Thrasher sells out! Your info, that is.

Thrasher subscriptions

My subscription ran out. A while ago. I haven’t bothered to renew it, and they let it slide for a couple of months. Now they want me back. On the same day I received two offers to renew my subscription. One from Thrasher, and one from a magazine subscription place that already knew I had a subscription. The Thrasher direct price, was of course lower per year by about $7 than the magazine subscription company. I don’t care about that, but I do find it kind of sleazy that Thrasher sells their subscription info to third parties.

Gone are the days of the garage (or warehouse closet) operation. It’s all big bucks and marketing now. I got both of these offers on the same day. i didn’t check to see if the bulk mail permit was the same, maybe it’s just High Speed trying to keep subscribers at any price. Maybe they thought if I saw how expensive it was elsewhere I’d see what a good deal it was. Either way it’s pretty sleazy. They obviously sold the info because Magazine Payment Services only contacted me specifically about Thrasher. Magazine Payment Services? That’s a misnomer. Sounds like they should be paying for my magazines.

Thrasher subscriptions


  1. Day Reah on November 9, 2006 - Reply

    Mine ran out too. Thrasher direct wants $11.50 from me too, but is offering the same thing for $9.25 WTF?

    I don’t feel like doing either. Mostly just porn for shoe fetishers these days.

  2. skateboard mag is the way to go anyway. at least the articles are a little different each month. thrasher got to be too redundant…i don’t know how many baker tour articles i read.

  3. mine ran out, but i havent read any the last 2 years, just looking at photos, too much ads too.

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