A Commercial a Day – Day 6: Pierre Andre Yop Commercial

Pierre Andre Yop Commercial

Yesterday we did Australia, so today we’re in Europe with Pierre Andre, the other, other freestyler. This is a commercial for a French yogurt drink called Yop. If it were English, it would have been appropriate to call it Fop, considering the fashion and demeanor of freestyle in the 80’s. The highlight of this commercial is the Primo slide, Primo being the other, other, other freestyler. More Pierre Andre love after the jump.

Pierre Andre Yop Commercial

Pierre Andre owns about a million shoe companies, including Etnies, Emerica and eS. Who would have known he would become so successful? He did have the foresight to give Natas his own signature shoe. I guess the fact that nobody cared about freestyle in the 80’s (except for TV commercial directors) gave those freestyle guys a lot of time to figure out how to take control of the industry. There’s a long interview with Pierre on Caught in the Crossfire. Pierre, we kid. We love you. I wear size 13 (In Vans). You know where to send it.

Update: I just read the Pierre Andre interview. Now he was a skateboarder I really couldn’t have cared less about, even from a nostalgic point of view, but it’s a good interview. Here’s an interesting fact I’ll bet you didn’t know: At the height of his freestyle career his number got pulled for mandatory service in the French army where he suffered severe skate-harassment. At one point he go into a fight with a bunch of his fellow servicemen and he got shot! And you though freestylers were a bunch of wussies!


  1. nweyesk8 on February 19, 2007 - Reply

    what about the old mello yellow commercial featuring that freestyle skater person, rodney mullen

  2. 2 things.
    1) who knew that the french “army” even had guns! I thought all they had was white flags.

    2) After a hard session, heaven knows all I want to do is sit down and drink some… yogurt?? Umm. Refreshing. Thanks, but I’ll stick with gatorade etc.

  3. that was painful to watch.

  4. Yeah it’s so lame to work hard to be good at something. Those freestyle guys approached it like a real athlete, practicing, training, Not too surprising that they would be able to translate that drive into a conventional business effort.

    What about Per Welinder? whatever became of that guy?

  5. Per started Birdhouse with Tony Hawk…I think he’s doing fine.

    That video was painful to watch.

  6. The painful part of the vid is the bad music and the cheesy editing.

    i’m not saying that pierre is lame for working hard. what’s a real athlete anyway? someone who makes money from it? i’ll take any of yous on in a game of 1 on 1 basketball.

  7. Mark and Pierre, sittin in a tree..

    Who knew the Pierre Andre post would be so popular?

  8. You know, we realy ought to build a street plaza. That’s what all the real skaters want.

  9. Yogurt taverns too.

  10. does anyone know how a yogurt drink is different from milk?

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