

  6. heheheh !!! Brasilian Bra!!!!!!!!

  7. JAKEANDANNOY on September 17, 2009 - Reply

    Ok, Randy could’ve given us that she is only 16…before I gave her the pedo-approval. I swear she looked 18…anyway, google her. She rips. I mean, really, really rips. She rides Hollywood High, and lives there too now. Randy you should get an interview with her. Let me know if you need help-I do know people.(Im a bigshot)

  8. Pedobear is pleased.

  9. she looks like a woman on the rail, but 12 on the approch

  10. shes got that taking a dump in the woods look before she ollies.

  11. i bet thats her secret…don’t go near the tree back there, i forgot my shovel. man work is boring today.

  12. JAKEANDANNOY on September 17, 2009 - Reply

    That’s why they call it work yeah? I’m into fantasizing about hot 16 yr old girls defecating in the woods as much as the next guy. But your overlooking the point, and it’s that homegirl can shred. Go to Osiris site or google and see her skate. And no one looks cool right before a trick. Its usually after they land it.

  13. yea, she obviously rips, and no one says “that guy looks like he has a big log in his butt, but he looks like such a man on the rail”, when talking about some dude.

  14. Damn, she does rip.

  15. curtis – the “guy” (still questionable) with the big log in his butt is the Sheckler doll a couple posts down….

  16. oh, but I don’t care too much about sheckler. girls who rip are more interesting. I guess alot of people did notice the doll had a big rod penitrating it.
    but anyways, shiting in the woods does not give you more of a facial expression then shiting on a toilet in the city. but how do the bored at work know that?

  17. Lumber Jack on September 17, 2009 - Reply

    I am a lumberjack and I shit in the woods, at work.
    But alas, I don’t have internet….

  18. Lumber Jack on September 17, 2009 - Reply

    ……..then…how did I write this?

  19. Prickly Pete on September 18, 2009 - Reply

    Why can’t I slide down a rail free of suggestion?

    Suffa yo eyes, suffa yo hands, suffa yo interpretation of what it is to be rad.

    You spent yourself boy, watchin’ me shuvit!

  20. I’ll be showing this post (and her footage elsewhere) to my daughter. she does not understand why we only see boys skating.
    I have raised her up right, and she would not be intimidated by shitting in the woods at all. some people have no fear of sets of stairs, but they are terrifyed by the natural world. shitting in the water is kinda fucked up if you think about it. people take it for granted, you shit in a toilet and say “bye bye”, down it goes and then it’s the city’s to deal with. I wanna apologize to this girl and her parents. they are probably going to google her name someday and see this post and read all this crap that has little to do with the fact that she is a great skater. sorry Leticia, you rip, don’t be affraid to sweat and stink like the girls your deoderant ad is aimed at.

  21. JAKEANDANNOY on September 18, 2009 - Reply

    HA! Randy I looked her up on myspace(this feels like I’m driving faster and faster down to pedofile lane)and asked her for an interview on behalf of the gentleman at SnA. Well see how this goes.

    I tried to add her but she’s got some block set up to avoid creeps like me and only add people she already knows.
    I hope to GOD she understands I just want an interview and doesn’t freak out cuz some 30 old dude just myspaced her.
    If so, you can vouch fo’ a homie and help me out with an attorney yeah? Good…cause I mentioned SnA, ALOT! And by SnA, I mean your name specifically. Over and Over. So really, If anyone’s in trouble its you. Whew. Load off my mind.

  22. Hmm, I thought she was a girl in the young woman sense… so okay, I don’t want her… even though it turns out she can do that high a rail slide without a launch ramp, in the wild. Sure do admire her, though. But now I’m left wondering why skating is such a hotness enhancer, but surfing isn’t. Silvana Lima, though not as cute to begin with, rips just as hard as Leticia, with style and speed carving and airs, but didn’t even make the top five in the recent Surfer poll. No idea why isn’t surfing a hotness multiplier.

  23. ..cause I don’t surf?

  24. Charlie's inflatable doll on September 18, 2009 - Reply

    You so horny, you love me long time.

  25. ND, I won’t be kicking any surfer girls out of my bed! if they can make the 400 mile drive from the nearest surf, they can have me. I like those women who ski and snow board. ooooh bike riding women are sexy too. women’s tennis is the best show I have ever seen on TV! I know I live in the boonies away from 99% of skateboard culture, I have been a skater since 76, and in that time I have only seen 3 young women skating once each. and a woman who fully rips, age 21/22, I see her kinda regularly. other than that it’s usually just boys. no disrespect to surfing, but it’s performed on a surface softer than our bodies. even though I live far inland, I have better chances of meeting a woman who surfs, than meeting a skater gal.

  26. curtis's sock on September 19, 2009 - Reply

    I am made for feet only. Please stop.

  27. JAKEANDANNOY on September 19, 2009 - Reply

    Stops copies me!

  28. There’s plenty of hot females who surf, but surfing does not seem to make them hotter than the ones on the beach. Whereas, a female who rips on a skateboard can be twice as hot as a similar one who doesn’t skate. (They’re better than Spinal Tap: Their amp goes to twenty….)

  29. In the “don’t try this at home” (or at least not at the skatepark) department, that dress shows more thigh in that photoshoot video, to the point that it looks like they photoshopped it down in the print ad to avoid what we call, well, a crotch shot.

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