Let’s make A Deal!


Daymond Dodge snapped these pics off his TV. He happened to catch Let’s Make A Deal with host Wayne Brady. A Zonk prize? Now way! Who wouldn’t want a skateboarding gorilla? Even if you couldn’t keep the guy in the monkey suit, that’s the sweet spot for novelty oversized skateboards. This type of video is worth it’s weight in gold to a historian/connoisseur such as myself, so if anyone caught it on tape, please share the wealth. CBS has full episodes on the web, but Daymond caught this on the 28th of December, and they don’t have any from that date. I think it’s a repeat.

“Zonk” is right. Where’s the missing exclamation point?




Wayne Brady has nice form, but no eye for the line. Look at that transition he missed.


Sad monkey.





  1. Love the historian/connoisseur self-reference. And who wouldn’t want a giant gorilla on a giant skateboard as a prize? Beats me…

  2. I would have died to get the call for that job.

  3. I would kill to be in the position to call Grover for that job.

  4. If ever there was a match made in heaven.

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