Everybody knows Japan is a dishpan.

A copy of TokyoLOCO from 1999. I’ve seen other Japanese magazines and websites like this. Chock-full of shots of what people are wearing on the street. I think people over here do that too and call it cool-hunting but I think here, people use it as research to try to find something to market. They don’t just serve up the images. The New York Times had a column called Street Fashion that would point out a certain trend through a series of photos but I’ve never seen a whole American magazine like that.


Anyway, check out all the skate fashion. They also featured bmx riders and dancers as fashion subcultures. I’m not sure if the publishers are suggesting that this is a look the reader should emulate or just documenting it as a sort of anthropological curiosity. I wonder if the fad is over in Japan or if magazines are still featuring skaters as fashion trend setters.








The one above may be the quintessential image. No board or bike in sight, but the dude is in skatewear including helmet. Did the guy just dress like that? Also check out the image of the grocery clerk – rad apron.



  1. I didn’t catch the little girl had a finger board. how about an enlargeable “skater’s map?”

  2. Danimal on June 11, 2007 - Reply

    yeah does that map show any skatespots or just spots to get your skater gear. enlarge that thang.

  3. You got it, click the skater’s map image to see it larger. Not sure how useful a seven-year-old, fashion magazine guide to skatespots is going to be but there you go.

  4. Danimal on June 11, 2007 - Reply

    Thanks. looks like all street spots, i’m still on the search for transition/bowl skating there. I’ve seen some pics in thrasher of a japanese bowl but havent been able to find out where it is.

  5. Conahan: Are you kidding? I get all my skate tips from fashion mags.

    Isn’t a “map” supposed to have some sort of illustration with roads or something? More of a guide…

    Danimal: Just wear your Abe Lincoln costume while skating in Japan, I’m sure the locals will bend over backwards to clue you into the hip spots.

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