Free skateboard with t-shirt


As seen at a local Kmart while hunting for (kiddie) pools. $15 will get you a t-shirt and a crappy skateboard that is too small for any kid that would actually fit into that t-shirt. The skateboard is literally attached to the hanger. U-S-A! U-S-A!


  1. it is not a skateboard … a big key holder, or maybe an artefact for would be poseurs. Certainly not a skateboard.

  2. Grover on July 1, 2013 - Reply

    You can also get a free Mp3 player with one of the other T-shirts.

  3. Heath on July 2, 2013 - Reply

    I like the military/dragon/paisley/skateboard motif. Every skater can relate to that, right?

  4. masterochicken on July 5, 2013 - Reply

    I have on of those cheap little boards. Dork sessions a-plenty.

  5. sheltered on July 7, 2013 - Reply

    I like the fact that you took it off the rack and put it on the floor to get a pic of it!

  6. What a deal!

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