Cool/Old/Weird/Crappy board of the month: Surf Flyer

Weird board of the month

The Surf Flyer appears to be a European phenomenon. At least nobody from North America has chimed in about them. This one comes to us from Dean Tyrell ( It’s his week!) Believe me when I say that there are virtually no other shots of the vintage Surf Flyer skateboard anywhere on the web, so help me Google. The wheels of these things were supposed to be near rubber-like and super slow. On the detail shots you can see some sort of weird bearing covers that probably didn’t help either. The trucks are another winning design that looks more like ’60s technology than ’70s. Can anyone date these? Follow through to see more pictures of a Surf Flyer than you’ll likely ever want to. Someone has to do it.

UPDATE: Lots of comments on this post and a picture of one near mint. Good reading. Also, check out this Flyer Land Surfer advert from 1977. So “Surf Flyer” is a misnomer. The brand is called Flyer, and boards were called Land Surfer.

The Surf Flyer

Thanks again to Dean. Click to enlarge.

Surf Flyer

Surf Flyer

Surf Flyer

Surf Flyer

Surf Flyer

Surf Flyer

Surf Flyer

Surf Flyer


  1. DIg the crazee kingpin.

    One angle missing, from the back of the truck at board level.


  3. Each truck looks like it has one giant bushing. That huge chunk of black/gray rubber.

  4. houseofneil on May 16, 2008 - Reply

    It was the first “skateboard” that I ever set foot on. That would probably have been 1976 or thereabouts. Even on a smooth wooden floor the board went about 6 feet and then stopped. And forget about trying to steer. Basically the trucks attached the wheels to the board. That was about as much as they did.

  5. solboy on May 18, 2008 - Reply

    Two parts supermarket shopping trolley and one part “surfboard” (the shopping trolley with the busted front wheels that is) But wait, dig that smoooth deck shape!! Kinda looks like the Flip Mountain Crest, doesn’t it? There is another 70s UK connection there… Maybe Lance has one of these stashed away in his collection too…

  6. The thing with these was the trucks, which are single action, not double action. Basically, they only move along one axis, not two, like every other truck we know. This means they don’t really turn AT ALL, and consequently, they’re a nightmare.

  7. Prickly Pete on May 19, 2008 - Reply

    My older cousin gave me a crap-ass plastic board with these trucks circa ’79. We were living in Indiana at the time so the Brits didn’t have the market cornered on this “technology”. This thing didn’t turn or go fast, but was able to generate speed wobbles. Highly embarrassing to show up on this POS when everyone else was riding G&Ss & Santa Cruzes. How did I ever get past that point in my skate career?

  8. Wow, Blast from the past. I can date this reasonably well as I bought one in Bournemouth UK just before my eleventh birthday which was the Summer of ’78
    Thanks to the original poster. Never thought I’d see one of these again. It rode quite well I recall – for a cheap ’70s plank on wheels, not much in the corners and pretty hard to mod in any way. Reminds me of Skate City and Weymouth Skatepark action of the late ’70s – pleant of them to be seen around then.

  9. damn
    what’s the deal with those trucks?
    never seen anything like that before
    that’s tops

  10. lee jackson on February 21, 2010 - Reply

    hi there i have got one of thesae flyer skate boards and its in mint condition nothing at all wrong with it it even has the lines still in the centre of the wheels fron the moulding i did have a little go on it an it has been ridden by prvious owner a few time also all of the graffic on the top of the deck is in great condition dose any one have any idea how much this is worth ?

  11. nweyesk8 on February 21, 2010 - Reply

    Dear Mr Jackson, it is worth as much as you can get some dip shit to give you for it, my advice, either skate it or give it to someone who will and quit trying to cash in on skateboarding, we have enough of you blood suckers already……

  12. hahahahaha. that looks exactly like my first board. thats awesome.

  13. My first set-up had trucks like that, and what iain says is nonsense. They turn just like a truck with pivot and kingpin. “Double-action” is marketing noise.

    • houseofneil on January 25, 2011 - Reply

      no dave, unless you were in england in the mid 70s you didn’t have a board with trucks like these. The Surf Flyer trucks didn’t turn at all. You might have had a setup with trucks that looked like that, but much as cheap-ass toy store trucks look like real trucks, they are not.

  14. Cool post – lots of them in France back in early 77 – I think they actually came from old 60’s stocks.
    The truck system is not that bad: some mountain boards use the same nowadays.
    At the time it was cheap, and impossible to get back from any steep leaning.
    Good piece of history, end of the ’60s wave.

  15. saved up my money to buy my “surf flyer” from a shop called jacks in colchester essex (uk), thought i was useless at boarding till i tried a frends board, then realized this was a crap set up, summer of 77, went on to a plastic “sitco rocket” thgen stumped up the money for a “skuda california” wow

  16. i found a red surf flyer board in mint condition in a charity shop.if you search online for the skateboard museum you will find more info.

  17. rick prescott on April 21, 2011 - Reply

    i had one these, my first ever skateboard. the came with different colour prints on the deck, the green as shown was the deluxe version, a red wich was the basic (could it be any more basic) and the one i had was blue, the super deluxe vesion which also had what loode like another of those “trucks” behind the rear one with a rubber stopper attatched to use as a brake :-0
    i got mine from debenhams department store for 4.99 uk pounds, the red basic one was even cheaper.
    i wiped out spectaculy going downhill a few weeks after getting it and tore most of the skin from my face……i am handsome again now though.
    as for the date, yeah…..1978.

  18. Hey! I just bought one of these in Pretoria (South Africa)! Saw it in a pawnshop and paid R10.00 (a little over $1) The only difference is that mine has a red print instead of the green. I’ve looked everywhere to try and get info on it untill I went to Google images and typed “weird boards”… Thanks for the info.

  19. Wow, i had owned one in the 70s i brought it new from woolworths in cambridge England UK in 1973 when i was 10 years old my was red, happy days : )

  20. Hi guys the best of it is that i have the de luxe version..with a brake !!…well its a pressed metal rubber tipped stopper at the back. ! it was my first deck in the uk c.1975/6 cost £6.50 available in green blue and red i think. i rolled dopwn hill a lot but kick turning was not great as it had no gripp. they were made in Solihull, in Birmingham UK . by flyer who made roller skates i think…it is beyond doubt one of the earliest mass produced skateboards in the uk when it was strting off. You can get them on ebay for £50-£100.00 in medium-good condition.

  21. The brake at the back is missing!!!!!!

  22. Had one of these in the 70’s but in blue. It was my first skateboard given to me for Christmas and within 30 minutes I had ripped most of the skin of my knee caps. This was due to it’s unique ability to throw you at the mere hint of a stone! Apart from those trucks, it’s biggest flaw was that the wheels came directly from the kids roller skates of the day and were basically solid, see and scroll down. Needless to say, it didn’t take me long to upgrade to Gullwing gold split axles and Sims Lime Green Snakes!

  23. This was my first ever skateboard! I loved it but it didn’t last long because the wheels used to wear very quick from the outside in with the cornering. I soon went on to bigger and better Boards with laminated wooden decks AC 500 trucks and red Kryptonics wheels. Lee Jackson I’d think about buying that board,is it Blue?As that was the colour I had.

    • phil duggan on August 18, 2013 - Reply

      there are regularly some on ebay…about £20.00 plus pp last week.and i had mine in 1975 i reckon from a shop on holiday in weymouth uk.

  24. Stefan Richter on November 20, 2014 - Reply

    I’ve got one of these. Not sure who gave it to me but I was living in Germany at the time. It’s in very good condition – and has the break. Terrifying!

  25. Hi together, i´m from germany and before circa 2 hours i bought some used (but in good condition) green deluxe version of these old neckbreaker-board. The wheels rolls very nice and fast for them age.
    On the backside where 2 staples and one of it tacked a tiny scrap of paper to the board (don´t know if it´s the rest of the price-tag???)
    Nice piece of skate history… … … in my opinion 🙂

    P.S. I would show some pics of it, but sorry, don´t know how it goes… and sorry for my bad english, too 😀

  26. This was my first board great memories some difference to what I skate on today over 40 years later

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