Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Back to the Future skateboard prop replicas.

I’m not sure who has the biggest case of OCDM, the guy who fabricates replicas of Back to the Future movie props or the guy that writes about him on a web site. The movie prop guy has gone out of his way to replicate a crappy Valterra skateboard, but he does have an actual prototype of the hoverboard. Speaking of OCD, the video capture comes from the Converse Chuck Taylor equivalent of this web site, called The ChucksConnection.

Collecting Back to the Future Prop Replicas

Let’s peer into the psyche of this individual known as BTTF123. First off, his screen name is an acronym for “Back to the Future 1,2 and 3.”

This is my Custom made Screen accurate Prop of Marty’s Skateboard seen in the first part on BACK to the Future. The front of it is also screen accurate and I do have all 3 Madrid Stickers , yellow wheels/trucks, and white Madrid cooplers.

This is the same type Skateboard the was used for Marty in BTTF 1. I added the Rare Madrid stickers on front and back of the board, as well as New Grip tape, White Plastic Truck Guards Rare,and Very Hard to find New Yellow Wheels, to make it Screen Accurate.

Oh yeah, those rare Madrid stickers must be worth a fortune. If so, then I’m rich because I have a handful of them in a box in my basement.

Back to the Future skateboard prop replicas.

This is a Mint,Perfect cond. Top decal of Marty’s Lenticular (HERO) HoverBoard using Icons true Hot Pink Lenticular Honeycomb and Vinyl letters and logos. Also has Neon Green & Pink Velcro and is a 100% Accurate to the one seen in the first part of BTTF 2.

And lastly, the hoverboard prototype. Isn’t that a modified Dressen Dogtown? It came with a certificate of authenticity!

This is a real Prototype Pitbull HoverBoard. It has the rockets and some of the other parts still on it. Comes with a COA.

Back to the Future skateboard prop - hoverboard prototype


  1. You know someone on E-Bay sells functional chainsaw gloves so you can run around acting like Ash?

    This guy and his authentic replicas are pretty funny.

  2. white Madrid cooplers: i’m GRINDING!!! (annoying high pitched whine)

  3. jose julian charles pedraza on April 19, 2008 - Reply

    who mucsh for the hoverboard?
    i wanna buy it please answer me soon. tank you.

  4. i prefer to ride the delorean.

  5. this guy’s hoverboards arent all that great, the fur strap looks like its been chewed and spat out haha. check out this site for better ones, http://www.hoverboard.org.uk

  6. Obsessive compulsive disorder can be managed by increasing the brain serotonin level. This can be done by taking food supplements that contain L-Tryptophan.

  7. […] in the new Earthwing version of the quintessential 80′s poser board. Second only to the Valterra Splatter, memorialized by Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future.Rob Roskopp by Santa CruzThis boards graphics […]

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