Fake Salba vs Salba

Inset: An amusing fake Salba workout video. Good concept, a little sloppy on the follow through. Larger: Skating the wildfire pools of California with Salba. The first quarter is setup, but they get to the pool eventually. Watch them both after the jump.

– Thanks to ColinWalshRules for the tip.

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The Trifecta tours

This is a shot of Packy shortly before he started making his way up here for the Trifecta. In fact the Addikt Skateboards team is doing a little tour on their way up here. I met Packy some five years ago when he showed up out of nowhere (from the east coast actually) to enter the Reedsport Loop contest. He was unknown to any of the Oregonians, and he proceeded to surprise the hell out of everyone by throwing multiple loops into his practice runs. Then Skreech showed up and started looping on basically every run. It was overwhelming. Funny thing is, both of these guys made Geth Noble step up to the plate and eventually out loop them all to wint the contest. Actually, Skreech had the high number for the day, but he overdid it and had to drop out of the actual contest. Both Skreech and Packy are on Addikt now, and Packy is still getting upside down. Check it out after the jump.

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The never ending sad story.

For some reason, the Weather Channel has video about people who are filling in their pools because they can’t afford to keep them. I guess the weather causes the water to evaporate… Well anyway, it’s a slightly different take on the crappy economy, empty pool syndrome. Check it out.

– Thanks to Mac for the tip.

random pool skating videos

Seemingly random pool skating vids

But not really. Here are four pool skating videos, three of which have a connection. If you can guess it you’ll win the coveted No-prize. The last one is vaguely connected with SnA, in that we loaded it up on YouTube. It was supposed to accompany Skreech Week. Check ’em out after the jump.

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Oh no! It’s a picture of a pool on the Internet. This one from S&A reader, of a pool that was kept under wraps for quite a while (over a year) until it was independently discovered by multiple parties near a corporate campus. This shot is fairly old too.

Skreech week is over

Skreech Week: Day 7

Wrapping up seven days of Skreech Week on S&A. This is Phoenix again. Remember to mention Addikt Skateboards and the Full Bloom Tour. Billy Runaway is on the phone? Am I done yet?

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Skreech Week: Day 6

Day six of the Addikt Skateboards Full Bloom Tour. It’s Skreech Week baby, and this is Phoenix, Arizona.

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Skreech Week: Day 5

Day five of Skreech Week on S&A. and we’re still in Las Vegas. Thanks again to Billy Runaway and the Addikt Skateboards Full Bloom Tour. Click to enlarge.

Skreech Week: Day 4

Skreech Week: Day 4

Day four of Skreech Week on S&A. brings us to the Las Vegas stop of Addikt Skateboards Full Bloom Tour. Enalarge, after the jump.

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