Hawk gets annoyed at E3

Tony Hawk interview by Jamie Kennedy

A seemingly drunk or otherwise incapacitated Jamie Kennedy interviewed Tony Hawk and his game developer at E3, which is to video games what an eBay convention would be like for skateboard collectors. Jamie is clearly phoning in his performance and bombing, but it’s still pretty funny to watch him take the piss out of all the video game geeks. Also amusing is when Tony Hawk realizes he’s in a bullshit situation and turns it back on Jamie a little. Watch the vid (only if you are bored) after the jump. And while we’re doing video games and skateboarding, if you are truly bored, you can also see a picture of a board someone painstakingly painted with a character from the Legend of Zelda. [Source: Gametrailers.com via Best Week Ever]

Tony Hawk interview by Jamie Kennedy

Legend of Zelda Skateboard

Ok, I get using a skateboard as a canvas, but I don’t get using it to paint The Legend of Zelda. If that’s your thing, check it out ‘The Legend of Zelda: Deck of Awesomeness” on The Tanooki.

Check this board out. Fireballzer0 has custom painted his own deck to resemble our hero Link on a stained glass window. Let me tell you, there’s no better way to show how cool you are among your skater friends.

Legend of Zelda Skateboard


  1. Danimal on July 23, 2007 - Reply

    wow that was sucky, but the getting high joke was funny.

  2. OMG. If you didn’t think JK was lame before. Watch this video. Whoever picked him for the host of this segment probably got “career counseling” immediately after this was shot.

  3. David W(ALB) on July 25, 2007 - Reply

    HAHA Jamie Kennedy has no natural comic abilities.. I want to see tony just flip out and truck smack his lil beech ass.. you aint in MALIBU anymore Jamie! you lil beech ass mofo ill sho you FOE … when I truck slap your FOE head wigga

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