Merry Sassquatch


From Skidmark Magazine via Simon Woodstock. Eight wheels and a big foot!


  1. God has no place in skateboarding, just like facts have no place in organized religion.

    • Redundant, and out of context. Come on Egbert, you’re supposed to be part of the solution here.

      • Bozo Texino on December 27, 2013 - Reply

        He is, for once. Take the religious shit and kick it to the curb. Belive what you want, but quit proselytizing. Your god means nothing.

    • egbert. If you don’t mind me responding extemporaneously and from an Aristotelian perspective, I would have to respectfully say that your assertion is off base on several levels. Based mostly in the area of Metaphysics. For one, Aristotle showed that all contingent things (such as skateboards, skateboarders, the entire social skateboard apparatus for that matter, etc)have their very being/existence as things that consist of act and potency, matter and form, and existence and essence entirely contingent upon an Unmoved Mover that is necessary for their existence at all. Take motion for instance, a skateboarder actualizes his potential to move when he/she responds to the soulish mental urge to participate in the act of skateboarding. So, how is it that composite beings such as skateboarders have the ability to move at all? Their movement takes place in their being by way of the act/potency, matter/form/ existence/essence composition by which the potentialities of skateboarding are able to be actualized. The only way that this is metaphysically possible is by way of Aristotle’s Prime Mover, the Uncaused Cause of all else that exists. One can only skate by way of the Unmoved Mover who is entirely free from act/potency composition (i.e. Ontologically Actus Puris lat.) of all subsequent motion that takes place in the universe. In short, not only does the God you speak of have a place in skateboarding, but the entirety of skateboarding, and the act of skating itself, are only even metaphysically possible by way of Aristotle’s Unmoved Mover, the Mover that Thomas Aquinas later proved to be God. QED.

      • To quote a great man, I think it was me…”it’s not that I don’t believe in God…it’s just that I don’t care.”

        • Ha! Just busting your chops mang. Religious discussions on blogs/chat rooms wear me out and never seem to go anywhere anyways. Rather, let’s go skate and grab some pilsners (non alcoholic for me, though) Peace and merry new year..

        • If you don’t care, then don’t bring it up out of the blue!

      • This logic is outstanding. I’m finally converted. God just ‘urged’ me to get up the duff and… it happened!

  2. Dave iLL on December 26, 2013 - Reply

    ?12 Wheels” of Xmas

  3. Let’s go skate .

  4. Supposedly the sasquatch has a spread in the new Skidmark mag but I have yeti to see it.

  5. Oceanside ca.

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