The Condemned

Ramp in condemned house

Jake Feranti (No relation to Ferrante and Teicher) sent in some pictures of an no defunct ramp built in a condemned house, which may I say is an excellent idea, provided the house isn’t condemned for asbestos or black mold. Look closely and you’ll see duct tape on the ramp, which was originally garbage picked. It just goes to show that there are small scenes hiding out all over the place. Keep your eyes open and your thinking cap on.

I asked Jake about the history of the ramp, if they just barged the house and built it, etc…

Full on barge? It would appear so. I did not build it, and I use the term “build”, loosely as there was repair tape all over that poor lil’ guy or girl, or whatever fucking endearment we use whilst referencing old ramps. We literally ran that thing into the ground, ie: deck of ramp (both sides) was jimmy-rigged countless times to avoid a total collapse, same gig with the coping. Loose screws; niether end seemed to stay in place for too long. Truth is, whoever built it originally(roughly 6 years ago) left both pieces out to be garbage, a couple of friends put those pieces in the aformentioned house, and from there we 1/2 assed rigged it, and for awhile it was fun and very skateable. (Only been here 2 years, same w/knowing these guys) You have to love these things to keep them around rather than just ungratefully dismiss them as debris. Old fun boxes,ramps etc. You never know when you will want to make something handy out of an eyesore. (like that time I used pinkeye to my advantage)

Ramp in condemned house

Ramp in condemned house

Ramp in condemned house

Ramp in condemned house

Ramp in condemned house

Ramp in condemned house


  1. can some one give me some link where they teatch how to build a ramp like that one?

  2. I can see the ad now…
    Close in cosmetic fixer! This classic bungalow just needs a little of your T.L.C. Spacious inviting entry and living room once structure has been removed.

  3. Or we should develop the flatpak mini ramp that they could sell at Ikea.

  4. Hah, dream house? I think so, looks pretty gnarly, lucky dudes hah.

  5. harryG on August 4, 2007 - Reply

    hi, great ramp i dont suppose you could send me some suggestions of how to make something that good

    g underscore unit underscore boi1

  6. WOW. That is so rad! Can you give me some tips on how to make one of those.

  7. JAKEANDANNOY on February 8, 2008 - Reply

    Thanks, I never thought these pictures would garner compliments or even inquiries on how to build. To be honest, the ramp was in 2 pieces and we didnt really “build” it. Scrap wood was used to cover the top of the decks, and was never that stable. The coping was donated by friends and we merely secured it in place, and you can definitly see we just got a sheet of masonite and nailed/taped it. There were soft spots on flat of the ramp but the ramp was so small, it didnt seem to matter.Anyway, cant tell anyone how to build one, because I dont know how to build shit.I know how to skate, and skating builds charactar, so there’s that. It was just nice to play on when it rained, good times. We even sessioned it in the summer, w/no a/c! Thats right, cause we’re a bunch of shreddin’ gnar-dogs who play by our own rules!Thats right, my mom will be all “eat your tomato soup, honey”
    and I’ll be all: “Fuck you mom, I hate this soup, your poor!” “I want Mcdonalds Mcrib”! And my Mom would be like: “honey, now you cant have Mcrib everynight” Then I respond with “fuck that, I just kill you and take your credit card, I’ll have mcrib for the rest of my fuckin life if I want”!…and then I killed her and took her credit card, then end.

  8. LISTEN TO THRASHIN IN THE STREETS! on April 23, 2008 - Reply




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