Port-a-potty board

Port-a-board coming spring 2007

Coming in Spring of 2007 and promising an “instant change in skateboarding” the Port-a-Board skateboard not only breaks the deck down into three pieces, but the trucks are also on some sort of binding system that allows them to pop off for easy storage and transport. With a name like “Port-A-Board” you leave yourself open to the inevitable potty joke. I know I couldn’t resist, or maybe I’m just lazy. Portable skateboards are nothing new, but this one might have more of a chance than the Stowboard. At least the basic mechanics operate like a regular skateboard, rendering null and voiding any arguement against bringing a skateboard to school. Performance-wise, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if this thing can actually stand up to some serious action, although that shouldn’t be a problem for most kids who usually just stand around at a skate park. Watch the video complete with dramatic soundtrack and more after the jump

UPDATE: Fixed the link to the Port-a-board web site. Sorry.

The web site is short on actual pictures of the product and long on hype. Click the pic to enlarge:
Port a Board


  1. This is absolutely genius!! The younger kids (Razor scooter crowd) will definetely eat this up. The board looks awesome. I’m a 31 year old active skateboarder, and this is something that i would even want because it has such a cool factor. When i skate ramps, i have to change my wheels to a harder compound, and when i skate the boardwalk i install soft compound wheels. THIS NEW TECHNOLOGY FOR THE WHEEL TRUCK ASSEMBLY, COULD POSSIBLY CHANGE THE WAY SKATEBOARD TRUCKS ARE MADE. QUICK AND EASY. FANTASTIC IDEA!!

  2. Dave, you are an absolute idiot!! Judging from your post, you must be one of those guys with a garage full of skateboards that never see the crete. God, I can’t wait for skating to die again. I’m so sick of “New Technology” and the kook that jump all over it. Nothing is new!! Now a hover board, that would be cool….Ha!

  3. Oh yeah and that port-a-board is gay.

  4. totally faggy idea.

  5. Hey guys,

    I have been an avid skater for many years. I have to agree with Dave. If you think about it, all serious riders like the performance of a wood board. The port-a-board idea, i feel is genius, because when we think about it on a kids level they will eat this thing up. I have to say that for the guy who invented this idea, is also genius to beable to make the board hold together and perform. Great job inventor. I will pass your website along to everyone I know.


  6. I don’t think people are saying that kids won’t like it, We all agree that they will. I think most of us think these will not be “performance” skateboards.

  7. Kilwag,

    I agree with what your saying. I actually went on the port-a-board website and found out some info. by asking some questions thru the comment section. I asked if the board holds up to trick riding. Port-a-Board replied that the board does hold up, and that they had professionals ride the board, performing ollies off of 4ft. Loading docks along with rail slides. They stated that the board is made out of extruded aluminum so it is light weight. Port-a-Board also stated that the board is not intended for trick riding, and that it is for transportation use only. Port-a-Board also stated that they know kids will attempt tricks, so the board was constructed to withstand impact. I have an 8 year old son who loves skateing, but is not allowed to bring his board to school, because of storage issues. He watched the videos on the Port-a-Board website, and is begging me to get him one. I believe Port-a-Board will be very successful with there product. If they come out with this same concept with a wood board deck, then that would really knock my socks off!! I think that with the design of there one off wheel truck bases, they very well possibly could have changed the way skateboard trucks are attached. I know with me, when i’m skateing a ramp, i change my wheels to a harder compound wheel and when i’m just skating the boardwalk, i install the soft compound wheels for smoothness. This is a pain in the ass, because you have to unscrew each wheel, and reinstall. With Port-a-Boards concept, i could just have an extra set of trucks ready to go, so all i have to do is unclick one set and click in the other.


  8. Jordan on June 28, 2007 - Reply

    This is awesome. I’m not a pro, and I don’t go to skate parks very often. I mainly use skateboards for transportation, and maybe a few street tricks. I can never go anywhere because there’s nowhere to put my board when I get there. This concept is perfect. The only doubts I have would be the performance of the decks given that it splits into three pieces.

  9. dude this is awesome! where can i get it???

  10. so guys, how much does PORT-A-BOARD pay you to post these comments?

  11. I’m an old skater with a quiver who spends far too much time tweaking my boards (specially when I only really ride two of them) but the people here singing the praises of quick wheel changes via these stupid trucks are retarded. Wouldn’t it be cheaper, lighter and almost as quick to have another pair of wheels mounted on hangers in your bag?, the hangers for your ‘boardwalk’ wheels could even be ‘lows’ rather than ‘highs’. But even that sounds stupid to be honest…

  12. skatenerd on January 18, 2008 - Reply

    The comments here are making me sick, i’m actually chewing on my puke. when did skateboarding and skateboarders become a bunch of effing twats?? How portable does a skateboard need to be?? How much more lame can skateboarding possibly get?

  13. sleezyskates on January 18, 2008 - Reply

    wheres the portable longboard that folds into 6 pieces?

  14. Wow, I’ll finally be able to fit my skateboard into my purse!

  15. steve o on October 29, 2008 - Reply

    These boards suck. I know the inventor for these and they do pay for these comments that are posted. Another hairbrain idea.

  16. Ryan Heckler on October 29, 2008 - Reply

    another turd on the sidewalk of life…..

  17. What if you rode a touring bicycle around the world, and had a light weight portable skateboard to hit all those hills, that would be fun.

  18. steve t on July 28, 2010 - Reply

    not sure what to say about the comments. i think you need to have ridden one in order to leave an opinion on 1. if it’s cool or not. 2. if it works or dosent. 3. if its practical for what it was designed for. i see no comments from anyone who ever rode one, so it’s all just opinions AND everyone knows that opinions are like ass holes!

  19. I have a port-a-board they are way to heavy they are good to cruze around tho , there also a good filming board.

  20. STEPHANE on February 8, 2014 - Reply

    I think that this system will act a deck safeguard. I think that would be useful if the deck was in wood. Aluminum is definitely too heavy and plastic is good idea.

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