Shaun White has Fast Company – Tony Hawks PJ’s are flammable.

Shaun White in Fast Company

The magazine Fast Company is all up in Shaun White’s business. Sure, Tony Hawk was in Success magazine, but leave it to Shaun to appear in a “hipper” business publication like Fast Company. I happend to catch an episode of MTV’s Run’s House where they were trying to figure out in a very contrived way how to make one of Run’s kid’s feel better about being heckled for skating. Run had a contrived inspiration to have Tony Hawk come and visit, but one of his sons had a contrived idea that it had to be someone cooler, like Ryan Sheckler. He might have said fresher or even younger, I can’t remember. Anyway, what a coincidence, Sheckler just happened to have a show on MTV at the time. Poor Tony. First he suffers form age discrimination on MTV, then his Mad Dog pajamas catch on fire. With a name like “Mad Dog,” you’d figure they would be Tony Alva pjs. I think my nephew might actually have a pair of these.

[Source: Boardistan]

Mad Dog Concepts Recalls Boy’s Pajamas Due to Burn Hazard

Tony Hawk Pajamas recalled


  1. PIGCITY on January 26, 2009 - Reply

    For fucks sake whose idea was the photo shoot on the Shaun White article.
    “So anyway we could have him riding on the desk at a meeting”
    “No wait it could be a board meeting”
    “Fuck yeah”
    “What a juxtaposition to have a him skating in a suit through like a financial area”

    Nice idea guys but what ever you try he will always look like a Ginger Snow Brucer

  2. OK, so at first I thought this was Friday T&A, what with the ’80s looking purple pant-suit and fetching cleavage on the bottom 2 pics…oops

  3. I used to hate doing deliveries for fast company when I was a bike messenger in sf. god damn gift baskets and heavy packages filled with their stupid magazines.

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