Jinty: Skateboard Jean is on the Warpath


Catawiki has a collection of covers from the Jinty comic book that contain the Concrete Surfer stories. Jinty ran from the mid 70’s to early 80’s. It was written fro girls, and most of the issues had a Sci-fi or supernatural theme. Somehow, skateboarding fits in that theme too. Several Jintys with skateboard covers after the jump.

– Thanks to David ODK for the tip.

Skateboard Jean’s helmet says “Bob.”



It’s fun!


Skateboarding is for GIRLS! Our smashing story proves it.

I’m not sure what you call that move where she’s doing the splits on top of three skateboards. That’s a new one to me.

It feels fantastic!



Jean’s a loser, living on charity… but a whiz kid on wheels!

That’s one hell of a gorilla grip, but that vacant stare is unnerving.


  1. awesome find!

  2. Doing the splits on three skateboards is new to you, but that handstand manual isn’t? Seriously though, (this came up at a session the other day… and I declared that if there are any assholes left in skating, trying one would confer instant absolution), has anyone ever done handstand drop-ins, off of coping?

  3. Okay, so excuse my ignorance, a handstand manual IS a thing (but then again, a 3 board split may be)… but is a handstand drop-in a thing yet?

    • Silly me, shoulda checked Youtube… now I at least know it’s been tried, though I still haven’t a clue as to whether it is, or was, a thing. One attempt on Youtube on a 3 foot mini equalled full faceplant, though, and another, LESS competent attempt, on a 2 foot mini, equalled never got front wheels down and did a backplant. But, at least those individuals have absolution.

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