Allentown PA – Skateboarding Banned at Night?

Night pool skating

The Morning Call Online reports: “ City Cautions, But Won’t Ban Skateboarding.” No big deal. right? Keep reading and you find that one city council member tried to get a ban on sidewalk skating without written permission from the property owner. That ordinance didn’t make the cut, but a city-wide ban on skateboarding at night remains in effect!

Council President David M. Howells Sr. introduced an ordinance that would have prohibited skateboarding on most city streets and sidewalks, unless written permission had been obtained from property owners.

But Police Department officials said the ordinance could be difficult to enforce. The legislation passed Thursday night simply clarifies the city’s prohibition on reckless skateboarding.

Councilman Michael D’Amore said the legislation makes it clear that such behavior on streets and sidewalks is unacceptable, and was intended to send a message.

”We felt it was necessary to clarify the reckless skateboarding ban in the skateboarding ordinance to make all concerned aware it is prohibited,” D’Amore said.

Reckless skateboarding includes riding in a way that endangers the skateboarder or pedestrians, or disobeys traffic signs. Fines for the violation range from $25 to $600.

Skateboarding in center city and skateboarding at night remain prohibited under the ordinance.

Can you ban a mode of transportation after a certain time? Sounds like an affront to civil liberties. Allentown skaters should take note of Portland Oregon’s law that allows skateboards to be used for transportation purposes in much the same way bicycles are. Failing that, maybe they can get Billy Joel to take up their cause again.

As for the picture at the top. I’m sure that’s not what Allentown had in mind, but I don’t have any night time street shots. This kid’s name is Brian. He is from McMinnville Oregon. This picture was taken during Sleestock 2006 at Lincoln City Oregon.

Brian From McMinnville skates a pool at night


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