Fake Kryptonics team deck

This fake Kryptonics complete is even less well known than the first Kryptonics bootleg that I posted on S&A.  I had to check AOS  to find out that the original graphic came from a 1989 team deck, called ‘Footprint’. Also, I have never seen bootlegs with this shape and coloured grip. Kryptonics started to make crappy boards near the end of the 90s (I think around ’97), but this is definitely a bootleg, since the seller confirmed that he got it when he was a kid in the 80’s. Price: £0,99 on Gumtree!

Thanks to Nicola Rushent for the pictures.

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Brand-X counterfeit

In this edition of counterfeits we have a fake Brand-X deck. The original team deck from 1987 was designed by silkscreen-artist Bernie Tostenson. In the late seventies and early eighties Bernie was working for Sims where he created the famous ‘Winged logo’ and Brad Bowman’s ‘Superman logo’. In 1984 he and Bud (a photographer and salesman) started Brand-X. They ran the underground company for about 5 years illegally  from Bernie’s garage, where Bernie did all those crazy silkscreens. He said these were the happiest years of his life and they had fun, while the big companies destroyed the soul of skateboarding. In 1988 Brand-X made a partnership with one of their distributors and did well for about one year, but the story goes that the new partner stole the Brand-X name, fired the whole crew and amateur team, hired cheap artists and screeners and let the company die in only a few months. Bernie still designed for Flip in the nineties. He died in 2009. For sale at

[Sources: Disposable 1 and 2 by Sean Cliver]

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McGill counterfeit

This crazy thing doesn’t need much explanation. It’s a bootleg of a Powell Peralta Mike Mcgill ‘Skull and Snake’ with snakeskin background from 1986 or 1987 and  it even has wheel wells, where the original one (seen on right) doesn’t. The original artist is of course VCJ and I guess you could say that the counterfeiter made a pretty nice ‘interpretation’ of VCJ’s work, although the ‘skating fox with slippers’ on the topside has nothing to do with the ripper or any of the Powell graphics. For sale on Ebay. Thanks to Sara Raso for the pics.

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Kryptonics bootleg

In this edition of Bootleg Boards we have a Denny Riordon bootleg. Kryptonics used this graphic in 1988 for Denny’s first street deck. Later that year, after Kryptonics reincarnated into Toxic, they released a seemingly identical shaped Rordion deck with a slightly different ‘people in my head’ design. In 1990 the head popped up a third time on a Toxic Riordon freestyle deck. Maybe whoever copied that deck thought it was a very popular design, although the ripoff we have here was clearly based on the first version of the graphic. Even the skull with the dagger on the top side reminds me of the Ripstik and mid to late eighties Kryptonics decks or maybe it’s because their boards looked kinda cheap as well.

Sold on Ebay for $15 on a Buy It Now.

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Street Warrior

This month’s counterfeit is a Street Warrior with a top side that bears a strong resemblance to a Per Welinder, courtesy of a French auction site. The bottom side looks like a knock off of a sideways glance at a Nash board, or a 7-Up advert.

– Thanks to David Maes for the tip.


Bowl a Rama in New Zealand Webcast

The live stream from the Vans BOWL-A-RAMA™ in Wellington, NZ starts Feb. 16 at 3 p.m. PST and goes to 9 p.m. PST. There’s an embed of the live stream after the jump. I’m sure there will be commercials and whatnot, but hopefully it works. I heard last year’s was pretty good.

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Another frankenramp creation, Barnside (unofficial name) is somewhere in the Kansas City area. Four videos after the jump. Chin Ramp indeed.

– Thanks to Dave Campbell for the tip.

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Hey daddyo, I don’t wanna go…

Down in the basement! Although if this was in my basement it would be a different story. Check out this incredibly tight (transitioned) mini bowl in Nate Latimer’s basement.

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We’re all invited

Kevin Kowalski’s backyard skate complex featured on Stick around for the end as Kevin extends an invitation that you see him instantly regret as the video fades to black.

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