Operation S: Operation S

Operation S

Operation S: Operation S
Label: Broken Rekids
Release Date: 2004
Review Date: 12/16/04

If you are looking for some fresh new wave sounds to add life to some tired mixes, check out Operation S. Hailed as the French Epoxies, Operation S is more like, well… the French Epoxies. Actually, these guys have a little rougher, more rockin sound. And like the Epoxies, they sport a female vocalist (Cecilia) that is easy on the eyes and prone to new wave-ish vocal affectations and the occasional Dale Bozzio chirp, which can in fact be traced to Altered Images, but that’s a different story all together. Operation S features members from such well regarded and probably French bands that you’ve never heard of like the No Talents, Terribles, Anteenagers, and Loud Mufflers! They put on a good live show. Cecilia has a penchant for neo-fascist-dominatrix gear that is visually striking and fun to watch. Remember Sid’s strolling swastika in Paris? Sure to piss off someone. The music is punchy and the words are in French. Unfortunately, there are no lyrics or much of anything else in the liner notes and four and a half years of unused high school French has failed me. Translating the written word is a lot easier than the spoken, or sung word. What I can understand are little bits here and there like “I don’t want to grow up,” “I am an illusion,” something about being a doll, “I said No” and “Don’t touch me, What do you want? I don’t want you.” I think the only English words on the whole CD are “I want sex.” Another interesting song translates to “You saved our asses in World War Two, Thanks a lot, now kiss my ass!” But seriously folks, I jest! Curiously, the song Existence Imposee seems to be a cover of the Xray Spex The Day The World Turned Day-Glo with completely different words. (Yes, I know it’s in French…) In any case, the music is catchy enough and you get enough throaty, breathless delivery to enjoy it even if you can’t make out the words. I’d like to hear more interactions with the male vocals. The CD also contains a fairly good video for the song Delinquante. Operation S is a good soundtrack to eat your Freedom fries to. The band in an interesting looking group of people and they really seem to enjoy themselves. They have a wonky web site that doesn’t really load well or work, for that matter, but don’t let that stop you. The CD is available in North America. Operation S translates loosely into good punky-new wave.

Online Action: operation.s.free.fr
Online Action: brokenrekids.com

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