The Future of Skateboarding Circa 2000


Yes, this is the future of skateboarding, as predicted by DIG Sports the last time they updated their web site in 2000:

Our new boards are built with the most advanced high-performance composites available. The unique skids allow the rider to carve the pavement like a snowboard. The boards are reinforced to enhance speed without wobble for the extreme downhill plunge. “2000” models” Coming soon!!! DIG Skateboards have been described by riders as “The snowboard of the pavement”… “a surfboard on wheels”… “The skateboard with an attitude”… and “The supreme downhill ride”…

All this could have been yours for $209. Thankfully, this is a future that never came to pass. That’s got to be the most blatant posed action shot ever used as a product promo. What’s up with sulky girlfriend?

– Thanks to Boy at

Your inline board comes with:

  • Replaceable skids
  • Longer Wheelbase
  • Protective Custom Paint
  • Reinforced Wheel Channel
  • Skids for Easy Braking.

The pictures are all grainy because of the bandwidth restrictions a decade and a half ago. Those 56k X2 modems could only handle so much, you know? This design might look familiar if you can recall 2008’s Landshark from Onshore Boards, or this contraption from last year. The image on the bottom right is from some postage stamp sized video from 2002. The A2xtreme web site was built with frames, so there’s no direct link to the product page. The web site packed full of photos and footage of assorted mountain boards, and motorized personal conveyances such as snowboards, skateboards and even inline skates! It’s a Frankenstein’s paradise. There’s even a snowmobile raised up with a single ski up front to resemble a motorcycle.


  1. Wonders never cease

  2. scott o on April 24, 2014 - Reply Oh No! This is waaaaaay stupider……..

  3. Nice pants

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