720 Soundtracks

I was checking out a 7″ cover of the 720 soundtrack released by a band called Metronome the City, trying to track down an original that wasn’t on eBay, and of course I stumbled on a bunch of other time wasting distractions. Ahh… Interwebs™. Let me count the ways that I love you.

Transfer of the cassette soundtrack that might have been released by Computer & Video Games Magazine at some point during 720’s heyday.

Here’s the cassette, courtesy of skipratmedia

Metronome the City plays the music of 720 live in 2008. This looks like it might be a flexi disc pressing. It’s apparent that they released a proper 7″ version (see image above: bottom left) but I don’t know if it’s the same live version or not. I actually prefer the original videogame soundtrack which is a pretty solid 80’s era copy of Devo-esque new wave.

Here’s a screen capture of the game map pieced together by 720 Zone, your one stop shop for all things 720°, and I mean ALL things, like buying guides, ROMs, owner’s manuals, sound effects downloads, promo flyers, game strategies, restoration instructions, 720 in the media, high score conspiracy theories… you name it. My hat’s off (painters cap with a sticker under the brim, folded up) to Jeff Civitate for being, well, the Skate and Annoy of the 720 video game.


  1. Weird how that brings back memories. I can smell the 7-11 now.

  2. Grover on March 1, 2012 - Reply

    Is it Gator on the disc. I always thougt it was.

  3. I’m too big a nerd!

    720º was a hell of a game with a lot of firsts, Atari built a half pipe in their warehouse to watch people skate to get the animations down for the game.

    That 7″ was the first video game music track ever pressed to vinyl.

  4. Loved 720! Did you know that was Doug Smith (G&S) who is skating in the game?

  5. PIGCITY on March 2, 2012 - Reply

    The tape wasn’t released by C&VG (computer & video games) This was packaged with the release of the home computer version in the UK for Spectrums Commodores etc. The idea was that you loaded the game up, then took out the game tape and popped in the audio soundtrack tape. Wicked Mon, just like the arcade!!!!

  6. I can confirm that the Metronome The City version of the soundtrack is (or was) available on a proper, non-flexi 7″ record. I have one here.

    • Is it the live version?

      • Sorry, almost didn’t come back and see this. My record is the same pink vinyl one you have a pic of, the music on it is the same version as in the record player video you posted, minus the “record sounds”. Not sure if there’s record of a “live” version, I think they kind of did the record I have “live in the studio” and that’s it.

  7. orezona on March 8, 2012 - Reply

    How long until someone uses the audio track for their video part?

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