Ebay Watch: December 2014 – February 2015

By House of Neil on March 25th, 2015

Here you go, here’s the compilation Baywatch that I promised you. It’s a long one, lots of high priced decks in here from the Xmas 2014/early 2015 period. So now I’m pretty caught up. From here on out I will be doing bimonthly issues of Baywatch, so the next one will incorporate March and April 2015. If I get all energized and enthusiastic I might even do it monthly again at some point, but I figure that it’s better to underpromise and overdeliver than to overpromise and underdeliver. So we shall see what happens. And btw, the outpouring of delight when people saw that this little piece of the Internet was still alive was tremendous! I’m so happy that you all get enjoyment out of reading my nonsense! Well all apart from one self-entitled misanthrope of course. But there always has to be one I guess.

A few people have asked for the music recommendation section back. Well I’m not going to go into detail lie I used to, but let’s quickly cover a couple of things I’ve been listening to a lot recently. First if you want a punk fix, try the ska-punk fixings of the self-titled album by The Interrupters. Also look out for an ep called “Invasion of the Brains” by a new band called Creepozoid. I believe it’s free on Bandcamp. It’s really good. And for a good old dose of 80’s postpunk/Britpop try the second solo album by Johnny Marr entitled Playland. Its far more straightforward and accessible than any of his collaborations with groups like Modest Mouse was. It all has a very 80s feel to it, you can almost play spot the influences, a fact he readily admits. There’s a lot of Echo and the Bunnymen and The Sound in there. And that’s a very good thing.


First up this month/quarter/period is this Boulder ‘8-wheeler” complete from 1978. It comes complete with Trackers and unknown wheels. The 8-wheeler was a concept in the 1978/1979 period, made famous by Lonnie Toft but it never really caught on. Only Sims, Wee Willie Winkles and Boulder produced 8 wheelers. It sold for $500 on a Buy It Now after 3 days.

Next up we have a Sims Dave Andrecht “New Wave” from 1981. It’s in decent used condition, but could not under any circumstances be described as “NOS and minty mint” as the seller does here. If my local skateshop tried to sell me a board that looked like that I would question their sanity. The colors do still look bright though, I will give him that. It sold for $595 on 28 bids.

Here we have another Sims deck from a similar time period. This is a Sims Brad Bowman “Fingerprint” deck from 1981. The deck is concave, and comes from the days when concave was so new that it had to be mentioned on the deck graphic! A huge selling point back in the day! The deck is in decent used condition. Remove that Lonnie Tift sticker from the main graphic and you will actually have a really nice Bowman fingerprint. It sold for $385.

And from a few years later we have Brad Bowman’s next pro deck. This is the Hollywood Sk8s/Madrid Brad Bowman “Skate Stars” model. The deck says Hollywood Sk8s on the bottom but has the Madrid logo on the top side, so I assume that Hollywood Sk8s was a short run thing put out by Brad himself but distributed through Madrid and on Madrid wood. The deck is in good used condition and is a rare one. It sold for $400.

And staying in that very early 80s time period we have this Sims Mike Folmer “Snake Tornado” from 1981. This one is in really clean used condition, even on the topside. It’s a weird mishmash of genres. The graphic is verging on modern, but is still very small; almost an afterthought really. But it’s on the pig shape of the earlier model and still has the routed out rails. It also has the snub nose but also has concave. It’s an oddity alright! It sold for $750.

Here we have a Sims Bert LaMar “New Wave” from 1981. In my mind it’s the same generation as the Dave Andrecht that is shown second in this section. Sims had moved on from the surfboard style of pro model graphic (generic Sims deck with pro signature) to having a full bleed graphic element on the deck. But of course it is still a generic background with the pros name on it. But at least they have a different graphic element in different colors! But it really does look like they went to the generic book of new-wave design for the background. This one is in NOS condition, but is probably hurt by the generic looking red whit and blue colorway, and it sold for $456.

And here we have a Hobie Greg Weaver “Woody” from 1974ish. This thing is in pristine, mint condition and still comes with the original box as you can see. It has the original ACS 430 trucks and red Power Paw wheels. This thing is amazing and hopefully went to somebody who can appreciate it, not to some kitschy chain restaurant. It sold for $499.

Here we have a Kryptonics “Krypstik” team model from 1979. The deck looks amazingly clean, never ridden probably. Look how beautiful the routed out handholds and wheelwells are! It really is a thing of art. And the yellow Trackers and yellow Kryptonic conicals really play off the yellow type and add to the beauty of this complete, but unfortunately are not included in the auction. That’s a shame because I think they would have added a few hundred to it. It sold for $432 on 20 bids.

Here we have a G&S Dennis Martinez “Fiberflex Flying Aces” from 1979. It comes complete with Trackers and classic 78A red Kryptonics wheels. It’s in really clean condition and looks barely used really. The griptape is super clean. It sold for $630 on 26 bids.

And finally from the 70s this month we have this G&S Doug “Pineapple” Saladino “Pine Design” from 1979. It’s in good condition with Indys and G&S Yoyo wheels. This thing looks badass! The copers are all ground down and the period stickers represent the aggression and feel of the time. I especially dig the Action Now magazine sticker on the tail. The whole thing just holds up together really well for me: the colors, the design, and the feel. I love it and it can’t be just me because it sold for $1,500.

Classic 80’s

So first up in the fabulous 80s section is this Alva Chris Cook “Jester” from 1986. The deck is in a killer fade, but the exact colorway is difficult to tell because it is in some weird kind of deck bag. The bag looks like one of those high-end inner-sleeves that you keep your albums in: anti-static, lint free etc. etc. Is somebody making those for skateboard decks now? This is probably outstanding looking outside of the bag, but the bag might have take some $$ off the price; it sold for $359 which seems low to me, especially for a fade.

Wow is all I have to say here. This deck is super plain, but also just, well, super! It’s a Brand X “Vertical Hold” team deck from 1983. It’s a classic pig shape, and the colorway is bold and excellent. Yellow and black diagonals like a Duane Peters deck, with the Brand X “X” prominently place in red. This is the kind of deck that would great in any collection. It’s in mint, totally pristine condition. It sold for $790 on 13 bids.

Next up we have this Santa Cruz Corey O’Brien “Reaper” deck from 1989. I say 1989 instead of 1987 because this is on the “Purgatory” shape, and came out right as he was transitioning to the graphic. It even has double drilled nose, which I don’t think I have ever seen before with the Reaper. It’s NOS, never mounted or gripped, and is in a rad light red stain. It’s a beautiful deck and it sold for $1,500.

Now here we have a Dogtown Eric Dressen “Street” model from 1987. This is the full-sized version with front wheel wells. There was also a mini version with a more pointed nose and the same graphic. It’s NOS, never mounted or gripped, but it does have a lot of scratching etc., and of course the writing on the tail. I’m not sure what that’s about, and it’s a shame because the colorway is excellent. I love the metallic silver dip. This sold for $650 but may have gone for far more without the graffiti.

Now here we have a deck that I don’t think I’ve ever featured before, but I’m sure some eagle-eyed reader will tell me if I have! It’s a Vision “Lobster Fantail” team model from 1987. The deck is NOS, never gripped or mounted, and the colorway is super bright. The graphic is a classic John Grigley full bleed cut and paste job, and I’m guessing that has added to the value here. I’m guessing this was a value-line deck for Vision, but like a lot of team decks from that time, that hasn’t diminished the desirability or the price. It sold for $823 on 11 bids.

Now here we have a Vision Mark Gonzales “Gonz and Roses” deck from early 1988. The deck was gripped (nice multi color grip job too!) but not ridden very much at all apparently, because it’s in great shape. The colorway is what does it for this one though. It’s in an amazing silver dip, and the lilac and yellow and pink main graphic works superbly well here. Vision might have been looked down on by the hardcore skaters, but their graphics folks had a sense for color that most of the other companies would only dream of. And their decks came in so many colorways. Even the rail holes and the Zorlac sticker couldn’t hurt the value of this one! It sold for $1,725 on 17 bids.

Here we have another Vision Mark Gonzales. This is the “Gonz III, Man and Woman” deck from 1988/89. This is as perfect a version of this deck as you will find. It’s in mint condition and in a delicious red stain that makes the graphics totally pop. This would grace any wall, and could pass for artwork, not a skateboard really. It sold for $2,200 on 22 bids.

Here we have a Blockhead Jim Gray “TV” deck from 1989/1990. The deck is NOS, never mounted or gripped, and is in a nice olive green stain. The graphic is typical quality from Ron Cameron and Blockhead. I especially like the fact that he is juggling all of the things in his life: skateboarding, his cat, girlfriend and what appear to be a sperm! I love Cameron’s playful work and his whole style. It sold for $425 on 6 bids.

Up next we have this Skull Skates Dave Hackett “Street Sicle” deck from 1986. This is the mini version of the deck. The deck is NOS, never gripped or mounted, and comes in a sweet red stain with yellow circle graphic. The graphic is “inspired” from a crypt below a church in Rome. It sold for $358, which strikes me as very cheap when you consider how popular the graphic and Skull Skates decks are in general. .

Here we have your classic Powell Peralta Tony Hawk “Original Hawk” from 1982. This one is obviously used, but not terribly abused. It’s average used condition I’d say. There are chips missing and some of the red dip has worm off, but the mail graphic is all there. One rail is still on, one is missing. If that second rail was put back or the first was removed I think it would look far better. It’s not balanced right now. It comes with what look like Stage III Indys. It sold for $1,500.

Here we have a wonderful Vision Joe Johnson “Hieroglyphic Circle” from 1986. The colorway is truly spectacular here. The green dip with gold hieroglyphic background is wonderful and subtle, and then you add the black foreground and the orange and gold main graphic. It all combines to make a superb looking deck. The deck is NOS obviously, and is one of my favorites in this period. It sold for $845.

Now here we have a Santa Cruz Jeff Kendall “Graffiti” from 1986. It comes complete with blue Trackers, orange and yellow copers, blue and red vision Shredder wheels. It also has an awesome griptape job up top in the shape of a fish skeleton, very much like that old Alva graphic. It looks like the original owner spent far more time on the griptape that they did perfecting their skate skills, because this hardly looks like it has touched pavement. It’s setup but perfect really. The natural colorway is a little dull, and the loud colors in the trucks and plastics kind of distract too. But still, you are getting basically a new Kendall Graffiti. It sold for $676 on 46 bids.

Now here we have one of those craptacular early 80s graphics that some of the more traditional companies that were behind the curve thought that kids were into. Kryptonics were particularly guilty of that, and this is a Kryptonics “Ripstk II, The Feast Continues” team board. The Ripstik I had a vulture plucking the eyeball out of a skull. This one goes further with the teenage gore motif. It’s actually the kind of thing that Stacy made fun of in the skit at the beginning of the Future Primitive video. This monstrosity comes with Gullwings and Kryptonics wheels. It’s one step above a toystore board that you would have seen in Venture or Kmart back in the day. It sold for $300.

Ooooh. Here we have a Tracker Lester Kasai “Twisted Dragons” from 1988! It comes complete with black Trackers and Tracker Ollie wheels. The board has been gripped and mounted but looks like it was never ever ridden. It looks like a display board in a department store actually. But whatever it is I like it a lot. It’s a wonderful graphic and I especially like the full bleed metallic oak leafs. It even comes in the original Tracker box that it first shipped in. It sold for $460.

Here we have a classic Powell Peralta Mike McGill “Jet Fighter” deck from 1983, his first graphic. This has the classic blocky wheelwells that indicate the 7-ply model, not the earlier 6-ply model. It’s in the classic Powell gold dip, and comes complete with blue Gullwings and Sims Street wheels. The main graphic is very clean, and the blue trucks set off the blue in the graphic very nicely. It’s a truly awesome early Powell. Very solid. It sold for $816.

Now here we have another Powell Peralta Mike McGill, but this is the ‘Skull and Snake” graphic from 1989. I say 1989 because even though this graphic had been around since 1984 in one form or another, this is the later kicknose version. It has the amazing full snakeskin background on neon green dip, and the classic McGill Skull and snake graphic. Everything about this one is awesome, and the neon green is probably the most desirable colorway. The deck is NOS, never gripped or mounted. This sold for $1,405 on 26 bids.

And here we have a G&S Chris Miller ‘Snake Face” from 1987. The colorway here is the best I’ve ever seen for this graphic. Sometimes this graphic can look very plain and almost dull. It comes in many colorways, and some have a plain one-color graphic. But this one is rich and vivid. The teal dip is a nice start, with the blue-grey man and yellow and red main graphic really popping off the teal. The deck is NOS, never gripped or mounted, and is truly a wonderful thing to behold. It sold for $550 on a Buy It Now after less than 30 minutes. Nice find somebody!

Here we have a Santa Cruz/SMA Natas Kaupas “Face” deck from 1987. This is a deck that existed almost entirely in myth as much as in reality. For years the only mint version I had ever seen was in books, but then the occasional really beaten up one would show up on eBay. Slowly but surely as decks increased in value, that started bringing more out of the woodwork. This one is in rough used condition. The tail is badly chewed up and the topside is delammed. But the graphic is 80% there. Now graphically it is very odd and probably very personal. You can see why it wasn’t that marketable for the time, and after a very short run they went back to the panther graphic. The white dip is nice: normally you see it in black. This comes complete with first generation Thunders and Bones wheels. It sold for $580 on 19 bids.

Here we have the classic Santa Cruz Steve Olson “SC Dot with Checkerboard” deck from 1981. It’s so iconic it’s not even funny. The black and white checkerboard was already synonymous with new wave music, having been featured on many an album cover. And then Vans would appropriate it for their classic shoe as made famous in “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”. SO yeah, this deck was totally classic and timeless. It comes complete with blue Gullwings and Powell Peralta Bones IIIs wheels. It’s in good used condition. The stickers are of their time, but I would remove them immediately as they rob the deck of its timeless good looks and they destroy the vibe. It sold for $450 on 12 bids.

Much like last months Baywatch, there were some awesome Jeff Phillips decks that went during this period. First up is this Sims Jeff Phillips “Breakout” from 1985. This is the second version of the famous graphic, and is on the classic “black dip with pink and yellow bustout” colorway. It’s an awesome, serious looking deck that would grace any collection. It sold for $1,300 on 12 bids.

Now here we have another Jeff Phillips, and this is a real beauty. It’s the Sims Jeff Phillips “Demon/Tie-Dye” model from 1987. The deck is NOS: never gripped or mounted. Actually we might as well call this one mint, because I don’t think that I’ve ever seen a better colorway of version of this deck. The greens, yellows and pinks give it almost a hypnotic effect, and the green dip around the edges frames it beautifully. This reminds me of the old Dr. Who opening graphics! This sold for $2,600.

Here we have a Powell Peralta Ray “Bones’ Rodriguez ‘Skull and Sword” from 1982. The deck is in very good used condition. It has some minor tail wear, is dirty and discolored. But it has also been signed by Steve Caballero, Stacy Peralta, Jay Smith, Allan Gelfand and a couple of other early Bones Brigade members that I cannot make out. So it’s a very rare deck with some very rare signatures on it: the first edition of the Bones Brigade. This sold for $2,226 on 24 bids.

Now here we have a Santa Cruz Rob Roskopp “Target IV” from 1987. The seller claims that the deck was never set-up or ridden, but I’m having a hard time believing that. The top side shows obvious signs of having griptape at one time or other, and the tail has what looks to me like obvious signs of wear. But it could just have been stored somewhere where it came in contact with water I guess. The graphic is all there, and the green and pink and blue do look smashing on the natural background. It sold for a large $1,225 on 21 bids.

Here we have a G&S Billy Ruff “Clown Puppet” from 1987. The deck is mint, but not in shrink, and it’s in a sick yellow to green horizontal fade that is totally awesome. The graphics really pop here, and although I’ve never really rated this graphic at all, this one is so nice that I’m almost questioning my decision-making abilities! This sold for $1,199 and is worth every penny.

Now here we have a Steve Olson Skates “SOS” model from 1984. This comes complete with later model Indys and later model Road Rider wheels. It’s a rare as hell, 30 year-old deck, but set up with trucks and wheels from about 10 years ago, which is weird. I’m guessing the owner decided he wanted to get into skating again about 10 years ago, found the deck in his garage and went down to the local Zumiez and bought the widest trucks and softest wheels he could. The he set it up and cruised around but didn’t like it so put it down again. Then saw how much old boards could get on eBay and decided to sell it. Luckily he didn’t ride it much because the deck is still pretty much flawless. It still has the original notched tailbone, which is a nice touch. It sold for $500 on a Buy It Now.

Well I guess that the recent reissue hasn’t hurt the value of this original deck too much! It’s a Santa Cruz Rick “Spidey” Demontrond “Spidey” deck from 1987. The deck is NOS, never gripped or mounted, and is in the super nice baby blue dip. It’s a great looking deck with graphics inspired by the Sex Pistols “The Great Rock n’ Roll Swindle” of course. This sold for $2,788 on 28 bids. That’s amazing really, because most of the time lesser known skaters don’t have graphics that rival the Hawks and the Jessee’s in value. And that’s no slight on Spidey of course, merely stating a fact. But this is the exception that proves the rule I guess.

Here we have a deck that just keeps on growing in value and I’m not sure why, because it sure as hell isn’t looking any less tacky! It’s a Sims Kevin Staab “Pirate”, and the deck is NOS, never gripped or mounted. With all the bright, garish colors and the childlike graphic this always reminded me more of a toy store deck rather than a pro model, but I guess that’s just me, because this deck has skyrocketed in value over the last few years. This sold for $2,210 on 49 bids.

And finally from the 80s this period we have this G&S Bill Tocco “Octopus” from 1988. The deck is NOS, and although the natural stain has darkened throughout the years, the graphic is still clear and vibrant. It’s a nice looking deck this; I’ve always liked it. This sold for $575 on 54 bids.

90’s-present day

First up in the 90s section this month we have this Dogtown John Fabriquer “Pimp” from 1991. The deck has the killer vertical stain, and it is double drilled at the nose for variable wheelbase. The pimp graphic is boring and stereotypical and overdone, but let’s ignore that and just look at the shape of the deck and stain. It’s a sweet looking ride and is NOS. It sold for $290 on a Buy It Now.

From the same year we have this Powell Peralta Nicky Guerrero “Time Tripper”. This one is a personal favorite of mine. The deck is mint and in a very lovely red dip. It’s an exceptional graphic with lots of depth and detail in the artwork. It’s a lovely, very collectible piece of lumber. It sold for $640 on 17 bids.

Here we have a 101 Gino Iannucci “Bedroom Window” deck from 1996. The deck is NOS, never gripped or mounted, and is a rare one. This sold for $710.

Now here we have a Powell Peralta Bucky Lasek ‘Stadium” deck from 1990. Yes, all sorts of famous skate icons at an Orioles baseball game. Spot the faces, write them down on a postcard and send them to your mom. It’s NOS, never mounted or gripped and it sold for $590 on 28 bids. Annoying because Tom Thumb in Evanston had it for sale for $49 as recently as 2 years ago.

Now here we have a Blind Jason Lee “Burger King” slick from 1991. The board comes complete with what looks like Grind King trucks and unknown wheels. It’s used but in still very good condition. It’s a little yellowed as most slicks from that generation are, and there are some rips and tears. But still, it’s all there graphically and the fact that it’s setup and used actually seems to fit this board for some reason. I’ve seen this deck NOS, and I think it looks better like this. This sold for $1,420 on 36 bids.

Now here we have a Zorlac Rob Mertz “Shark” from 1992. It’s the third version of the graphic, and this one is post move to San Diego from Texas. It’s a rare one. Note the streamlined shape and the double-drilled nose. It’s the perfect link between the 80s and the 90s. This sold for $1,000 on a Buy It Now.

And here we have another San Diego era Zorlac, this one being from 1992. This is the Metallica band deck, the 5th Metallica deck they put out I think. This one reprises the original Metallica graphic but on a big popsicle shape, and on their version of slick bottom called Neverstick. It’s NOS, never mounted or gripped, but us yellowed with age. It sold for $887 on 11 bids.

And finally from the 90s this period we have this New Deal Ed Templeton “Crowd” deck from 1991. The deck is NOS, and actually the graphic theme is very much like the Powell Bucky Lasek deck that we saw earlier in this section. I’m sure that these are all notable people on this deck, but I have no idea who any of them are really. If I made something up would you even know? SO let’s say that they are comic book characters that Ed used to dream about. I have no idea…It’s in a happy red stain and is sweet looking, no doubt. It sold for $965 on 5 bids.

Assorted Crap

Now this is a very interesting auction. At first glance it would seem as if the buyer took advantage of a clueless seller. No ill will is meant by that comment, it’s just oen of those piece of luck that you hope that you are in the rigt place at the right tiem to take advantage of. The auction was listed as for a “Avala vintage skate board”. Yes, Avala, not Alva, so if you were searching for Alva you wouldn’t find this. The second board is listed as “unknown”. It appears to be a fiberglass Tunnel board, but the Tunnel stickers could have been put on there at any point. The Alva deck appaers to be the 1975 model with no wheel wells. Good condition with Trackers and I’m guessing green Kryptonics wheels. So why do I think this feels like a setup? Well I can’t see a clueless buyer putting this up with a Buy It Now of $700 unless they knew what they had. So did they play the buyer, appaering to be clueless and sucking somebody in to spend more than they would if they stopped to think about things? I mean let’s face it, you see what appears to be a sucker asking to be taking advantage of, and you jump all over it before somebody else has the chance. That’s exactly what happeend here: the Buy It Now was gone in 5 minutes. But for $700 did the buyer really get that much of a bargain?! Even if tahtw asn’t the case this time, it sure would be an intetsting selling tactic: acting clueless to suck in a buyer.

Here we have one of the many products that Jay Adams put his name to in the last 10 years. He put together the “100% Skateboarder” line, printing the design on shirts, hats, and on this Dickies jacket. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but I must say this jacket is kind of cool. Simple and gets the message across. It was signed under the collar by Jay, and is a size large. It sold for $300.

Wow is all I have to say here. Just wow! Collectors will collect anything I guess, even crap toy store boards from the 80s! Its’ whatever triggers your memory banks I guess, whatever you grew up with. And this person has a fond regard for Nash skateboards! He sold off this collection of 4 Nash Executioners in neon orange, lime green, pink and yellow. For some reason he replaced the stock wheels with Kryptonics CSI wheels and put Ugly Stix copers and Doh Doh bushings on there, but god knows why. It’s not like you’d ever choose to ride these things! He is also including the original 16 two-tone Nash wheels with the auction. They sold for $639. It’s a strange world.

And talking of crap toy store decks from the 1980s, we have this Valterra “Back to the Future” complete, just like Marty McFly had in the original movie. I guess his moves were so rad that this seller decided to buy the same model, but he found out that it wasn’t as easy as it looked and he put it away in a closet. So lets go back to the future! Fast forward 30 years, and this barely ridden chunk of junk sold for $711. What the hell?

Now if you blinked your eyes a couple of months ago, you probably missed the Pocket Pistols Rick ‘Spidey” Demontrond “Swindle” reissue deck. It was VERY limited (250 decks think) and was sold out within 48 hours. It only came in black dip, but supposedly they might be doing another run. Demand far exceeded supply, but of course the flippers got them first somehow, and this one sold for $276 on 19 bids.

Wanna talk insanity? This mint 1980 Powell Peralta Alan Gelfand “Tank” sticker went for $600. There are no words.

Here we have a set of Stroker Trucks from 1977. The seller has no idea what they are; even stating that he doesn’t “know what brand they are or anything about them”! Well they were the evolutionary first step in the journey of what would go on to become the Independent truck. They sold for $589 on 33 bids in a one-day auction. I wonder how high they would have gone in a week! I’m betting double that at least.

Here we have a Zorlac team t-shirt. It was probably a second, and the screen printers just printed a bunch of different logos all over it, without much consideration of design or placement. What looked like a mistake at the time quickly because a status symbol: anybody could go to the store and buy a regular skate branded shirt, but you had to be somebody or know somebody that was somebody to get an article like this. Or hang around the garbage cans behind the screen-printing shop probably…. This used shirt that I bet the seller thought about tossing numerous times throughout the last 30 years sold for $500. I bet he’s glad he kept it now.

Quick Hitters

1988 H-Street Ron Allen “Hammer” deck. NOS. $1,009 on 19 bids.

1979 Powell Peralta “Beamer” team deck. Decent used condition. $599.

1983 Zorlac “Big Boys” band deck. Never set-up but name carved into the deck. $590 on a Buy It Now after 38 minutes..

1982 Powell Peralta Steve Caballero “Dragon on bearing” complete with Indy stage II and Powell Peralta IIIs. $1,350 on 24 bids.

1989 Santa Cruz Ross Goodman “Gravedigger”. NOS. $600 on 20 bids.

1988 Santa Cruz Claus Grabke “Melting Clocks” deck. NOS. $1,695 on 24 bids.

1987 Santa Cruz Jason Jessee “Neptune” deck. Used Condition, shark tail. $700 on 13 bids.

1987 Powell Peralta Lance Mountain “Future Primitive” boneite deck. NOS. $870 on 41 bids.

1982 Powell Peralta Ray Rodriguez “Skull & Sword” complete with Gullwings and Kryptonics 63s. Great used condition. $600 on a Buy It Now after 40 minutes.

1984 Santa Cruz Rob Roskopp “Target 1” complete with Indys and OJ IIs. Never ridden used condition. $1,500 on 28 bids.

1983 G&S Billy Ruff “Magic”. Decent used condition. $300.

1989 Powell Peralta Steve Saiz “Totem Pole”. Rare blue with blue bird graphic. Mint. $350.

1986 Suicidal Skates “Possessed to Skate” team deck. NOS. $510 on 32 bids.

1989 SMA Jim Thiebaud “Joker -original” deck. NOS. $715 on 29 bids.

1988 Powell Peralta Mike Vallely “Elephant” complete with Indys and Slimeballs. Never used setup condition. $1,338 on 24 bids.

1986 Powell Peralta Per Welinder “Nordic Skull” Street II. NOS. $875 on a Buy It Now.

See ya next time.



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    It also tells me that I made a huge mistake selling my Ross Goodman 4 years ago.

  17. Graham on April 1, 2015 - Reply

    I love the Buckey Lasek and I’m still suprised it hasn’t gone up more in value. Were there alot of them around NOS as recently as 2 years ago and why??

    Cheers .

  18. Schneaumunn on April 9, 2015 - Reply

    That picture of the Executioners is killer, it actually makes me like the thing!

  19. NoComply on April 12, 2015 - Reply

    Oh joy baywatch is back and you my friend are Hoff!

    Thanks much Neil!

  20. cool to see this back mate . always enjoy the read .

  21. Looks like Thunder Trucks on that Vallely not Indy.

    And, Trackers on the Kendall… eeecccchhhhhh…..

  22. else one on April 18, 2015 - Reply

    YES! SO happy to see this back. Keep it up if you can man, this is one of the few ongoing articles on the net I truly dig.

    • else one on April 18, 2015 - Reply

      &I have to respectfully disagree on Staab though. I have always thought it was a beautiful deck. Too much detail, different colors, full bleed graphics and style to be a generic IMO. I never skated it cause it’s more a ramp board, but I always thought it looked cool The mini is sick too. Also, the Phillips Tye Die is flat out gorgeous.

  23. Lookin good! Very glad to see music recommendations again. Thanks as always to Neil and crew. $2788 for that Spidey is serious coin.

  24. Michael Chong on December 8, 2015 - Reply

    dear all,

    i am looking to buy the powell peralta per welinder nordic sperm skateboard deck. double concave of 8.75″ by 29.75″.
    if anyone has this deck, please contact me. thank you.


  25. GatorALLin on March 5, 2016 - Reply

    Note that is the 3rd Version of the Big Boys Zorlac. First Gen had 1 color only. 2nd Gen had skeleton background in different color. 3rd Gen had vines in diff. color. I think 2nd Gen is the most common of the 3.

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