Ebay Watch: February 2014

By House of Neil on March 13th, 2014

After a reasonably bland January, February was insane! There were lots of unusual items that came up in Feb. Some went for big bucks and some were actually vastly underpriced IMHO, which makes for some head scratching times. It’s tough to know what a deck will go for these days actually. But anyway, I digress. Some of my favorites this month are the later period Zorlacs that came up, the Godoy Gargoyle and the Vision Shredder III. Here were some goodies in the 70s and 90s sections too, and a piece of movie memorabilia in the Misc section! So sit back and enjoy the bumpy ride!

But first I must vent some spleen about something. I’m super disappointed in both Powell Peralta and Santa Cruz at the moment, which makes me sad because they were both such a big part of skating in the 80s for me. But over the last few years the Powell Peralta reissue parade has become so crass and calculated that it is sickening. The wood and shapes are poor and the graphics are heat transfers. I’m similarly disappointed with SC. The DP and Steve Olson reissues were supposed to be made in the USA and hand screened. And yet turns out they are made in China and heat transfers. And yet they still charge the $100 price tag. For what exactly? But that’s OK. SC has turned into the wacky parody/spinoff company. First the Simpsons decks and now Star Wars. SC used to be the punk rock company. Now they are Variflex.

60s, 70s, very early 80s.

So first up in the vintage section this month we have this Sims Dave Andrecht “Classic Routed” model from 1979, complete with Gullwings and Sims Snakes wheels. This is the first middle of the deck: fat and flat. There was a later model with a sight concave. The complete is in excellent, very clean condition, and has all of the quality extras too: Sims tailbone, Sims Gold bearings etc. It sold for $1,380 on 32 bids.

Now here we have a Variflex Eddie Elguera “El Gato” model from 1979. This comes complete with Trackers and Kryptonics wheels. It is a concave deck, measuring 10.75″ by 30.5″. It’s in good used condition, but I would remove the Kryptonics and the Tracker stickers. It sold for $400 on 2 bids. Graphically it is simply a redo of his earlier, routed deck with his name more prominently displayed.

And here’s a really unusual one! It’s a G&S Proline Tony Jetton deck from 1979, complete with one front truck and wheels, the rear one having been lost in the mists of time. It is very much like the routed Doug Saladino G&S deck of the same period, the only difference being the rainbow name in the routed out part. This was a super wide deck, measuring 31.5″ x 11.5″ wide. The original owner had put flints in the tail skids, some of which are still there apparently. It’s well beaten up, but an awesome, very rare deck. It sold for $720.

Here’s one of those early 60s boards that I have no information on all. Other than it is a Skid-ooo skateboard with a wooden deck and steel wheels. It sold for $415 on 5 bids.

And here’s a Sims Lonnie Toft “Outrageous 8 Wheeler” from 1978. It comes complete with 2 sets of Energy trucks and 2 sets of original Powell Bones wheels. It’s in good used condition and could be used a dolly to move a piano! It sold for $2,300, and shipping must have been obscene on this: think of how heavy that thing is! Apparently it was originally owned by a Sims team member, who then gave it away at a skate demo. I’m imagining that he couldn’t give it away fast enough!

And again from the era of steel wheels we have this “Official” Tresco Skee-Skate Air Master. It’s in very good condition: clean with very clean graphics on top. It measures 15.75″ by 4.5″ and it sold for $478 on 13 bids.

So from something that looks like it would roll about 6 inches we come to this speed machine! It’s a Turner SummerSki “Fusion” slalom board from 1979. It comes with Independent trucks and Powel Peralta Twos. Yes Twos! Normally you see Threes, but these are Twos! It’s super clean, looks mega fast, and was a bargain at $500. I especially like the Alva-like fade on the topside of the board: the bottom side is plain yellow. I’m assuming that the deck is made from some kind of fiberglass, ski-like construction

And finally from the 60s this month we have this rare 1965 Val-Surf wooden skateboard with Chicago wheels and trucks. It’s in amazingly clean condition: it doesn’t look like it’s ever been ridden. The small sticker on the topside still looks pristine! It sold for $460.

Mid 1980s

So first up in the 80s section this month we have these two Alva decks. The top one is an airbrushed fish from 1984, while the bottom one is the Alva Dolphin from 1985. The fish decks were hand airbrushed, so not two were the same. Some had lines, some had dots, some had swirls, so this is truly a one-off, while the Dolphin is unusual too because normally the claw marks were in the middle of the nose and tail and not angled like that. Both are in good used condition. They sold for $400 on a BIN after about an hour.

Now here we have a Rip City Black Flag “Not Net Ever” band deck from 1984. It comes complete with Indys and Bones Threes. It’s in good used condition. The nose and tail guard look barely touched, and the graphic is all there. The worst wear is on the topside actually. Considering this is still the highest price graphic ever on eBay, this one was a bargain at $919 on 19 bids.

Now here we have a Zorlac “Gargoyle” team deck from 1986. The deck is NOS, mint really, and is in a very wonderful deep pink dip. This is actually the deck that was used to create the reissue Gargoyle from a few years back. The owner traced it on paper and sent it to Jeff Newton who did a short run reissue of it. That reissue goes for decent cash, so this one? It sold for $1,375 on 18 bids.

And here we have the Zorlac Gargoyle II from 1989, a deck that you NEVER see. Actually it might be the Gargoyle III actually: this second version of the graphic originally came on a slightly modified version of the original shape, but this one is on a much more traditional shape. No penis deck here! It looks lie it was on a grey stain originally. It has faded and was gripped and ridden, but the graphic is all there and it is an amazingly rare deck in any condition. The background print is the hand holding the eyeball, repeated over and over. It sold for $1185 on 43 bids.

Here we have a G&S Gator “Foil Tail” from 1983. This was his first pro company, even though most think that his first pro model was on Vision. This is an early version of his FoilTail graphic: later versions had the background graphic covering the entire deck. The bright yellow dip and orange and blue graphic are particularly nice here. G&S kept the graphic as a team deck after Gator left for Vision. It sold for $399.

Here we have a Skull Skates Godoy Brothers “Gargoyle” deck from 1986. This is the more commonly seen mini mode: full sized ones are very rare in any condition. The seller claims this deck as NOS, never mounted, but I wouldn’t agree with that. It looks like it was clearly gripped and set up at one point, then taken apart and de-gripped. The topside shows the obvious signs of being degripped and the ruck mounting holes have clearly seen some action. Either way though, this is still a super rare deck, and it is in good used condition. The black dip with yellow and orange main graphic is excellent. Good luck finding a mini in better condition than this. And good luck finding a full size in any condition! It went for $405 on 3 bids, which is actually ridiculously low. This should be going for twice that.

Up next we have this Vision Mark Gonzales “Original Gonz” from 1985. It’s NOS, never mounted or gripped. Almost minty looking really. It’s definitely one of the later versions of the shape: there are no wheelwells etc., so this might actually be a 1986 or 1987 deck. But that doesn’t really matter: this deck is fabulous. It’s an amazing colorway and the graphics really pop. It sold for $1,403 on 38 bids, which seems about exactly right actually.

Here we have the highest priced auction of the month. The deck is a Vision Mark Gonzales “Gonz and Roses” from 1988. The deck is NOS, never mounted or gripped, and the colorway is exceptional: the black crackle with red, green and blue graphic is exceptional. And that crackle, that’s what makes this deck so special. Supposedly Vision were experimenting with it as a base coat but gave it up because it was too expensive to produce, so only a couple were ever made. And this is one of them, up for bid on eBay. So you knew it was going to go high, but this high? It sold for $3,162 on 42 bids.

Here we have Santa Cruz Claus Grabke “Melting Clocks” from 1988. The deck is mint in shrink, and is in a very striking colorway. The natural woodstain fades away and allows the main graphic to really pop. I think it’s cool that all of Grabke’s graphics have the clock theme running through them; even his latest deck on SC has a very dali-esque melted clock draped over a tree branch. This deck sold for $1,375 on 19 bids even though in an effort to push up the price, the seller claimed he had offers of over 2k. Guess you should have taken one of them then!
Editor’s note: Apparently there was another arrangement made outside of Ebay, and the final price was reported as $2000. That sort of falls outside the scope of Ebay Watch, but this comes direct from the seller.

Here we have a Santa Cruz Jeff Grosso “Lifeline” from 1989. It’s really a misnomer though, because more accurately it’s a Jeff Grosso/Ross Goodman model. Under where it says Grosso it says Goodman model, and remove the G and the O of Grosso and you have Ross. Apparently Ross was Jeff’s roommate at the time and this was Jeff’s not so subtle hint to SC that they should give Ross a pro model. Which they did shortly after with his “Gravedigger” model. It’s an intense graphic, with lots of stuff going on in there on both sides. This one is in good used condition: some tail wear and drilled for rails, but the graphic is all there. This sold for $582. And Jeff wanted me to mention that ” Ross was one of the raddest, most naturally gifted, gnarliest skaters that I have ever had the privilege of calling friend. And he loved the Cockney Rejects too!” As do I Jeff, as do I.

Now here we have another one of those later period Zorlacs that you never ever see come up for auction! They are great because they have the awesome original Pushead graphic, but with some additions and on a more interesting background pattern. This is a Craig Johnson “Fire Demon II” from 1990. I like this deck a ton. The deep purple stain with lilac smoky swirls is exceptional, and the original Pushead graphic is one of his best. It sold for $912 on 36 bids.

So this deck shows that you don’t have to use a ton of colors to make a very striking looking deck. It’s a Santa Cruz (Black Label) John Lucero “Red Cross” deck from 1988. The deck is NOS, never gripped or mounted. It’s also in a simple but awesome colorway. The bright red stain really gets your attention, and the simple black and pale blue cross is just brilliant. It’s definitely my favorite colorway for this deck. This one sold for $500.

And here’s yet another of the later period Zorlacs. This is the Rob Mertz “Shark II” from 1990. It has the same graphic as the earlier version but on a completely different and updated shape with Kicknose. I really love the green stain, and the shape looks very skateable. The deck is NOS, ever mounted or gripped. It sold for $775.

So here we have the first of two Powell Peralta Rodney Mullens this month. First up is this classic “Mutt” from 1981. Now we have all seen this one a billion times, and I normally wouldn’t show it, but the colorway here is super rare. A black dip with gold type and silver and gold graphic? You never see this! The seller was hoping for $3k, but had to settle for $1,440. Probably because it has a ton of storage marks and it had griptape at one point. But it’s never been setup apparently. Or maybe some were put off by the colorway. I like it.

And here’s a Rodney Mullen “Chess” from 1983. The deck is NOS, never gripped or mounted, and in one of the best colorways for this deck! It’s certainly one of the most traditional. So it sold for $1,400.

Oooooh it’s a Pharaoh! Yes, a real Sims Pharaoh team deck from 1986. It comes complete with white Gullwings and Sims wheels. The seller claims that it was a factory complete, but I doubt that because the plastics don’t match. He also claims that it’s “never been road” but bad spelling notwithstanding, it clearly has been “road”: look at the wheels. But it is in very nice condition. This is the kind of deck that you would have bypassed in the skateshop back in the day because it was a novelty, and because it wasn’t a pro model. But it has quickly become a grail for many collectors. This one sold for $1,000.

Now here’s another deck that you probably couldn’t have given away back in the day, but now has exploded in popularity. Vision had their pro decks, and then they had their cheaper line for beginners etc. The Shredder was always a price point deck, normally coming as a complete for $99. They made different versions of the graphic throughout the years, and this is the Shredder 3 from 1988. At first glance the graphic looks naive and child-like, but it’s that 1940’s Flash Gordon, kitschy style that has made this so popular. That along with the quite amazing silver sparkle dip. The colorway is insanely great in person: this pic doesn’t do it justice at all. The deck is NOS. It sold for $500 on 6 bids, and might have gone higher if it didn’t have a coat of lacquer on it.

And here we have a Sims Kevin Staab “Pirate Ship” mini deck from 1988. This deck is mint, and much like the Vision deck above it is on a wicked silver dip. However, that is completely wasted here because the nose to tail graphic is so garish and overdone that anything but a white dip would be wasted. Like I said last month this one really is hideous, but some love it. This sold for $1,486 on 16 bids.

And finally from the 80s this month we have this Powell Peralta Steve Steadham “Spade” deck from 1985. This is the stinger or cutaway model: the earlier version was on a straight pig. This has been reissued so much that we are all sick of it now I’m sure, but it is a very cool graphic. This white and red striped colorway is probably the definitive one. The reissues don’t appear to have hurt the value of this deck though because this one sold for $2,400. That actually amazes me. I’m amazed that there is still any demand for this deck at all.

90s-present day

First up in the 90s section this month we have this SMA Israel Forbes “Freestyle Fellowship” deck from 1994. It is NOS, never gripped or mounted, and has been signed by the artist Thomas Campbell on top of the deck. Stop the presses, I’ve found a deck from the mid 90s that I like! It sold for $500.

Now here’s a beauty that you don’t see in its original form that often. It’s a Santa Cruz Bod Boyle “Sick Cat” from 1990. The deck is NOS, never mounted or gripped, but does have a multitude of storage marks and scratches. I dig the top graphic too: the kitty is lying on its bed with an ice pack on his head. It sold for $400.

Here we have a H-Street Chris Livingston “Led Zep” deck from 1991. It is NOS, never gripped or mounted, and it looks like a great shape to ride. I love the split stain colorway, and the full bleed graphic really works with the split stain too. It’s a great looking piece of lumber, and it has been signed by the H-Street team. It sold for $425 on 2 bids.

From a similar period we have this G&S Kris Markovich “Fries” deck. It is NOS, never mounted or gripped. It has the kick nose and the double drilled front truck holes but is still a wide deck with an obvious nose and tail. So skate deck design was changing, but it certainly hadn’t gone all the way yet, at least in G&S land. The deep blue stain is wonderful, but the graphic idea is cheap and poorly executed. It sold for $400.

Now here we have another Kris Markovich deck, but look at the difference! Two years has seen the deck shape change completely, from a large deck with curves and a nose and tail, to your generic streamlined popsicle with no obvious nose or tail. It’s the Color Kris Markovich “Hendrix” from 1993, and it’s NOS. It sold for $999.

This is a Sonic Tom Knox “Classic Car” from 1996, and it appears to be the deck that is being sold, but the seller is very vague. The auction says Sonic Skateboards, and the main pic for the auction shows this deck, but pics below also show a Mike Crabtree “Skate Chick” from 1995 and a Mike Crabtree “Diver” from 1996. So I’m not sure if the auction was for one deck or all three and the listing gives no clues. All of the decks are mint in shrink and they/it sold for $450. So if the buyer got all three decks, I’d say they got a hell of a deal.

Now here we have your typical shit World Industries graphic. It’s a World Malcolm Watson “Klan Busters” deck from 2005? It’s mint in shrink. The graphic is loosely Ghostbusters based obviously, but is just poorly conceived and childish to the extreme. Plus others have already pioneered the same anti-Klan message in a much more powerful and clever way. This is just crap, but it’s World, so I’m not surprised. It sold for $400 on 11 bids.

Here we have a SMA Ronnie Whaley “Gangsters of the Universe” deck from 1994. It’s from the same series as the Israel Forbes deck earlier in the 90s section. And like that deck it has been signed by the artist Thomas Campbell. It’s NOS and It sold for $500.

And finally from the 90s this month we have this Zoo York “Unbreakable” team deck from 2001? The main graphic is a nod back to the early Shut graphics, Shut being the original company that would transform into the Zoo York brand. Featuring the “Street Shark” character and the character from the “Urban Assault” deck. The graphic is also done in that early Shut graffiti style, rather than the serious Zoo York style that was more common. It sold for $500 on a BIN.

Assorted Crap

Boy did we love our fashion accessories in the 80s! Or rather the skate companies wanted us to love the fashion accessories. From berets to sunglasses, multiple swatches to lace guards and sleevies. If the skate/surf companies could dream it up, they could sell it to some poor midwestern kid who thought that the pro skaters really dressed that way. One of the biggest useless accessories was the fanny pack, (or the less eloquent “bum-bag” as it was called in England, the fanny being something else entirely over there!). I never saw the point of the fanny pack. They were big and bulky and got in the way. Plus my skateshorts always had pockets, so it seemed surplus to requirement. But they sold a ton: you would see them at every skate session, not normally on the kids skating mind you, but the kids sitting around, forever tightening and loosening their trucks always had them on. So you could always ask them to carry shit for you if necessary I guess. Like a skate butler! But I digress. Here are a set of three NOS fanny-packs from Jobless, two blue and one grey. So if you have the money you can look like a poser kid that never really skated back in the day. They went for $404 on 10 bids! For fucks sake.

Now here is something I’ve neer seen before! I have featured the Powell jackets numerous times throughout the years, but I have never seen one of these. It is a promotional Gleaming the Cube jacket, made for the 1989 movie starring Christan Slater. It’s made by Powell Peralta and is exacty the same as the ones they were making for themselves. It’s a size XL, so it is wearable, but apart from that I can find very little else nice to say. The color is blaaah, the logo is crappy, and the movie was craptastic. Now, others must feel differently because this sold for $2,500. But my question is, what on earth do you do with this? Wear it to you local bar? I can gurantee that most peope will look at you and say “look at the dork in the retarded jacket with a dragon on it”. So unless you are Christian Slater, then I don’t think this was a good buy. Plus it looks like it says Gleaming the Pube

So I seem to be showing a lot of complete sets from Chocolate these days don’t I? Well February is no exception. Here we have the Trains set from 2004 with artwork by Evan Hecox. The six decks feature pro decks for Richard Mulder, Scott Johnston, Chico Brenes, Stevie Williams, Gino Iannucci and Mike York. The decks are NOS but all show some wear from being on the wall of a skateshop. The set sold for $500. Emerson would love these.

Quick Hitters

1979 Powell Peralta “Beamer” complete with Indy Stage IIIs and Powell Mini Cubics. $1,375 on 6 bids.

1985 Powell Peralta Steve Caballero “Full Dragon” XT. Lightly used. $623 on 5 bids.

1987 Alva Dave Duncan “Claw” deck. NOS. $625.

1987 Hosoi (Santa Cruz) “Street Flag”. Gripped never ridden. $700.

1989 Santa Cruz Jason Jessee “V8”. NOS. $562 on 10 bids.

1984 Zorlac Craig Johnson “Voodoo Doll”. $500.

1978 Dogtown Jim Muir “Red Dog” complete. Complete with Indys and Sims Roller Snakes. $550 on 36 bids

1983 Powell Peralta Rodney Mullen “Chess”. Lightly used. $750.

1991 New Deal “Siamese Twins” team deck. Setup but never gripped or skated. $650.

1990 Sims Jeff Phillips “Devil Man” deck. NOS. $611 on 19 bids.

1988 Alva Eddie Reategui “Warrior”. NOS. $400.

1984 Powell Peralta “Skull & Sword” team deck. Lightly used, oddly drilled. $711 on 35 bids.

1987 Sims Kevin Staab “Pirate” deck. NOS. $819 on 37 bids.

1986 Tracker Dan Wilkes “Dino Channel Air” deck. NOS. $500.

See ya next month



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  1. else3573 on March 13, 2014 - Reply

    Wow, that Gonz and Roses is INSANE. Great job again Neil, got a couple I’ve never seen before and don’t remember (The Gargoyle 2 and the Skull Skate Godoy). Oh, and that Grabke is flat out gorgeous.

  2. great read – lots of Zorlac – with emphase on the graphics but IMO a bit short on the shapes – where has the double cut gone ?

    Feeling sad and sadder for SC : used to be a skate brand, now turning to a cheap comics paraphernalia.
    And cheap does not mean it will cost you less.

    Cockney rejects : live & loud ! oioioi !

  3. Christiandeath@yahoo.com on March 14, 2014 - Reply

    Metz and Godoy are dope

  4. As a SC collector… I feel the same way… The Simpsons? Star Wars? Why? Garbage.

    Thanks for your efforts and insight Neil.

    • Christiandeath@yahoo.com on March 16, 2014 - Reply

      Sc is blowing it hard w/ Simpsons walmart starwhores…so sad, black label now is 1000percent cooler

  5. talentlessquitter on March 15, 2014 - Reply


  6. Disposable says the g&s gator that’s was just auctioned was the second version of that graphic. First was full length graphic.

  7. talentlessquitter on March 15, 2014 - Reply

    $500 for a Zoo York? Yup, I’m up and awake in my seat again, raised eyebrows and all. Great analysis again, Neil, and several boards I have never seen before. That Gonz ‘n Roses looks a lot like the one in Disposable bible.

    Hehe yes, being brought up with british-english, I always found the term ‘fanny-pack’ a bit weird.

  8. else3573 on March 15, 2014 - Reply

    The crackle paint on the Gonz and Roses looks like stems with thorns on a rose bush.

  9. Daymond Dodge on March 16, 2014 - Reply

    The Fusion is bullshit ! The seller pulled it from ebay and listed it on facebook for $1500 I told her to go take a hike , It was some woman who broke up with her boyfriend and was selling off his vintage collection in a jealous rage f !!! her she is nuts and very high on the decks !

    • Brandt on April 3, 2014 - Reply

      Bullshit in what way? Her behviour sounds a bit peculiar (if u state the facts straight)but it doesnt make the board bullshit in anyway. It might have been on facebook for 1500 but it got sold on ebay for 500USD. And Yes, I DO know its not a Turner. Thats why I bought it 🙂 and 500 was a bargain.

  10. Just a quick note…No such thing as a Turner SummerSki “Fusion” slalom board. Fusion was a separate, short lived brand.

  11. Please niify when post by email. I want to cry each month when I see this since I broke most of what I bsee in half or had stolen.

  12. The Malcolm Watson hood busters world industries deck is from 2009

  13. NoComply on March 23, 2014 - Reply

    For the record I never wore a fag bag and only had one swatch.

  14. jim macrae on March 24, 2014 - Reply

    thot that Jack…,but was not sure.saw an ad back in the day.skater doin that Bobby Piercey ski style…

  15. I think we got what we asked for with powell peralta. we begged for the reissues and now are bored with them but oh well. SC on the other hand has gotten embarrassing, not to mention its tough to buy anything that isn’t cracked and warped within minutes of it arriving at your doorstep.

  16. Trent on May 16, 2014 - Reply

    I have one of the Mullen Blue “Chess” decks and i think it might be original. How can I tell if mine is a re-issue or not?

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