Battle of the Pee Pads

Such is the state of my life that I have two training pads reviews to compare. Who wants a free cat?

OUT! Moisture Lock 2x Odor Care Training Pads


The 80ct bag of OUT! brand training pads were by far the cheapest training pads on the shelf. I got my iPhone calculator out to check, since trying pads come in various multiples, even by brand. The downside is that the finishing on the product is substandard. The moisture absorbing fill is completely uneven, and occasionally looks like it’s falling apart, right out of the bag. Sure, you’re only going to throw it away once it’s been stained with pet urine, so why would you care? Well, you’re probably already bummed out if your animal is peeing on you floor, so if you’re going to have something laying on your floor, it should look look as unobtrusive as possible. Still, if high volume is your biggest worry, these stopped all the wetness, even if they did look like a generic diaper from the dollar store. Another downside, even at a cheap price, these are pretty small in size, so you might have to use more than one.

Boots & Barkley Training Pads


Boots & Barkley appears to be a Target brand. Those pee pads look about as nice as a pee pad can look. They are more expensive per pad than the OUT! brand, but the look a hundred times better. You can almost pass these off as something else that happened to fall on the floor, “That? Oh that’s part of my post-modern placemat set…” Whereas with the OUT! brand… those scream “DIAPER!” However, if you leave the B&B pads wet for too long, moisture will occasionally seep all the way through, and the bottom will be slightly damp.


Both of these pads worked for my cat. There’s nothing magic about a dog vs. cat version. Each company takes a different different approach. The OUT! brand pads are made with a semi-loose filler, like a pillow. Boots & Barkley uses a woven fabric sandwiched between the shell. One looks sloppy, and the other very uniform. Given the choice, I buy Boots & Barkley. Despite the higher price, I like the larger size and the nicer look. I just try to be vigilante about picking them up as soon as possible, and why wouldn’t I be? Who wants pee on on the floor, even if it’s on a pad? If you’re counting, this is the second pet urine-related review on this site. Who wants a free cat?

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