Eat the Rich


The age old story of an insanely wealthy boy and his dog’s misadventures on a time traveling skateboard. How a comic book character as weak as Richie Rich got a spinoff title is a mystery. Richie must have been pretty popular. The number 2 issue of Richie Rich & the Dollar Dog, (February of 1978) has a story titled “Skateboard Dog.” With the bar already raised so high by the title, you’d think the story would fail to measure up, and you’d be correct. I think every issue of Richie Rich and his affiliated crew is worthy of the title “Number 2.” You can check out this sad tail [sic] after the jump. Some of the pages proved difficult to lay flat, but I didn’t take apart the issue for scanning in fear of destroying it’s obvious (huge) money making potential. I think I paid $3.50 for this 15 year old comic. In 15 more years I may double my investment! Eat that, Richie Rich.

The cover.







Well… this frame is nice. And, holy cow, the illustrator predicted the modern popsicle stick double kick by at least 10 years! So there is some worthwhile content here after all.



  1. talentlessquitter on August 27, 2013 - Reply

    Please no more Aerosmith references.

    • ZERO FOR THE DAY! What on earth about Kilwag makes you assume that that’s an Aerosmith-song instead of a Motorhead-song/movie-title reference? C’mon, Lemmy as a KGB agent, with a Motorhead soundtrack, the weirdest tranny protagonist since Divine, and a Reagan-on-steroids Home Sec, with Paul McCartney appearing briefly to inadvertently eat the rich? …And you’re gonna assume he’s referring to the Aerosmith rap song that came seven years later?

      • I have Motorhead and Aerosmith in my collection, but in all honesty it was a brain synapse misfiring, I was thinking of the Dils song “I hate the rich” when I titled this, but Motorhead would have come to mind next.

        • Yeah, but do you have any Aerosmith RAP songs in your collection?? You should watch the movie “Eat the Rich”. British retardation at its finest.

  2. Bark to the Future

  3. Yeah god save the Dils, not Aerosmith or motorhead! Way to keep it real Randy.

  4. Just saw some pre-CiaoManhattan footage of Edie Sedgewick that has me thinking that Richie’s was supposed to be reminiscent of her face. (And she was, after all, the character in a Warhol movie titled Poor Little Rich Girl.) That might even explain why bland-ass trying-too-hard Club Kids all wanted to become DJ’s named Richie Rich… even though the comic character was “weak”. But, the bottom line is that the tail manual to nose manual in the Richie Rich (obsess much?) comic that you showed the other week very much anticipated the ollie, specifically the flat ground version, and thus the need for the anachronistic nose kick featured in this week’s episode… so, Richie Rich the comic book seems like it was at least as important as Dogtown, and more inventive.

  5. The term “Eat the Rich” has been around for a while. I had an EAT THE RICH stenciled t-shirt (in big Dayglow letters) that some older squatter/anarchists friends printed up in 1980 in Los Angeles, (the shirt was deemed too offensive at that time and I was sent home from my high school). I find it ironic that years later Aerosmith would name a song this, considering how rich they must have been at that time (raking in the dough off the commercialized teenage angst of the time, middle America. and their die hard fans) Personally, I still enjoy my pre 80’s Aerosmith that I grew up listening to as a kid. “Dream On” Richie Rich!

    • Yes, but there was only one movie by that name, and it had a Motorhead soundtrack, and it SPOOFED anarchists as well as eighties old-man-as-superman conservatism, and the bottom line is, the Aerosmith song of seven years later was wretched and ain’t nothing anyone should have ever referred to. Furthermore, Eat the Dils; their song Kilwag mentioned is the equivalent of “I Hate Cancer”, and California bands probably just shouldn’t have bothered with punk, unless they GOT that California was a joke… like the Angry Samoans and Feederz.

      • And of course the Vandals. (Though California’s being a joke came back to bite their singer in the ass, in the form of a litigious bandmate.)

      • Joke? One letter for you …. X

        • Good one. (Joke, not band.) The Weirdos or Channel 3 I’d buy, though. But c’mon, “Demolicion” by 1965 Peruvian band Los Saicos truly was punkier or rockiner or whatever you wanna call it than anything X ever did. “Demolicion” you could skate to now… X songs, not so much. (Except for “Halfway Round the World”, but that’s not by “L.A.”X.)

  6. Edie Sedegwick? Yes!

  7. The true spirit of what was labeled “Punk” died a long time ago. The attitude is real and it exists in many different forms today, but it’s not the same. There was great new sounding music coming from all over the world in the late 70’s. Bands that came from that original scene all sounded different at the time, (they should have called it DIY music because we despised the term punk back then). Today everything is pre packaged and conveniently labeled for public consumption.

    • I dunno, GMCFOSHO’s rap ballad “Miss My Nigga” is punkier towards Rap (and certainly seems to get that a certain Compton [CA] style’s a joke)… and, furthermore, is less “pre packaged”… than, say, Patti Smith’s “Rock and Roll Nigger”, and the (admittedly, less goofy) California answer to it, “White Nigger”, by the Avengers, from THAT era, were… towards Rock. And, something tells me Gil ain’t gonna lose “rights” to his “music” and have to sell me a bootleg cd recording of one of his own albums… a la the Avenger’s Penelope. California just never has been sly in a good way, I tell you… except when it comes to those that get that it’s a joke and scoff. And at least Edie Sedgewick’s tits weren’t fake in Manhattan (though they certainly were in “Ciao, Manhattan”)… and and and maybe the subsequent comic book Richie Rich was an Easterny call for just a hint of noblesse oblige??? I think I better go skate before I come up with something even goofier….

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