Fashion. Pbbfffffft!

Near as I can tell, there’s no griptape on this skateboard collaboration between Neiman Marcus, Target, and designer Derek Lam.

Kick, push, coast in style. 10 Crosby Derek Lam skateboard boasts a smart two-tone graphic logo print on top. When you pop an ollie, you’ll show a flash of the underside, which features modern graphic geometric print.
7-ply Canadian maple deck with 10C logo-print grip deck and die-cut 10 Crosby Derek Lam logo.
Concave profile with rounded kick tail/nose for urban street cruising.
Lightweight and maneuverable.

All hardware (bolts, nuts, kingpin, washers) is golden anodized.
Red, white-walled 52mm polyurethane wheels feature the 10 Crosby Derek Lam logo.
Use of helmet is recommended for safety.
31 1/5″L x 8″W x 3 4/5″D.

Imported you say? I wonder what exotic asian locale they used to make these props?

[Source: Saint Louis Today] – Thanks to Jonathan Harms for the tip.


  1. I followed the link to the product page. $99 bucks for a Target board? A little steep. But zooming on on the picture of the underside, I noticed the kingpin to be very unique… inverted kingpin with domed top and hex head with an allen key slot too. Covering all the bases? And gold colored bolts and nuts all around. Lame, but interesting.

  2. Fitzzzzzz.... on December 3, 2012 - Reply

    I like that it features a “concave profile and rounded kicknose/tail for urban street cruising.”

    What a feature! But will it work for rural street cruising? What about suburban streets? What if I want to do more than just cruise? Can I carouse on this board, too?

  3. “Carousing-enablement copers” are an extra $45….

  4. Last Friday it was already being (chicken)hawked on eBay for $299 – “Not in stores yet!” If I had stones that big, I’d be pulling 900s like kickturns.

  5. Derek Lam or lame ?

  6. You could cut it in half and give it to your bff.

  7. It’s almost 4″ thick?

    • No, that’d be a description of the head of anyone who buys one. Or maybe just the thickness of the bit of packaging that covers the rear wheels: the Corrugated Anti Road Debris Blemish Obscuring Add-on Retail Display box.

  8. Garbage

  9. not bad for road trips to a friends house but not much of a trick board due to the rounded tail. Overall its pretty nice and very durable.

  10. Yo I skated one of those boards. They have amazing pop and flick its strong too. I use mine to film look me up Keith Bullock Jr. On Facebook IMA team rider for Venndk8 Clothing.

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