Friday T&A on S&A: Daniel Gesmer

Daniel Gesmer on Facebook

Daniel Gesmer on Facebook.

Now where did I put my skateboard?

UPDATE: We’ve removed the photo due to the copyright restrictions of the photographer.


  1. Private spots. Har har!

  2. I used to fast forward his part of the vid… the gliding gets core at at 10x speed…. hahahaha. 😉

  3. Daniel Gesmer on November 8, 2008 - Reply

    Conahan –

    I’m truly flattered by your interest in me, but I’m afraid I just don’t swing that way.

    Don’t you have anything better to do than troll the Facebook profiles of people you don’t know? Kinda creepy if you ask me.

    I bet you’re the kind of guy who wouldn’t have the guts to insult a real homosexual even if he were right in front of you. Yeah, Keyboard Conan, you’d be too confused about whether you felt more attracted than repulsed.

    Get a life, dude.

  4. nweyesk8 on November 8, 2008 - Reply

    damn Conahan, I guess he told you… 🙂

  5. nweyesk8 on November 8, 2008 - Reply

    I agree, I always fast forwarded through that part of the video too. I just never felt leotards had any place in skateboarding, even on a freestyle board.

  6. Campbell on November 8, 2008 - Reply

    i love the fact there’s even a gay rainbow in the background of his public domain part… so gay.

    not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  7. Blowtorch Betty on November 8, 2008 - Reply

    I hate to burst your bubble guys, but everyone who actually knows Dan, knows that he plays for the hetero team. I may even have firsthand experience of that. But what I want to know, Webmaster Conahan, is why a supposedly straight guy like yourself is spending so much time collecting photos of Dan and animating them? I find it fascinating that is there a semi-nude photo of a man at the top of your home page. Perhaps you should get off your computer and start sending kinky text messages to girls. Or hit the gym, and go score yourself a hot young Betty or three. Dan looks hot, and that’s all there is to it!

  8. Betty – There are many authors on this site. Conahan is one of the contributors. And actually, Dan brought up inferred homosexuality before anyone else. We have an irregular feature here called Friday T&A that usually has some sort of risque pic of a gal and a skateboard found elsewhere on the web. Mark decided to have some fun with that theme by posting the shot of Dan. I secretly feel Mark doesn’t approve of the Friday T&A shots, but that’s another matter. If Dan is somehow embarrassed by his photo… well why put it up? “Dan looks hot, and that’s all there is to it!” well that’s the whole point of T&A isn’t it? A semi nude photo of a figure with an indelible presence in skateboarding culture is appropriate in this context. The homophobia isn’t coming from Conahan, rather you.

    Kilwag – AKA The Editor

  9. It does seem like MC has a slight man crush on Dan though…

  10. Blowtorch Betty on November 9, 2008 - Reply

    Man Crush indeed! Aw, isn’t that sweet…
    Dan isn’t embarrassed by his photo, else why would he have posted it? And the women of Facebook are eating it up, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Goddamn, it’s purdy…

  11. Blowtorch Betty on November 9, 2008 - Reply

    I wouldn’t call me homophobic, however, esp. since I was just out in SF protesting the passage of prop 8. Merely making an objective observation about someone who likes to call others “gay”. This whole thread is just beating the dead horse…

  12. Man, those workouts are really paying off for Barack… oh.

  13. The way I see it, if you want the world to see how hot you are and you put a photo of yourself like that on the internerd, you need to accept it is now public property. All sorts of people will be touching themselves while checking it out and there is little you can do Dan, no matter which way you swing.

  14. Dan has apparently always been crazy, why get but hurt (no pun intended) over people calling him out on it?

    I say sparkle on, you fruity, talented, herculean diamond.

    Betty, take some xanex and relax. Jesus.

  15. colin walsh rules on November 9, 2008 - Reply

    those are some nice triceps, looks like carrot-tops.

  16. I guess he’s in to Rollerblading now.

  17. I’ve known Dan since 1986, and for almost as long people have been taking shots at Dan for his skating style, products or sexual orientation. All the while he has continued making contributions to skateboarding; Seismic Trucks and Wheels, authoring articles for various skateboarding publications and spending untold thousands of dollars of his own money traveling to contests in the US and Europe, handling the thankless job of timing and administering slalom races. He also developed the software program that is used at almost every slalom race today.

    I wonder what Conahan contributions to skateboarding have been, other than the occasional derogatory post about Dan?

  18. You guys are awfully defensive. All Conahan did was post his picture and link to his video parts and article in case people didn’t know who he was. You protest too much.

    What’s he (Conahan) done for skateboarding? Not much, except for all the skatepark advocacy, helmet advocacy, a long running comic strip about skateboarding, a well known zine, a former illustrator for Thrasher in it’s formative years… yeah, not much.

  19. What has Conahan done Jack? He has been skateboarding for over 20 years and so far has accomplished Nothing.

    No gimmicky trucks, no downhill software, and no stinkbug airs from MC.

  20. houseofneil on November 9, 2008 - Reply

    You’re all too defensive on both sides. Guys, everybody kiss and makeup. This is silly.

  21. I apologize to Conahan and the readers of this forum for my questioning of Conahan’s contributions to skateboarding. I truly had no idea, I should have done a bit of checking before shooting my mouth off.

    Hass, of course no one likes stinkbug airs. And although you don’t care for Dan’s trucks, which of course is your choice, I know there are quite a few folks who don’t consider them gimmicky. And it’s slalom racing software, not downhill. Hey, two out of three ain’t bad.

    All the best,

  22. skaterdave on November 9, 2008 - Reply

    I met Dan at an NSA district qualifier in Rockford IL in ’89 or’90. He spent a few minutes earnestly explaining that his trucks HAD to be better than everything else on the market because they were designed using a sophisticated computer program. I tried them ( on flat ground) and thought they’d be lousy for vert, and told him so. He didn’t mind, and said he’d designed them for his style of skating. He demonstrated for me…boy o boy his skating IS chock full of style. Just for the record though, my contribution to skateboarding is this – when I skate, kids watching say “Oh my god,how do you do that, I wish I could do that” and I tell them “you can” and I give them boards or they get their own and they learn or I teach them…kids want to fly, they don’t want to do ballet

  23. carvin marvin on November 9, 2008 - Reply

    my contribution to skateboarding? long runs, same tricks over and over, next run same as before.
    but at least i ride indy’s and keep my shirt on.

  24. yo blow tourch tell us what is was like. Mabe a video or something. first hander

  25. Dang, I missed all the action. 24 comments?! Dan, the guilty flee where none pursue! Haw haw! I actually came across your photo because you are friend of a friend of a friend on Facebook and didn’t have your facebook profile visible to friends only.

    Kilwag hit the nail on the head. I thought this would be a funny contrast to the usual visual exploitation of the female form by skateboarding.

    We aim to annoy.

  26. isnt Brian Anderson from Girl gay? It doesnt matter if Daniel is straight or gay, he is a skater and thats all. Rainbow flags in a roller rink and spandex pants, or suspenders with no shirt kind of lead you to think tho. Ive seen loads of nancy boys in my lifetime that are surprisingly straight and alot of he-men that are surprisingly gay. As Mark Renton put it, in a hundred years there will be no guys or girls, just wankers.

  27. sutherlin sk8er on November 10, 2008 - Reply

    haha. that was entertaining. next!

  28. Ryan Heckler on November 10, 2008 - Reply

    I was young enough to not see dan’s part in the powell video as making him gay, I always fast forwarded through his part cause it was just lame.Gay or straight, it didn’t matter, it was just purely lame. re-watching the video recently, his part is still pretty damn stupid by any standard, although Brad the handstand man gives him a good run for his money.

  29. Propinas on November 10, 2008 - Reply

    Yeah, I thought that was Barrack at first to, but it’s just a GAY pose. Gay on! GAY on all of you. WHOOOOOO software for slalom racing. I have some software for all kinds of timed events, a stopwatch. As for seismic=gay in my opinion. Blowtorch Betty, good for you and that firsthand experience. That sounds gay to. I’m with skaterdave. How many kids have I encouraged to drop in, told bend your knees, roll when you fall, get back up and keep skating, tell people who deserve to be told to F off and don’t take sh&* from anyone, buy guns, keep your ammo stocked up, make sure you have water for five days, and a healthy supply of canned goods………Go have a nice PHUCKING DAY!!!

  30. mr. gesmer,

    creepy is…

    … referring to yourself as daniel;
    … having that photo commissioned in the first place;
    … posting that photograph of yourself to the Web;
    … arguing that your not homosexican if your not homosexican;
    … skating the way you do.

    ’nuff said.

    -brent d.

  31. Alright, can we take a break from this? Don’t make me close this post to comments. If I have to, I’ll pull over!

  32. Hey, you are comment coercing! We have an inalienable right to bump the Dead Wrestlers and Gabriel Park design threads from the most commented list. The people are speaking.

  33. Ryan Heckler on November 10, 2008 - Reply

    even if no is listening…

  34. Only possible because i turned off commenting for the dDead wrestlers post. If I hadn’t, it would be in the 200+ mark by now.

    I’m not saying “Don’t comment,” I’m saying “Don’t comment if it the only thing you have to say is ‘Dan is gay’.”

    Dang, how do you punctuate that last sentence. Where does the period go?

  35. Dan is a good friend whom is without a doubt NOT gay and I absolutely think he looks fabulous in this picture! Can anyone spell j-e-a-l-o-u-s, I think Conahan can!!! 😉

  36. Jessica.. you (and Dan) missed the point entirely. Conahan made no implications about Dan being gay. This was simply Conahan’s reaction to a semi-regular “Friday T&A on S&A” post. He thought it would be amusing to counter the usual objectification of women in the feature with photos of a male involved with skateboarding. In this case, The shots of Dan worked perfectly.

    Of course, some of the less enlightened readers felt obligated to sink to the lowest level, but Conahan can’t be blamed for that.

  37. Have we established once and for all, due to the testimony of two, uh, “experienced” (apparently) female friends, that Daniel (his girlfriends call him Dan) Gesmer is the gayest DEFINITELY NOT gay man on the planet? Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course.

  38. Dammit MC, I blame you entirely. Just had to go and fuss with T&A didn’t ya. Fkn comedian… Leave the T&A to the experts… the ladies! And in order to make up for MCs comedic license, S&A should post pics sent in by Jessica and Betty for next Friday’s T&A. Which they will I’m sure happily provide to prove their love for Dan.

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