Must see mini-pipe video tutorial!

Must see mini-pipe video tutorial! MTV Skateboarder Commercial

This is probably the best tutorial on how to build a mini-pipe that you will ever see. It’s a quick view, so check it out, you won’t be disappointed.


Watch it first before you read the commentary below.

OK. Now that you’ve seen it, What did I tell you? Apparently they are running this over on MTV as some sort of public service announcement. I wouldn’t know since there are never any actual music videos on MTV so I never pause there when channel surfing. I’m sure the skateboarding community will respond to this in a positive, open minded way, right? If you head on over to YouTube you’ll find that most of the comments are going as you’d expect. It’s as if they unleashed an army of homophobic neanderthals. Inline skaters calling skaters gay, skaters getting really pissed off about the ad’s implications. Retards who can’t spell (“there frootbooters” [sic].) A user named LondonSkater did manage an intelligent comment:

Nothing like breaking down bad stereotypes, eh?
I mean, two skateboarders – caps backwards, crappy music rocking out in the background with a pair of shorts only boardroom executives would wear…That’s spot on, right? I mean skateboarders look like that, don’t they….er…bro.

Pfft. Good idea very badly executed.

That sums it up best. Some people are gay. Who cares? Get over it. Some comments insist that they are inline or bmx guys. Sorry folks, the still doesn’t show it, but watch closely, that’s a skateboard hanging on the coping. The two dudes really went for it too. No sissy peck on the cheek or demure closed mouth smooch. That’s some, uh, manly non nonsense kissing. If you want to watch more gay commercials (and who doesn’t???) head on over to where they actually want to fight for their right to be exploited by Madison avenue marketing juggernauts, and Gay is the new Extreme!

Oh yes, and credit for spotting this goes to SkateDaily.


  1. Great surprise ending. You could substitute them slapping a George W. sticker on the ramp or put on fatigues and head off to Iraq to make the middle east safe for american business.

  2. MC, I’m noticing a trend in your recent comments. Didn’t you hear, W’s got a new plan! Everything is going to be swell!

  3. danimal on January 11, 2007 - Reply

    they’re gonna take some hard slams on that ramp.

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