Vans: Official Shoe of BMXers and break dancers?

Vans: Official Shoe of BMXers and break dancers?

ABC News has a crush on Vans Shoes. They have a two page spread on the 40th anniversary of Vans Shoes titled Skateboard Style Hits Middle Age. It’s a fluff piece obviously, but it’s got a brief history of the shoe and a gallery of some old ads that are worth checking out for comedy nostalgia, plus they have a Jeff Spicoli reference in the first paragraph. I’ve pulled out the highlights after the jump.

Yeah, I’ve heard that this also appeared on Skate Daily yesterday. Guess what? They probably get the same Google Alerts that I do. Difference is I’m pretty sure someone is actually getting paid to make those posts. And again, I’m just jealous.

Here’s the only skateboard related ad in the collection.

Although first adopted by Southern California surfers, Vans soon catered to skaters with more padding and edgier colors and patterns.
40 years of Vans on ABC news - old Vans adverts

Plenty of BMX ads though.

Vans’ sticky waffle sole makes the shoes favorites of BMX riders as well as skaters.
40 years of Vans on ABC news - old Vans adverts

Here’s the one you want to see. I’ll bet these would fetch a prretty penny on eBay.

In the mid-’80s, West Coast breakdancers made their mark in Vans. Vans had its own breakdance team at the time.
40 years of Vans on ABC news - old Vans adverts

Another BMX targeted ad. Where were the skate ads? I guess they are making up for it now.
40 years of Vans on ABC news - old Vans adverts

An 80’s advert. What a bunch of cool dudes!

This Vans print advertisement from the early ’80s celebrates the Southern California surf lifestyle.
40 years of Vans on ABC news - old Vans adverts

Ha. This is mildly amusing. Is it?

40 years of Vans on ABC news - old Vans adverts


  1. People bag on Nike pretty hard. The funny thing is, they only deal in skateboarding. Even DVS and DC, among others also deal in Motocross, wakedboarding, snowboarding, etc… Just an observation.

  2. Nike only deals in skatboarding??? What about basketball, tennis, running, football, baseball, soccer and pretty much every other major sport that’s out there?

  3. Ouch! Hockey too.

    Maybe egbert means Nike SB.

  4. Yeah, I figured that’s what he meant, I was just being a wise ass. Nike did make snowboard boots a while back though.

    Anyway, don’t we have anything better to talk about then what shoe comapanies are making what? Instead we should ask ourselves if we’ll be able to skate Glenhaven when it opens, or will it be drenched in rain untill spring?

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