Pier Park Opening Day Shots

Pier Park Opener

As I was putting these together I got a report from field agent Wes Cording that he had a fun session there today but it got rained out. Apparently there are several parked cars full of skaters waiting for the rain to stop again. Until then, here are some more pics of the opening day of Pier Park. Does anyone know what happened to the Nike SB team? There are links to more pictures from other sources as well. None of my shots are very good, but that’s OK. The Park isn’t going anywhere, and you’ll soon be sick of seeing it here on this site. Ready? On to Pier Park Skatepark Opening Day.


  1. You’re being too hard on yourself. You took some great shots!

    By the way, who putting up the tarp?

  2. Art guy’s name is Adam Kuby. He won the commission for our “Percent for Art” money and built the curving entry walk/ledges. When you build a public project here, one or two percent has to be spent on art. In this case we combined the money from Pier Park and Glenhaven and a gift from the Wapato(?) jail project to make the project called “Walkwave.” It tiotalled about $12K. I thought it was a pretty ingenious way to get more skateable area for the park without increasing the budget or the area otf the park itself. Sage Bolyard strongly advised the committee to choose a skater artist but that didn’t work out. Adam was the only non-skater who made the final cut but his project was by far the most intriguing.

    I like it and think it is a great addition to Pier Park.

  3. Yeah.. It’s a great place for little kids to hang out. It’s more fun to look at then a regular sidewalk. I didn’t realize it was made with Art money from Glenhaven, I was looking forward to a series of skateable art at every park. Good way to get more for your money. I think it didn’t go far enough, but that’s a financial issue I’m sure.

  4. jeff kendal on October 22, 2006 - Reply

    The Walkwave, you can skate it or you can
    walk it. I would like to think I can do all kinds of things to it. By the looks of it, it’s getting the piss worked out of it.
    Brainstorming lastnight about little yellow things made me think.

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