I h8 April the Vine.


This website says she’s a self-proclaimed skatepunk. This is from a fashion supplement to Wired Magazine. Does she really have an empty pool in her backyard? I take all the scorn back, can I come over April?

I sure hope the lifestyle marketers don’t get tired of skateboarding and decide to kill it. I mean what will we do if skateboarding becomes too unfashionable to appear as backdrop for $1000 boots? Fashion photographers might have to go back to simulating crime scenes and I will have to uh, go skateboarding. Click here to see it at a size that will let you read the type.

skatin avril

Here’s an only slightly more convincing shot, at least she’s standing on the thing. The lighting looks a little fishy though.

And that’s why April is SnA’s Poseur of the Week!


  1. You’ve go to be kidding. Does her publicist really thin they are going to fool anyone? That is the epitome of weak.

  2. so sick of skateboarding being mainstream…(apart from all the new parks)

  3. The only reason I was excited that a gal at work won backstage passes to Sum 41 Friday night at Dew Tour is because she invited me to go, and I wanted to get Avril’s autograph. She’s married to the Sum 41 singer, you know. I wanted to excitedly tongue-in-cheek tell her my boyfriend was totally hot for her. Nevermind the incident that the punx barged her last show full of ipecac. No, there’s no pity in the Rose City.

  4. I’m the self proclaimed President of the United States. It’s fun to pretend isn’t it?

  5. bring it on Avril! more girls should skate (or pretend to) i’m tired skating with overgrown kids like myself.. if it gets the chicas on boards i’m all for it!

  6. i’d really like to see her skate that pool in those whore-ish high heels

  7. foolio_iglesias on August 20, 2007 - Reply

    As in skatepunkbiotch?

  8. Now that I look at it, that pool has water in it. No wonder she looks sad , she wanted to throw down some grinds. Brought her helmet and everthing.

  9. Campbell on August 20, 2007 - Reply

    customized grafitti boots! that’s street cred in the skatepunk books if i’ve ever seen it.

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