This is Reality #2

This is Reality #2, cover

Zine: This is Reality (or possibly just “Reality Zine”)
From the collection of Kilwag

Date: June, 1987
From: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Format: Letter sized, follded and stapled. Yellow cover
Type: Hand written and typed text, photocopied
Pages: 24

Editorial: Kurt X
Art: Kurt X, J.R. Sleeve
Photos: Kurt X, Pete DiAntoni, Mike F, Mike G

Featuring: Audobon (sp?) contest, Delafield contest, Zill, Imedio, Mr Wilson’s skate shop. Feature on Josh Kaiser. Ad for Milwuakee Summerfest ramp demo. Mike Froh. Page of Disgust & Hate, Chicago streetstyle contest, Joey P., Rasta, Scott C., Aaron Ryan.

Spots: Tenis court banks aka Slope, scurbs curbs, Adobon School, Shorewwood curbs, Shorewood Pizza Hut, The Spot on 21st & Greenfield, St Mary’s Hill dirt path, Delafield ditch. Continentals. Beer banks, Curtis Mathis bank. Water Street Bridge bank. Spank bank, Dye banks.

Honorable Mentions: Succinct review of the Search for Animal Chin – “This video is way rad, especially Wallos and the killer ramp. There is too much dialogue though. Especially lame dialogue mainly by Tommy G. Quotes like ‘that ollie was so sick’ and ‘Ripping style, holmes’ will make one ill.” Gossip page talks about wind surfers gang vs skaters and mystery guy named Todd with an alleged pool in his yard. Funny dialogue on the quotes page. Scott’s Mom on the Summerfest ramp: “Is my son going to ride this?” Mike Froh: “Your son doesn’t do vert. It’s more than he can handle.”

Review: Ignore your initial reaction at seeing a cropped OJ Wheels advert used as a cover. This is a strong zine, especially for a second issue. Lots of photos, some indistinguishable, but that was the limit of technology at the time. A high density of content with very little filler. Definitely meant for the local scene, as most people are referred to by first name only. I guess the cover does specify “Milwaukee Local Skate Street Zine!” Thoughtful writing. This is a good one, I wish I had seen more issues.

This is Reality #2, cover

This is Reality #2, pages 2-3

This is Reality #2, pages 4-5

This is Reality #2, pages 6-7

This is Reality #2, pages 8-9

This is Reality #2, pages 10-11

This is Reality #2, pages 12-13

This is Reality #2, pages 14-15

This is Reality #2, pages 16-17

This is Reality #2, page 16

This is Reality #2, pages 18-19

This is Reality #2, pages 20-21

This is Reality #2, pages 22-23

This is Reality #2, back cover


  1. I had a copy of this somewhere with an orange cover. I think I picked it up at Screamin’ Tuna skate shop? It was the first time I ever heard the word “hesher”. Probably around 87? Maybe issue 1?

  2. Oh yeah, my best friend used to date Mike Froh’s little sister Jenny! Haha!!

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