DecksTop by Focused


Crazy expensive but beautifully designed and constructed by Focus in Rotterdam, these newly released tables come in two different sizes, and are constructed with the largest continuous surface area of recycled skateboard decks I’ve ever seen. The smaller one (200x90x77cm) aka DecksTop 33, is constructed with 33 skateboard decks while the larger (240x90x77cm) DecksTop 39 uses… well you know. They start at €2.726,45, but that includes the hefty 21% VAT tax. Man. that’s a lot of tax, but they probably have bitchin’ free health care and a decent education system. Someone’s is reaching their ID students well, that’s for sure.





  1. talentlessquitter on January 28, 2015 - Reply

    That looks great. How come I didn’t know of their existance!

    Tables are even more expensive: prices on the website are in euro’s.

  2. Is this pre-consumer waste, like what Maple XO uses for some of their product? Otherwise, how are they getting these perfectly straight plies? Surely a true skateboard wood table done in this cross-sectional orientation would show the concave?

    • Not sure, check the web site, a;though the video sure imply that they are made from broken skateboards. A side profile in a small enough cross section would not have a noticeable concave. The slices are pretty narrow.

      • I looked at the video. Seems that they take cross sections from the flat part of the concave, in the middle between the trucks, and splice a few of those together to make the long continuous-seeming flat spans. Pretty labor intensive! Similar to Haroshi’s method, but for a flat surface.

        • I’d be interested in finding out how many decks they used using that method…Maybe it explains why it’s so expensive. :/

          • Opps, that’s what I get for just looking through the pictures haha. Doesn’t seem practical to have to cut through so many decks. I wonder if it would be cheaper to just buy the pressed plys from the factory before it’s cut.

          • Cheaper… maybe, but you’d have to do a lot more laminating. And then you’d lose the appeal of having it made out of skateboards and/or recycled materials.

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