Free Former Helmet


This Free Former skateboarding helmet that Grover picked up at Goodwill somewhere in Western Oregon has to go down as the find of the year or maybe even the decade, considering he only paid $2.50 for it and it’s essentially mint. It may look like a hockey helmet that was made in Canada and sold for skateboarding purposes.. well, because it is. Aside from the Free Former logo, these helmets appeared with the Cooper hockey logo as well as the Hobie logo. It’s amazing what passed for safety equipment back in the 70’s. These things are basically a bunch of folded over plastic stitched together with some padded envelopes.









In case you’re doubting this was made for skateboarding, here’s a box from one featured in a past Ebay Watch back in 2011.



  1. That is so rad that he found it, in its box, in the Goodwill!
    Nice score Grover!

  2. houseofneil on October 22, 2014 - Reply

    Yes, it was the Cooper 100 helmet. The cheapest you could get. There was also a Copper 300 helmet which was far more padded and far more expensive, so only kids with money got those. And the Norcon helmet. That was for the really rich kids.

  3. Hey are you guys selling this helmet? Let me know ASAP. Thanks.

  4. Is he selling this helmet?? I would pay a lot more than $2.50 for it

  5. I’ll pay $200 for this helmet

  6. The helmet looks like a football helmet to me but it looks much better Click here if you want skateboarding stuff. Is that a Styrofoam underneath? can’t see it clearly..

  7. Liam Bourke on March 16, 2015 - Reply

    he should sell it in ireland he could get 200 dollars for it

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