My favorite kind of street skating.

This quick wall in the street area at Glenhaven remided me of some photos of Glen Woodruff from the first issue of Skateboarder when they revived it in the seventies (Vol. 2 No. 1).

The Torrance library we went to when I was in grade school had transitions at the base of the building and I thought this thing might have been there. Looks more like a college campus to me now and a lot of the coverage in Skateboarder was of spots further south.

These Woodruff photos really caught our imagination. We were mostly skating down hills and sidewalks and learning to do handstands. That little transition looked a lot like surfing. That little wall got Glen Woodruff a Who’s Hot! I don’t think I ever saw that guy in the mag again.

Photo: Mike Epeneter

Photos: Warren Bolster – Click to see this image bigger.

I have an image of another section of that Glenhaven tranny on antigravity press. and if you need more shots of the Glenhaven progress, Jesse Bracewell posted some shots over at Skaters for Public Skateparks.


  1. thats cool that doing kickturns would get you magazine coverage. i like how they associate Glen with a spot, almost like it’s his identity. Early street skating to be sure. I like that idea at a park. I suck and am stuck in the 80s so i definitely would be sessioning that.

  2. Jeff Woodruff on October 4, 2007 - Reply

    hahaha… Thats my dad! we have that issue of skater magazine in my house somewhere.

  3. Is your dad still riding?

  4. except the fact that spot is one foot of vert shorter than glenhaven.

  5. Jeff Woodruff on October 6, 2007 - Reply

    he is an airline pilot now but he still likes to mess around on the skateboard sometimes. He does a lot more wakeboarding, snowboarding, and surfing now.

  6. mike epeneter on October 15, 2007 - Reply

    Hey Jeff, this is Mike Epeneter an old friend of your Dad’s and the one who took the pic’s at UCSD library. Let your Dad know I live in Capo Beach now and also work in the Airline Industry. I’d love to catch up sometime and he can contact me at

  7. This is Glenn Woodruffs son! Do you still have that magazine or do you have an hi res photos of my dad skating? I work for a pretty big sunglass company and I’d love to make a retro tee of my dad ripping!

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