Various: Just Go Destroy Everything In Sight!

Just go destroy everything in sight

Various: Just Go Destroy Everything In Sight!
Label: Dionysus Records
Release Date: 2005
Review Date: 4/12/05

Every once in a while a compilation comes out that becomes the definitive example of a particular scene, a snapshot that gets pulled out every so often through the years and instantly transports you to another time and place. In the spirit of Beach Boulevard, Just Go Destroy Everything In Sight! is a really good compilation. This time it’s underground Japanese bands in various loosely related styles, mainly garage type punk. But that’s not all. Google-A’s very excellent What a Way to Die is 60’s surf-ish rocker. The lead singer’s accent suggests he learned his English from listen to Tenpole Tudor on the Great Rock and Roll Swindle soundtrack. Hate Of the City by No Evacuations would easily be at home on a hardcore oi compilation. Take me to the High (?) has rockin’ saxophones and a roadshow feel that would be at home on any Rocket From the Crypt record. For that matter, the Crispy Nuts sound like a snotty RFTC on Regulations, with what I think are some female vocals you can get you your punk on too. The Volume Out channel Beat Happening and/or the Monks on Voice People. The Charge pick up where the Blue Hearts left off in doing a good job of sounding like a Give ‘Em Enough Rope era Japanese Clash. Even if you’re sick of Green Day clones, you’ll still dig Naked’s The Same (Show Your ID) if only for the fact that somewhere in Japan there is a band that does the ultimate tribute, right down to having the same singing affectations. Pappy’s Go Go Express is two minutes eleven seconds of romper room joy. Every so often there is a pretty good change up thrown in as with Das Boot’s rambling dripping funk and acid soaked rocker Dead Soul Supermarket. Possibly the best song on Just Go Destroy Everything In Sight! is Baby Mongoose’s It’s Easy But It’s Impossible, mixing minimal guitars, keyboards and some sampling with a deadpan pop delivery and simplicity. Of course Star Trek samples don’t hurt either.

What else can I say about Just Go Destroy Everything In Sight? At 17 songs and 43 minutes it’s a must have. 90% of the songs are in Japanese, but this compilation does not need a foreign language/culture field trip crutch to stand up on it’s own. Do yourself a favor and go buy Just Go Destroy Everything In Sight!

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