Fury: Evo 850 Trucks


So I got to check out some Fury Evo’s in the 850 size, which is 8.5″ I assume. I’ve heard people say these are basically a copy of Indy trucks. I can’t vouch for that, but. according to a an anonymous inside source that I will ultimately fail to protect, “Evo is the Fury ‘high’ truck, the one with geometry most closely resembling Indy. SS is the Fury ‘low’ truck, like a Venture low.” So I’ve been riding Indy for the majority of my skateboarding life. I also rode the 80’s era Thunder Trucks which were essentially Indys with cool creatures, skulls, or swords on the baseplates, but alas no more. I’ve even ridden some Madrid trucks that perform and compare favorably (at least in the short term) with current larger Indys. The point of this rambling is that I’m not one of the die-hard Indy guys who refuses to ride anything else, but for various reasons I always tend come back to Indy if and when it comes time to buy again.


Here’s the scoop. I had heard good things about Fury from a friend as well as former pros Art and Steve Godoy. I had always wanted to check them out but I could never find them in a shop, in stock and in a size approaching something I would ride. (Heck, I’d still be buying Indy 169’s if I could find them.) Same goes for the online shops. They never had the larger sizes, but that seems to have been remedied recently. In any case, I got these from an old contact via Lance Mountain himself. I thought that since Lance had touched them, some of his Lance-ness might have been absorbed by the trucks and transferred to me. Not the case. I’m still less than a ripper and un-Saved to boot, but thanks anyway.

Trucks are a simple contraption. Outside of quality control and geometry there isn’t much to differentiate the companies outside of marketing campaigns and surface finishes. The Fury Evo 850s have a raw matte finish that wouldn’t shine even if you polished it. I’ve read one review of them that said they “didn’t grind that well, but you could make due”. I have to say that’s a bunch of rubbish. How is it possible for a truck to not grind? The skater maybe… In my non-scientific experience of riding these for the better part of the year I believe that they seem a little harder than your average truck., That doesn’t keep you from grinding. In fact, it would make your grinds longer. Again, this is just a subjective opinion. These trucks wear well.


One thing you will notice that sets Fury apart is super beefy pivot. Not only is it wider than most, but it ends in an actual ball. They look like they have been milled for tolerance as well. (See the picture). I’m not a mechanical engineer, so I may be talking out my ass, but it seems like the big ball on the end of the pivot should help you turn more smoothly and make you ride more stable. I’m also a larger guy who rides fairly loose trucks, especially by most kid’s standards. I set up my Furys with stock bushings on a brand new board with new wheels. Recipe for disaster and not disasters, right? Not at all. I found the EVO 850’s to be instantly comfortable and ultimately rideable with only minor adjustments. After several months of riding I have not had to swap out the factory bushings for Bones mediums like I usually do. I haven’t had any problems going back and forth between Fury and Indy on separate setups. Yes, I am a geek who still has a quiver. No, although it may look otherwise, I did not take these product pictures on a boat somewhere in back the 70’s.


Let’s see… Stable riding platform with a high performing turning radius, and the rarely achieved rideable factory bushings for loose trucks. What else? They look cool! The baseplates have a vaguely fascist feeling to them, and if it’s possible to mean that in a good way, I do. They are heavy duty without being heavy. I didn’t bother to weigh them because since they are not low rider street trucks I figure it doesn’t matter. The size is stamped on the underside of the trucks, which I like. The baseplates also have the old school hole pattern, and I realize this is becoming an increasingly useless feature, but I like it anyway. Who am I kidding? It is completely obsolete, but I stand by my support. If I had to complain about these trucks, the only thing I can muster up is the fact that they don’t make a 900, since that’s what I’d prefer to ride right now. Otherwise, I’d highly recommend these to anyone looking for something in that size range. Ive been on them for the better part of a year, and if I need to buy trucks at that size, I’ll buy Furys if the option presents itself. They are still a little hard to find in stock at that size.


So does anyone know the grammatically correct plural spelling of Indy and Fury? Indies and Furies just doesn’t look right. Am I the only nerd who thinks like this? Thanks to Lance, via Tory at Blitz for the hookup. We could have given you a second opinion but the other set was stolen after only being used a few times. The other guy had no complaints though. That’s disclosure for you!

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