Da Year Of Da Moke


Frank De Lim Presents – Da Year Of Da Moke could have been yours for $11, delivered in the US. Totally worth it, regardless of what I sounds like. I was watching the auction with the intention of buying it, but the seller was such an annoying twit that I refused to on principle. “Hey, can I see the whole cover? Sure, as soon as you win the auction and unwrap it.” Yeah right. How effing lazy do you have to be? He scanned the photo and only part of it fits on the scanner. I’ve actually run into this before when buying records online, but usually the seller is smart enough to realize a little cooperation can result in a higher bid. I just don’t get it. Point your cellphone at the cover and shoot the whole damn thing. It’s worse then when people sell something on Craigslist and don’t include any picture. Usually the same mindset of a person that will list something for sale on Craigslist and leave town for the weekend immediately after posting it.

OK, rant over. Even though I showed him by not bidding… I’m thinking I should have swallowed my pride and bid anyway. This is a potential classic.

FRANK DE LIMA Presents – Da Year Of Da Moke LP Early 80’s on Pocholinga Productions PP-111 Private: Private Press Hawaiian LP from Totally 80’s rad cover with Boom Box and Santa Cruz Skateboard

Tracks: Da Blalla, I Speak Pidgeon, I’m A Podagee Man, The Ballad of Bishop, Baldwin, Rewald, Dillingham, and Wong, Far Too Wide For Me, I’m Local, and Year Of Da Hawaiian – Chant Kamehameha, Captain Cook, Missionaries, Immigration, Bombs From Japan, Da Greatest Place Of All.


  1. the shralper on April 20, 2013 - Reply

    that face alone is worth $11

  2. now guess, who was the one and only bidder on this one (it sold for $ 6.99 plus S&H btw).

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