The Roast of the Year

So it’s true, if you want to hear me badger Randy on Callin’ on Colin listen in at PDX.FM tomorrow (Thurs.) at 2pm.

Check the archives for an interview with Howard of CalSkate and next week, I should have Kyle from Cal’s Pharmacy/ Dept. fame.

Please post any questions we should entertain in the comments!


  1. Who is the fat dude on the left?

  2. What kind of shampoo do you use in that fabulous mane of hair?

  3. JakeAndAnnoy on September 15, 2010 - Reply

    Gucci shampoo. It’s a Gucci mane.

  4. how much money do you make from skate and annoy? negative numbers count

  5. houseofneil on September 15, 2010 - Reply

    dude, what’s the deal with your flyaway now? It’s perched up there like a bird on nest.

  6. Somehow confused this with Facebook. Oh well, still a cool spot.

    And to the rest of you, it’s still a uniform, BMX is still sick, and you’re all jocks.

  7. Damn, and I thought I was posting under the Brooklyn Skate Spot thread.

    Man, this shit is confounding!

  8. Hey, that looks exactly like a photo Rich took of Randy and Mark. How funny!

  9. Oops. Thanks Rich for the photo! err… if it’s in Google Images, is it Public Domain?

    • That would be a good question for Randy on tomorrow’s show. Another good question might be about the origins of Skate and Annoy back in Illinois and how it has evolved.

  10. Can’t get the PDx fm to load?

  11. Caught the iTunes version fun listen. Mj is a great parenting aid IMO

  12. Good interview.

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