5 Days of Ohio: Random Ohio


Day 5 of 5 Days of Ohio (for no particular reason.) Yes, there are lots of obvious things I could have covered (Skatopia, Rob Dyrdek’s Kettering Skate Plaza, Devo…) but you know about those already. Instead, here’s a bunch of random, unrelated Ohio items.

– Thanks to Zack, Dan, and Clint for the tips.

Here’s a few shots of a private skate bowl (that also holds water) in Millfield, Ohio.




Five Points Skateboards have been round for a while now, another fine choice for custom shaped, hand screened skateboards in Ohio.


Instrument Skateboards out of Cincinnati, of which I know nothing about.

Assualt Skates. I thought they were Ohio-based, but the web site says California. The seem to have a strong Ohio connection though, for example, they released a Mark Heintzman graphic. And they have a team presence in Ohio.

Ohio Dreams in Butler, Ohio is a Woodward style action sports camp with indoor/outdoor facilities made out of wood and concrete. It’s so much like Woodward that it also programs for BMX, skiing, snowboarding, and scootering, as well as some set of crazy waterside and music fest.


Here’s another shot of the Crooked River Skatepark in Cleveland from the City of Cleveland’s Facebook page. Photographer: William Rieter. Skater: Dale Busta.


A cool Ohio Against the World graphic made by Habitat, as seen on Ohio Streets.


Ohio skateparks, listed, mapped and reviewed on Concrete Disciples.


A couple of private indoor skatepark/skateshops:

Chenga World (?) in Brookpark, OH.
Tri-Star Skateboards in Cleveland, OH.

A couple of skateshops:

Westside in Lakewood.
Old School in Westerville.
Embassy Boardshop in Columbus.
One Love in Kettering.

Embassy did a co-branding with Homage, featuring a Surf Ohio logo.

It should be noted, the Embassy project does not have anything to do with Jimmy George’s Surf Ohio which morphed into Cow Skates. I remember the shift from Surf Ohio to Cow Skates, It probably had something to do with trademark infringement. Jimmy George was one of the original founders of Alien Workshop, mentioned briefly here in this Chrome Ball Incident interview with John Drake. Jimmy was a colorful figure in the industry and Dayton business community. He organized the Ohio Skateout series in Dayton. It originally started as wintertime amateur contest with pro demo held indoors, but by the second year it had turned into a full fledged pro street style contest with coverage in the major mags. Sadly, Jimmy (or sometimes Jymme) passed away some time ago, although I have yet to find an official obituary anywhere.

Ohio Skateout Videos – 1988

Frat boys? Get your Ohio State longboards here.


But don’t try to ride them on campus, because the skatepark’s been torn down.



  1. Prickly Pete on November 21, 2014 - Reply

    Ohio Skateout video, my first introduction to SST bands.

  2. Busta is ohio’s best

  3. Christiandeath@yahoo.com on November 22, 2014 - Reply

    5 points wood is so strong u could use it as a butchers block, that mini pool is fucking awesome

  4. Jeez, are those icebergs a feature?

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